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If You Are Abandoned By Everyone Will You Get Stronger Or Weaker

Why has God abandoned me?

Please help me!!! I feel like I'm hanging on a thin tiny thread to life. Everything that could possibly go wrong in life has. All I have ever had is hope and prayer, but God has really really abandoned me. Every circumstance that could go wrong does.
My life is just going backwards, while everyone else is coasting by and moving ahead in life. I try SO hard to be positive and take good things out of things that seem bad. But situations only get worse. I'm depressed, worried, and nothing goes right. I change my lifestyles in order to fix all the problems I have but literally I have been stricken with PURE BAD LUCK! I have tried to stop worrying and to trust in God, but those things that I'm worrying about come true and WORSE.
I have big dreams, but I feel as if somebody is shooting down any fragment of hope I have left. Things don't end well. I have asked God in many different ways to show me he is there and to help me, but I'm just falling downwards into hell. Literally. My mind is also telling me that I can try to achieve things with or without God and I would end up in the same place, so I shouldn't waste my time trying. Please somebody help me! This has been going on for the past 2's been hell.

Do you think diversity makes us stronger or weaker? I think if everyone adopted American culture when they?

When they came years ago off of boats they were told that they had to learn English and that they had to adapt to the American way of life and now you look around and it is totally different. They are bringing their culture and way of life over here and are forcing it on us. There are many places in this country now where you find whole communities that use their own language on store fronts to where no American can read it and we are being told by our great big government that we need to adapt to the cultures coming into this great country so how do I answer this question? Yes we are a melting pot of many different cultures but they need to adapt to American values and the American way of life and part of that is to learn to speak English. When we go to their countries we have to learn their languages or go home. So lets return the courtesy.

Sometimes mammals abandon the weak cub to take care of the stronger ones. Does this phenomenon ever happen among humans and why?

What do you think? Barring mental problems (i.e. - not normal), what mother abandons her children in the absence of "other threats"?But those threats include having insufficient resources for everyone to survive. Evolutionarily, that is why mothers abandon the weaker ones (who wouldn't survive anyway). You can only do so much, and if what you can do is raise 2 out of 3 to independence or none of them, logic demands the former.Humans are more complicated, because we aren't slaves to evolutionary instincts, but we think. So times might be hard - but we might stick to it, believing we can make them better by plan or accident. But the same considerations apply to a thinking being as in evolution: and human parents will sacrifice their children in order to save others (or themselves).

Am I the loneliest person in the world?

I have been on my own all my life (suicidal mother, father who was too busy, and two sisters who contantly told me to go away...) My very ill mother, after neglecting and abusing me, mother moved out on me when I was sixteen... I never learned the social skills of getting along.

I live my life by trying to be good and kind, and would do whatever I could to help another if I am capable. I have been through so much, the worst of which was the loss of my precious baby boy to Sids, but the rest would take so long. I have always remained kind and trusting in spite of the not so nice things people have done to me. I don't own a cell phone or wear the latest fashions, I care about the world and thrive on learning. I have been told I am beautiful, compassionate, easy to talk to, etc. and yet I am so very lonely completely alone in the world. Apparently I am really missing the one thing it takes to be uh, hm, not be lonely.

Does love makes you weak?

Yes, it does. It is absolutely worth nothing. It makes no sense in reality.No matter what the popular opinions are, what your life teaches you, that's the wisdom you really need.Each cell in our body wants its neighbor cell to be fine and fit. Does it love that cell? No, it wants that because it is necessary for its own survival.That's what human relations and humanity are all about.That's about the honest relationships. Even honest relationships are just very normal things, nothing as great as proposed by everybody.Now, if we talk about dishonest relationships. They are like cancer cells act as part of the same body, eat up the body cell's resources and thrive on them.Dishonest relationships are cancerous and there are I would say more than 90% relationships are cancerous.You are certainly stronger if you rely on yourself. All strength is within you. You don't need any support, any strength from the outside.In the name of love, you expect little formal support from the outside and you do that because you hope that and feel that it will give you strength. In reality, if that expectation gets fulfilled, you derive strength from your own belief, expectation and feeling. If that expectation does not get fulfilled, you do not derive strength from the inside.Ultimately, it is your belief, feeling only that is bringing you strength or stopping you from deriving strength from the inside.Your beliefs and feelings are the most powerful entities in your life. Relying on anything outside, like love, is basically setting your expectations and feelings in such way that you rely on a feedback from outside. In today's dishonest world, it is highly likely that you will end up wasting time and energy. Even if it gets fulfilled, it is not worth it because anybody will ever love you because of their own conveniences related to you.Your beliefs are most powerful. Depend on yourself. Outside feedback for strength is absolutely not required because no strength ever comes from outside.Even when you sometimes feel that you can or you are deriving the strength from any outside feedback, it is your belief that comes from inside is giving you strength from inside.Love makes no sense.. At all.. All relationships are like that of cells of body, they want their neighbor to live for their own good.