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If You Are A Student In The U.s Do American Allow You To Work

What do American High School students have as motivation to get good grades?

honestly, while many of these students enjoy freedom and material possessions handed to them by their parents, at some point these parents try to make up for their terrible parenting and the guilt they feel by throwing out the ultimatum "you must go to college, and achieve passing grades, or I stop paying for you and all your stuff" ..after doing this, the parents feel they have accomplished a lesson on self sufficiency, but probably not. this is american individualism and narcissism at its best, parents too busy to parent do the job with material value not family value, sidestep the guilt-trip at the last second with a totally half-assed lesson in being self sufficient with trivially simple HS academics, and a pointless degree that lands them a job at starbucks coffee.
...this is the reason you see most of what you are seeing in regards to kids who you would think have no need of it, striving for a HS diploma..
another majority of these kids have parents who honestly do not care, and really buy their kid's these things with a "keeping up with the jones" mentality. they are basically brainwashed by society into believing if they do not give their children independence, they are holding them back in life and in development of a strong and assertive personality. they are brainwashed to believe if they do not give their children a phone to track them, they are bad or neglectful parents to their children's safety. while they never really care enough to think for themselves, they put the parenting of their child in the hands of society, "it takes a village" collectivism.

suffice to say, there has been an active campaign against family and family values in america for a long time centering around vain narcissistic personal needs being satisfied by collectivism. since you aren't from here, it is much easier for you to pick up on just how crazy it all is.

Question for American school students? How does the American school years work?

Preschool- ages 4 and below. Not mandatory, sometimes elementary schools have them added on.
Elementary school- ages 5 (kindergarten) to around 10/11 (some schools go up through 5th grade while others go up through 6th)
Middle school/intermediate school- ages 11/12-13 (some start at 6th grade and some start at 7th grade)
high school- ages 14-17/18. Grade 9 is freshman. Grade 10 is sophomore. Grade 11 is junior. Grade 12 is senior.

We say both university or college to refer to what your university is. We have "community colleges" which are two year colleges for people who have graduated 12th grade or the equivalent. A lot of people go to those, and then move onto do two years of university. Most people where I live go straight to a four year university after high school and then some go to a graduate school after.

Lots of schools are different. Some schools have a middle school and highschool that share a campus/name and are the same school, but consider themselves separate. Most where I live do not do that. I've also heard of schools that go from K-3rd grade called lower elementary and then there is an upper elementary somewhere else that is 4th-6th grade. Some schools go K-8th grade. There are lots of weird exceptions, but what I outlined first is generally how most school systems in the US work.

Are most American students really this stupid?

Ill start by pointing out that "dumb" is not limited to America. You will find stupid people anywhere you go. The fact that America produces 90% of the TV and Movies that the world watches is a major factor of how others view us. Keep in mind that many of the programs made in the US are meant to poke fun at education in this country and some of that irony might be missed by people outside our culture.
That said, you just have to look at the true facts in order to really understand how incredibly intelligent and obviously awesome Americans are. The US is one of the only nations in the world that suffers from a socio-economic problem called "brain-drain", where people come here just for the education and then go back to their home country and take that knowledge with them.
But how awesome are we? Well, Ill tell you....We are so awesome that we subsidize the tuition for these people, educate them, and then let them leave. (not a good thing...but we dont care, its all good).
So point being that we are one of the very few countries which people strive to come to for the sole purpose of attending our prestigious Universities.
We have obvious problems with public education, but we are in no way "stupid". There's a reason we run this whole world gig and it has nothing to do with an episode of a fictional show, based in New Mexico of all places, that you happened to watch one day.
And for anyone born before 1990......Knowledge is Power!

How do you show support for those american boys who wore the american flag attire yesterday and got in trouble?

Do you understand now why we need to mine our southern borders and kick people like these "students" out of our country? I know this sounds juvenile, but if Mexico is the s***, why are all of them here? All this b.s because cracker a** crackers had the audacity to wear American flags, at an American school, while the Mexicans were celebrating a non-Mexican holiday. I work with Mexicans and other hispaniards and I like them all. However, if some crap like this went down at work, I would be fired and arrested for fighting. I think those students are on the fringe, but there are many Mexicans who were taught that one day our western states were theirs, and somehow America just stole the land from them. Of course the Mexicans who believe that are too stupid to actually dig for the facts. If Mexican nationalism is such a big source of pride, then effing get your asses back to that cesspool of corruption and poverty! You can't have our land and turn it into the cesspool you created in your own home. Eff La Raza! Muerte La Raza!

Are doctors from other countries allowed to work in the U.S.?

A lot of the preceding information is simply wrong.

A doctor from a foreign country cannot just come here and get a license or practice. To practice in the US, it is required that a doctor complete a US or Canadian residency. It is possible to get into a US residency from a foreign medical school--people do it all the time--but they must complete the USMLE Steps 1 and 2 CK/CS, which are standardized exams that all US medical students take. There is also a separate certification called the ECFMG--the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates--that they must obtain.

Foreign medical graduates do not have to be citizens.

It does not matter if the physician is already qualified to practice in another country, generally speaking--they must still do a residency here to qualify for a license. Exceptions are occasionally made for particularly eminent or spectacularly qualified physicians, or those who have been invited to take positions as medical school faculty.

Having said that, foreign medical graduates are a valuable part of the residency system in the US. I have learned a ton from interns and residents who have come here from various other countries, including Asian countries and the Phillipines. They do face some challenges that are different from US medical students, but I'm glad they chose to come here.

Here is an AMA site with the basic steps to practice in the US:

Am I legally able work in Canada?

You must be a Canadian citizen, legal permanent resident (PR), or otherwise have valid residency status in Canada which allows you to work in Canada. You do NOT have any authorization to live or work in Canada. Most job ads in Canada indicate only those authorized to work in Canada can apply. This is because the company CANNOT &/or will not qualify to hire foreign workers & apply for employment visas for them.

Lots of legal immigrants to Canada with good education & experience are complaining that after a year of searching, they cannot find any work at all in Canada. And being legal immigrants of Canada, prospective employers do not need to spend a fortune getting a visa for them!

Employers in Canada must first prove there are no Canadian citizens or persons legally resident & authorized to work in Canada qualified & available for the job before they can get permission to apply for any employment visa. Most of the time, they cannot get any such permission. Canadians are, on average, the world's best educated people, and there's hardly any shortage of any sort of skills anywhere in the country. The rare exceptions? If you have a masters degree in mining from an internationally recognized School of Mines, or masters in petroleum engineering, PLUS arctic drilling experience, they might still have some needs coming up - they did the last couple of years.

With only a bachelors degree, plan on it being impossible for you to work in Canada if you are not a Canadian citizen. You'd have to have some really rare expertise - but you have no serious experience yet as a recent grad.

No. That would be blatantly Unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that schools cannot force students to say the pledge of allegiance, and likewise—if given the opportunity—they would also rule that schools could not forbid students from saying the pledge of allegiance.However, schools are allowed to create rules regulating when, where, and how a student may recite something like the pledge of allegiance. But that’s not the same as prohibiting them from doing so.

If I have a US student visa, do I need to apply for a visa to Mexico for a 5day vacation?

I think, when he leaves the immigration office, all he needs is to inform Mexican immigration that he will stay for 5 days. It is Mexican immigration he will have to talk with.Of course, he too has to pass through U.S. immigration, or file a deportation card even if Mexico is just the other side of the border. Best, to consult both immigration. Be very careful, America is just itching to throw all illegals outside their border or outside their sea limit.

If I were you people, play safe. This is not the right time. Everything is so hot because of the Arizona Law which targets the illegal. What if he lost his passport, or stolen from him, what then. He definitely will be in for more trouble. Postpone it. Its to hot at this time.

As an F-1 visa holder, you must have enough money of your own to support yourself while you’re in the U.S. to study. Past that, you have very limited options when it comes to employment:Students in their first academic year cannot work off campus at all. However, they can accept certain types of on-campus employment.Students past their first year can only participate in three types of off-campus employment. Those three options are curricular practical training, optional practical training (pre- or post-completion of your course of study), and STEM optional practical training extension.So, no, you would not be legally able to provide freelance services to people in other countries while you are here on an F-1 visa. If you did, you could violate your visa. You could have it revoked. You could be deported and even banned from re-entering the United States.As others have pointed out, sending the money to a foreign bank account or even putting into an American account not in your name shouldn’t even be a consideration in your mind because you can create bigger problems.Something you may consider doing is our LawTrades Micro service. This particular service allows people to pay a low flat-rate (usually around $25) to ask one of our experienced attorneys a custom question. Within 48 hours, you’ll receive an answer that addresses your particular situation. If you’re looking to work with an immigration attorney more directly we can help with that as well :)Hope you give us a visit - g’luck!