If You Have To Choose Between Career And Love What Would You Choose

What would you choose:Love or Career?

i have been in this situation, last year, i was dating this amazing guy! everything between us was really good, to the point where everyone thought we would never grow apart, he was truly my dream guy, but then, he asked me to move upstate with him, i was willing to, all because i loved him, but its not just me i have to think about, i have a son as well, so i had to make the right decision. my dream career is to do something in the television field, literally anything behind the scenes, and i thought, i may get a good start from there, i can even go to school, last minute he decided he thought it best if i didn't go to school up there, he thought we should move down south, seeing that he changed his mind so quickly only told me that he didn't know what he wanted to do, and that he was very capable of losing focus. in other words i felt he wasn't as stable as i wished he would have been. So i chose to stay here in NY and let him go down south without me, and guess what? he is back here, with someone else, who he has been dating for 3 months, their engaged, and "moving to PA" which makes me lol. i am SO glad i trusted me, and decided to put me and my dreams first! if someone else chooses love, i admire them, but warn them to watch out for big reg flags! if there is none, by all means, follow your heart. Good Question!

If you had to choose: Career or Love?

Well I have to say both. I can't live in a world without a education-to-become-job as well as love-- whether its family, personal, friendship, or social love. It just won't work out for me. I mean for now, I'm going to focus on my career mostly, though I'm just going to be a freshman in college in the next few weeks, but I'm trying to do excellence in higher-education school levels for my future. When I make my dough, then I'll do soul-searching for my love.

This is quite a question. The jazz musician Eric Dolphy wrote one of his greatest compositions, “Do you know what love is?’ His composition is poignant and open to many interpretations as is your question.Most people are confused on this subject and indeed the term “love” is perhaps the most misunderstood word in any language. The true meaning of love as described by sages is a ‘state of consciousness’. In this state there is no language to describe the actual bliss that you experience. The best secondary way to articulate this concept as Lao Tzu once said, “is to experience an intense state of oneness with all living and inanimate things”.A more mundane description, which most people would identify with is when two people rub their physical bodies together in the night to generate electricity. This is not love. It is a bio-chemical reaction based on mutual (and I might add temporary) attraction. Another definition is to say, I love chocolate or I love my job. Here again, these are just emotional reactions to either a product you desire or a state which can give you a form of temporal satisfaction.All three examples are subject to change and are impermanent. Real love is permanent and not subject to change as well described by the Buddha and other enlightened souls who knew the difference between reality and illusion. Illusionary things do not mean that they are not ‘real’ to you. They are in the context of the material world where everything is subject to change, decay, and demise.If you are really ready to ‘risk it all’, then start by answering the following question: “Who Am I?” Answer this question with authenticity, and your initial question will disappear like clouds in the sky. My final advice to you is to value your Self above all things. By doing so, you will clarify the meaning of life and understand the principle which will bring you the ultimate form of happiness and satisfaction.

If you have to choose between love and career, which one will you pick?

how exactly is love going to get you through life?

how is it going to get you an income? living off your husband or wife?

if i am the one who works while she lives in my house on my own money then i'm gonna kick that ***** out straight through the window

"What will you choose, your career or love?

Oh dear, this is a real dilemma. I would wantt o choose love but then I'd regret the missed opportunity if things don't work out with the ex.

Its really not a nice situation for you to be in. How long does it take to break up with someone? If he is really sure he wants to be with you then he should have broken up with her already. It seems that he's in a tangle and trying to make up his mind about her while you're waiting in the wings.

I think u have to have a serious talk with him. If he can't sort out his issues asap then maybe you should hop on that plane. I'm sure the opportunity is a great one or else u wont be considering it so seriously. Really think about whether u should give this up for him. After all the pain he's causing you now, he might hurt u more in the future.
I wish u luck. This decision is really a tough one and you have to be strong.

I assume you are asking whether to stay with the person whom you consider the love of your life, or to go away to school somewhere to gain an education and eventually have a career. Your “true love” says that if you go, he/she will find someone else, and will never again be available to you.That should be an easy choice. The decision you are being asked to make is not a decision to benefit you; it is a decision to satisfy someone else. The demand is completely selfish, on the part of the other person. It has nothing to do with your welfare or well-being or life satisfaction; you are being asked to satisfy that other person, or to get out of his/her life entirely.You may think right now that this other person is the most magnificent creature on earth, and that your greatest possible happiness would be to stay with him/her forever. But that is merely a fantasy. If you were to accept that, then the other person would hold you captive always, repeatedly demanding that you make one sacrifice after another, to satisfy him/her, no matter what the cost might be to you.It doesn’t take very long for that kind of thing to become very tiresome and unpleasant. You soon realize that the other person does not actually care for you at all, but only for themself. You will begin deeply regretting the sacrifices you made, and the things that you will never experience or achieve, just so the other person could feel satisfied. And if you have not already seen the light, and left, the other person will eventually throw you out, in favor of yet another love-slave who will make him or her even more satisfied.It may cause you some serious anguish right now, but in the end you will be far happier to pursue the career that will fulfill you. Along the line, you will find plenty of other people who will be every bit as excellent, when he or she becomes your new love.

I can't choose between these two careers. Help?

Being a veterinarian is a pretty good career, but it is a difficult field to get into, requires a lot of education and training, and you'll need to be a good student to do this. As far as being upset about seeing dead or injured animals, that is just because you are human, and most likely you would get used to it. The part about hating blood might be something you are born with and will never get used to - it's hard to say for sure at your age, but it is very possible that you won't be able to get over that, and in that case you really shouldn't be doing that kind of work.

As far as acting, you missed the biggest downside. That is that only a very small percentage of actors become rich, famous, and successful. Perhaps a very small but higher percentage manage to make enough to survive on smaller roles. But most actors never make it. They might be very talented, but can only get roles off-off-off-Broadway that pay very little, or they only get occasional roles as extras (where they are walking around in the background of a scene) which don't really pay very much. If you don't go to college and don't end up succeeding as an actress, you'll be working as a waitress or doing menial jobs that don't pay much and you'll be struggling to survive unless you marry someone with a good job. Talent helps, but that doesn't guarantee anything. You might be competing with a lot of talented people for the same role. Part of it is just being lucky enough to run into the right people at the right time who can help you. Also part of it is physical appearance, especially as an actress being beautiful might help you a lot more than being talented - and at 13 you probably don't know for sure how good you'll look at 18 unless you're really beautiful or somewhat ugly. I would suggest that if you want to go for acting, you should get a college education so that you have a career to fall back on. You can still work on your acting while in college and still go for auditions, and you can always quit school if you get something really good.

Can you help me choose between these two careers?

I'm deciding on either becoming an OB Nurse or an OB/GYN.

An OB Nurse is probably less stressful than being a full blown OB/GYN but OB/GYNs make a lot more money (I know I shouldn't choose a career based on money but let's be reasonable) and I would feel a lot more accomplished and professionsl being an OB/GYN.

So I need opinions should I be an OB Nurse or an OB/GYN?