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If You Could Ask A Person Anything Who Has Lived Through All History What Would It Be

Can a person find out where you live through an email?

nope. unless they have your name/ip address, or anything that is attributed to those. But in their inbox it it will say "New email from INSERT YOUR USERNAME. if your name is your username, then yea, prob

God himself I suppose. Not to say he is a person but if he created us in his own image, then I must assume he was at least like a person. Probably the “light” of the human spirit. Regardless, the reason for our encounter would be mainly that I must see to believe. He would understand that because again, he made me in his own image. I would want time to ask every question I could think of but once I had the answers, I would wonder if it mattered at all?Once we established his credibility, I would want to know what this is all for? If we must inherit the kingdom of heaven, why are we here to begin with? One could think it is to show who or what we are when it comes to matters of the heart but if that was true, why after all the people who have done so very good and sacrificed their lives for overall good, have things not changed?Why do bad things happen to innocent people? why do tragedies of nature destroy so many people? Why are some people so palpably greedy? Why must good and bad live together? Why do entire countries filled with people suffer? Why is a fetus carried alive and born dead? Why does disease consume some people and not others? Why does God himself allow a soul to “go bad”? Questions like that.

If I had one chance to question someone, it will be for my mother. I do not know if she's dead or alive. The last time I saw her was at the airport, waving at her with teary eyes, while she pushes her trolley past the departure gate. She promised to come back for me but she never did. The last time I talked to her was over a broken telephone line, thousand and thousand miles away, nearly 10 years ago, begging her to come back. I was 16 then.So, someone needs to figure out if she's dead or alive.My question for her would be..."You said you'll come to pick me up that night when I was too drunk to drive, why didn't you? None of this would have happened if you came instead of sending that filthy pervert that you call boyfriend.... "

There are some things you should never do in the name of progress; causing the deaths of 45 million people in just a handful of years is one of them.Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” was a plan to rapidly push China’s progression forward to fall in line with Western countries through intense industrialisation. China’s economy then relied on agriculture; this regime introduced by Mao outlawed private farming and “encouraged” collective farming. When I say encouraged, what I actually mean is “do as we say, or we’ll put you in a prison farm… or even kill you”.It was no less, slavery of an entire population. Forced to work inhumane hours with little to eat, beaten and killed. And all so he could rush progression… the kicker is that the plan was mostly unsuccessful. There was a long slump and only minor progress considering the work effort.Millions quite literally died for nothing.

What historical events have you lived through?

That personally touched me, you mean?

I can remember being 11 years old and waiting to go on a school trip in the bus. One of the boys had a transistor radio playing and then we were hearing news of JFKs shooting in Texas! Our trip got cancelled because all the adults were glued to whatever radio they could find and us kids were bawling our eyes out. Bobby Kennedy's assassination didn't touch us as much, except to make us feel sorry for their Mom having to lose two sons that same way.

I can remember the "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" moment as well. That impressed me because I was a huge fan of Star Trek and other science fiction and I had thoughts that maybe that could actually come true in my lifetime--travelling to the stars!

The war in Viet Nam was a biggy for me. I faithfully wrote letters to soldiers there just so they could know that someone was thinking of them. I never agreed with the anti-war movement vilifying the common soldiers--they had no say mostly in where they went and what they did there. And I did a LOT of praying in 1975 when America pulled out of Viet Nam, that the people left behind wouldn't end up being "collateral damage".

I didn't pay much attention to the music/drugs/hollywood scene, so the next big happening to impinge on my consciousness was probably the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. I could only say "about time!" and hope that it meant the end of the nuclear arms race--how sad that it hasn't!

All those wars that have been happening with increasing regularity in the Sinai and Europe just blend into one big mess that should have "stupid" stamped on it in big letters! It was really horrifying to find that those things could get close to us here in North America when we got our own up-close-and-personal lesson in terrorism on Sept 11, 2001. I grieved for us as a human race that day--to know that human lives could be thought so cheap as to use them to "make a statement" without thinking of the harm to us as a species that would result. How much hate have you harboured in YOUR heart since then?

If you could ask president Obama anything What would it be?

Do Black people want equal rights to white people or are they gonna want to dominate us when given equal rights- through some sense of revenge for the slavery and way we have treated them all these years? I'd also like to ask him if he couldn't have formed a deal with the Afghanistanis where America will help them mine their minerals etc for a percentage of the pharmaceuticals america needs- i.e. don't allow these companies to exploit afghanistan- let America itself make mutual bargains with them instead- a national project.
Why do you think these people hate us- because we take off them- just like pirates.

Imagine their mountain ranges being a site to get rid of nuclear waste etc- we could come to some really good arrangements if he had an ounce of diplomacy about him.

If you could travel through history, what period would you go to?

I can only pick one? tough one...

I'm torn between:

Colonial USA

Enlightenment in France

Italian Renaissance

Middle Ages anywhere in Europe

Islamic empire at it's height

Rome under Constantine

I wouldn't change anything, but I would definitely take notes on the experience!

Do you think slavery is way overstated?

i'm an HR director. i'm also a black female. My company consists of over 1700 workers. the problem is that I actually have such an excellent form of those who're screened, yet even as they get to my workplace, i will not trust that i'm chatting with a similar individual who has went by skill of the approach. I attempt to work out all ability hires in the previous that very last very last step. I actually have confronted a diverse problem. after I actually have informed some applicants that " i'll keep them in thoughts>' Or in the adventure that they are chosen that a departmental manager will contact them. they in a lot of situations bypass on the affirmative action kick. Many white adult males have informed me that in the adventure that they were a minority or a lady that i'd employ them instantaneous. I actually have accused of being racist, chavanitistic, and a promote out. i imagine that universal human beings have a not effortless time dealing with ability rejection. In administrative positions i'll settle for a Bachelors yet favor a Masters, so in a lot of situations all of them do nicely in thier initial screening tactics.yet, by technique of the time they get to me, this is like someone has performed a merciless comic tale and switched applicants with me. I appreciate what you do, because I provide my screeners an excellent form of warm temperature and placed them by skill of hell(smile) Now I actually have heard some thoughts from my screeners that mimic yours. I actually have also had some screeners which have had some applicants which have situation sorting out. to respond to your question. i imagine that maximum applicants are posed for attack even as they don't look employed. regardless of race. They take it personal.

Nikola TeslaWhen Einstein was asked how it felt to be the smartest man on Earth, he replied,I wouldn’t know. Ask Nikola TeslaTesla is one of the smartest people to ever live.Everything electronic around you like remote controls,neon lights,electric motors,wireless communications and a lot of other things that he didn’t show us,probably because he knew humans will use them for abominable purposes.Tesla even created a free-energy emitting structure called Wardenclyffe TowerWith Wardenclyffe Tower everybody would get a cost-free and wireless energy through ground.But obviously and unfortunately he could never finish his dream.Some people even say that government prevented him from doing it.So if i had a chance to speak to anyone then i would definitely choose Tesla.A man who invented 21st century.But considering that i wouldn’t understand half of the stuff he is saying,i’ll record it and then go talk to Neil DeGrasse Tyson about my conversation with Tesla.

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question but I will do my best. Chinta=Think. Mani=Jewel. So, the idea is that you project your thought and the stone makes it real. But what does that really mean? Does it mean that your thought passes through the stone and comes out 3D on the other side? What if you wished that someone was dead and the person was already dead, twenty years before you wished it, and you didn't know it? Did the stone work or not? Maybe it anticipated your wish. Some people believe it worked by touch. So, if you touched lead to it and wished it were gold, it would be gold. This is somewhat similar to the story of King Midas. Just a coincidence? Maybe. What if you wished to marry the most beautiful woman in the world and you married her and then she ran away? This is the story of Paris, the first husband of Helen of Troy. Coincidence again? Maybe. Did Cinderella's fairy godmother give her a Chintamani stone and ask her only to wish for carriages and pretty clothes? Who knows? This is the point.Nobody knows what Chintamani means, really. Was it just something hi-tech? For example, I think Aishwarya Rai is pretty. Now, if I wanted her in my bedroom, all I would have to do is to go to YouTube and she would be in my bedroom -- in a way, but not really. Let's go a step further and say it was real. Did it have a lifespan? Did you need to be a certain type of person to use it? There are all kinds of theories about it. But nobody knows anything for sure. Personally, I believe it was not a stone but a person, a virtual touchstone. Anything you ask him/her, the person would answer you truly. To know that something is true is every person's ultimate wish. If you could just ask a question and know for sure 100% of the time that the answer would be 100% true, that's the most precious thing you could have! But that's just my interpretation.