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If You Already Have Pericarditis And Then Contract Herpes How Does That Effect You

DOCTORS!!! please answer my's a life and death question.!?

is't normal for a teen to experienced chest pain?the pain occur on my lower breast ribs(left).sometimes,the pain goes to my left ribs.i never felt pain on my left arms or shuolder and other uncle told me that maybe i have heartburn.does heartburn cause pain like angina?
i'm a life science student.i know what is angina but how to distinguished between heartburn and angina?i dont have any just 18 years old boy.does not do drugs,alcohols or any stuff that can affect my weight problem.i used to have grandfather have heart problem.he died bcoz of that i gonna die?is there any possibility that i'm gonna have heart disease at this very young age?im so worry right now.This July,i will enter the University.the pain occured everytime.what should i do?

What would cause diarrhea and a rash in an adult?

Most likely something you ate. Or a virus. Have you tried anything or place new in the last 3-4 days?