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If Tyler Lockwood Wants To Be An All-powerful Vampire-werewolf Hybrid Again Doesn

Vampire/Werewolf hybrid obviously.If anything a Vampire/Human hybrid should be weaker than a normal Vampire. Really because a Vampire already is human that was turned into something else. While a vampire/human hybrid is something between Human and Vampire, but at the same time none of them.If Human/Vampire hybrids were portrayed correctly then those hybrids would need to be weaker in some ways than full vampires.With a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid, you get the combination of two already very dangerous species. So the weaknesses of both species can be in a way eliminated by a hybrid, really because what is a weakness to one species is not necessarily a weakness to the other species.So those weaknesses can be diminished in some way or removed altogether.Also if you can get the strengths combined in the right way, you obviously get a much more powerful being, than either Vampire or Werewolf separated.For example. In the Stephenie Meyer work of Twilight, the book Breaking Dawn should've ended in a full blown disaster. And maybe that is why so many people complained about her writing. I personally couldn't care less about Vampires that shine in the light. But what I found unbelievable that most people didn't even understood, was what Meyer did with Nessie and Jacob. When the Voltori go to kill them all because they thought they had made an immortal child, when Aro sees through Edward memories he should've seen that Nessie and Jacob were in a way imprinted on one another.And when he finds out that there were other hybrids, he immediately should have come to the conclusion that when Nessie fully matured in 7 years, that she and Jacob would bring forth a new race. One that was part both vampire and wolf-shapeshifter. Maybe giving rise to a race similar to the Lycans seen in Underworld or a Werewolf like the one seen in Van Helsing.So it seems more than clear why a Vampire/Werewolf hybrid should be far more powerful than a Human/Vampire hybrid.

There isn’t a proper term for such a hybrid in any folklore I’m aware of. However, there is one for half-vampires in general. Dhampir are the results of human/vampire reproduction, although given in most lore werewolves are human besides their transformations, this can apply to this combination as well.In some regions, a dhampir is an ordinary human but for their increased magical skills and ability to see invisible vampires, so we could say a hybrid werewolf would be similar. However, in others, they and their vampire parents are much, MUCH stranger. In Bulgaria, a vampire’s child had a dirty, boneless body and no nails. They could also have oversized facial features like eyes, ears, and noses, and sometimes even a tail. THAT would be a pretty damn weird werewolf.

Okay so for this you need all the background.The curse you are referring to was on Klaus and its function was to suppress his werewolf side. Klaus’ blood has the ability to create hybrids. The question is whether those hybrids end up being able to survive.The key ingredient in the curse is the blood of the doppelganger. Killing a doppelganger bound the curse, killing another one removes the curse. The problem is that the blood of the doppelganger is also the key to successfully creating hybrids. This means that Klaus’ mother set it up so that even if Klaus broke the curse on himself, he still wouldn’t be able to make hybrids because the doppelganger would be dead.Elena and friends found a loophole to this little dilemma when John Gilbert sacrificed his life for Elena’s.Tyler was able to survive because he was given doppelganger blood in addition to Klaus’.TL;DR : Elena’s doppelganger blood was the key to creating sustainable hybrids. Klaus gave Tyler some of her blood in addition to his own, thus allowing him to survive the transition.

Tyler is the hyprid on the show, he is the mayor's son. In season 1 he is shown as the douchebag. But after he finds out that he is a werewolf his personality changes a lot (in a good way) and starts getting closer to the rest of the crew :)

In different kinds of mythology vampires and lycanthropes are portrayed as mortal enemies ready to kill one another (edge being on the side of muscular wolfmen).In those few scenarios where both kinds of creatures exist without trying to annihilate each other, the maladies affecting them are totally incompatible and here's why:- Even though both lycanthropy and vampirism are both curses, the major difference is that vampires are undead, that is, they died first and then arose as Nosferatu. So, being essentially dead, Vampires are immune to any sort of disease including lycanthropy that may be transmitted in organic ways.- On the other hand, lycanthropy is a curse that is "cured" by death, so if a vampire were to bite a werewolf and sick all of its blood in order to turn it into an undead, what he would really be doing would be transforming the person afflicted with lycanthropy into a vampire and in the process ( considering that the vampire has to kill it's prey first) curing him or her of the shapechanging curse.