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If You Bump Into Another Car And Both Parties Are Happy To Leave Things As There Is No Damage Do

Hit a car in car park today,no damage to other car,drove off,new driver,didn't know what to do, go to police?

Driving off was not the best moral idea, but let me give you my story...

I backed into a parked car before at a parking lot and there was no damage to the truck I backed into but I cracked my tail light. I freaked out too because at that time I was also a new driver. I knew that people had seen, one lady in particular drove around twice staring at me to see if I was going to do anything (which made me all the more upset and mad). Anywho, I didn't know what to do but I knew that I had to do something. Whenever you hit a parked car it is important to leave your name and insurance on the persons car that you hit (like put it on the window shield under the wipers). Because I saw there was no damage to the car I felt a little better but I decided to still leave a note. I wrote on the note that I backed into the truck and that I was so sorry. I wrote that there was no damage and told them they could call me if they wanted, I left my name and number. When I was leaving the grocery store I saw the man getting into his truck so I stopped him to tell him what happened. He assessed the car and and agreed there was no damage. He asked what I wanted to do about it and I told him the damage was to my car so there was nothing really to do. He agreed and that was that. Now telling my husband what I did was a different story haha.

Because there was no damage to the vehicle a report does not need to be made. It may have been the kind thing to do, but put your mind to rest, you are ok! These things can be scary, I know! Take a look at this website, it will tell you all you need to know and answers your question:

Because there was no damage to the car and no one was hurt, you are ok. My advice to you would be next time just leave a note on the car saying what happened, your name, and number. Write that there was absolutely no damage but you wanted to let them know. They will be happy that you were so honest and it will save you from the stresses you are feeling now. Just relax :) It's always better to be honest even when we are scared. Best of wishes to you!!!


Hatchback cars are notorious for this problem.A few years ago i was
sitting at a roundabout in my car waiting for a gap in the traffic when
i was hit very slightly from behind by another car,i got out to investigate
the damage but could see none so i let the driver go but took his reg
no just in case.Got home from work and decided to have another look,
there was a very feint line in the paintwork where the car had bumped me.
I then decided to open the rear tailgate to get something out and it
refused to open,after a bit of pulling it finally opened and i found that the
rear floorpan where the spare tyre sits was crumpled a bit and the latch
for the tailgate was bent inwards by a few mm.

Is it a felony to bump a car in a parking lot and leave the scene?

i'd certainly pass away my call & telephone variety if I accidently suddenly met a motor vehicle & led to injury, in any motor vehicle parking zone or everywhere. i'm a good individual & my mom and dad raised me to be honest. speaking of honesty, I went o an area food market the day gone by, & mutually as there, i offered a e book of stamps, making use of my debit card. I hit "none" whilst the cardboard gadget asks if i wanted funds back. as a results of fact the cashier surpassed me the stamps, she additionally surpassed me funds, that became the suitable volume I in basic terms placed on my card to pay for the stamps. As she surpassed me my receipt, & the money, I on the instant informed her that i did not choose funds back. She laughed & suggested she have been given sidetracked listening to 2 of her co workers huddled interior the nook, speaking. I gave back the money & informed her that i'm a good individual, & fortunate for her that i became, as a results of fact there are some who would have taken the money & scooted out of the keep. She in basic terms stood there & on no account suggested thank you or something. did not she understand that she would have ended up having to make up for the dearth in her drawer on the tip of her shift out of her very own pocket? I did the superb concern & gave the money back, yet she would have thanked me.

If the car was indeed undamaged by the bump, then there is clearly no need to contact the driver or leave any note for them. But how sure are you that you didn’t damage the other car? Is one look at the car enough? What if the damage was not immediately visible, and you unintentionally ran from the accident?Anyway, let’s suppose you are right and that no damage was done, according to the law you wouldn’t be charged with a misdemeanor as the accident did not result in any damage.But, if there was damage and you left without leaving your information, then you’ll get a hit and run misdemeanor.In California, drivers are punished for leaving the scene of the accident with a misdemeanor charge if there was damage to property. The charge becomes more serious if the accident resulted in an injury and the driver ran away. He can get a felony and possibly vehicular manslaughter.Going back to your case, I think you just got lucky this time. Maybe you didn’t leave a note because you were scared. Or maybe you were right and there was no need to leave your number. It was still a bit of a gamble.The best thing to do in these situations is to leave a note. If the bump was caught on video and the other driver decides to report you, you might have a problem later on.

Parking lot- bumped car?

If it was me, this is what I would do:

1. If there's no damage, I wouldn't leave a note. They could get into an accident and blame the damage on you. If you do leave a note, definitely take a picture of the car showing the damage if there is any. By leaving a note, you could be digging yourself into a hole by paying for more damage you didn't cause. Someone else could bump the car after you leave the note.

2. A dent or any noticeable damage.

3. Some state laws don't require calling 911 if no one is hurt. I'll just exchange insurance and driver information, take pictures of the damages, and drive on. You can call 911 and the police would file an accident report and this can be useful if the accident wasn't your fault, but an accident report isn't required to file a claim through either parties insurance.

So, basically if the accident is minor, exchange info and drive on. If the accident is major and your car isn't drivable, call 911.

I was in a parking lot getting ready to leave and I bumped someone's car. I got out to see what damage, if any, it caused. I didn't see anything but I walked back into the store with her license plate number and had the store page her. When she came to the counter I explained what happened and together we walked out to her car. She saw the same thing I did, nothing. She thanked me for my honesty and I drove away.Story number 2.Same parking lot, different day. I saw someone pull into a parking spot and hit the car in front of them. It was hard enough I saw the car move. Out of curiosity, I watched the girl driving look around to see if anyone noticed. She sat there for a moment until I eventually honked my horn. She looked over at me and I did the two-finger over the eye movement to let her know that I saw. She nodded her head. I went back in the store and let them know what happened. I didn't want her to skip out on what she should have done on her own.I don't shop at that store anymore.

Thanks for the A2A.Original question:I accidentally hit a car with no visible damage. What should I do?Accidentally hit car behind me, saw no damage and didn't leave note. Someone else saw me and asked if I would leave a note. I said no since there was no damage and (stupidly) drove off.Can I still turn myself in? If my number was reported, what are the consequences? How can I fix this?Today's vehicles are amazingly safe and amazingly fragile all at the same time.  "No visible damage" doesn't mean the same thing as "no damage".  There are no details as to the type of vehicle you struck, your vehicle, the speed and angle of the collision so it gets way more complicated to guess at possibilities.What you should do is make every effort to find and contact the owner of the vehicle you hit.  If there is damage, you could be in serious trouble for leaving the scene of an accident.  If there isn't, you'll clear your conscience.  If it was a public parking place then your job is going to be very difficult unless the other vehicle just happens to be in the same area when you go looking.  Otherwise contact the manager, owner or other responsible person for the property where the incident occurred and make certain they will help you find the other party.  Leave contact information with a very vague reason for the contact; don't say "I hit your car', say "I may have hit your car".If the other person is never found or doesn't respond within a year, you are clear.  Also let your insurance company know in case there is contact that way.  Again, you may have hit the other car.  There is no reason to start a claim where there is no report of damage.Best wishes to you and always err on the side of good manners.

If i'm driving my car and something happened like somebody bump me or i accidentally bump into another car's

I can understand your fears. I'd contact the police dept where the accident occurred and tell them exactly what your described here. Then advise your insurance company, provide the same story and police report number if given one. Make sure you get the name of the person you talked to at the insurance company or claim number. Take pictures of your vehicle with a camera that displays date and time, in-case he claims you repaired the damage to hide the accident. This will cover you in case this guy does attempt to come after you. You parents will be more upset if you don't do everything you can to cover yourself. You could even go as far as to say the guy left the scene and refused to give you any info, which he really should have done without asking for it, which is against the law. If he calls tell him you have filed a report with the police for leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging info. A final suggestion, get your own phone line and insist your parents don't open your mail.