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If You Ppl Really Say That Girls Are Naturally Prettier Than Guys

Why do guys say they like natural girls but go after girls with tons of makeup and plastic surgeries?

Thats unfortunate, but its the same reason why many women say they dont look down on natural women but then they go around preaching how a “woman should wear makeup, as it is feminine.” Because of our “modern” culture that supports fakery, fake looks, etc. And sorry but I do consider makeup (not to mention plastics), fake. I dont wear it and yeah, I meet people trying to persuade me to wear it or calling me “ugly” and “not feminine enough” for not wearing it. Although the very same people who tell me things like that, do have the really ugly faces in comparison to me. While (not out of bragging) I dont think my face is ugly without makeup. I look certainly much better naturally than those people who say I “need it”. Its in our culture, like e.g. in some cultures it is so that women are only considered pretty when they have extremely pale faces, or wear plates in their mouths (in some African tribes), or have long necks (some Asian cultures), etc. None of the mentioned things are natural, just like makeup is not natural as well. But people learn to view these things as “attractive”, because of the culture they live in. Beauty is not really that objective, its highly culturally conditioned as well.

Guys Only! What do you think of very pretty girls?

Okay, guys,. when you see a woman who is REALLY pretty (naturally -with little or no make up, not overly dressed up, just stunningly beautiful), what do you think? Do you hesitate to approach her, do you automatically think she's gonna be stuck up? Do you think "she must have a boyfriend?" Do think "I can get her?" What is your opinion of naturallly beautiful women when you know abosolutely nothing else about them?

Doing very unscientific research for a class.

Do pretty girls get messed about by guys too?

yes everyone in this world !!! isnt it kinda sick to distinguish girls and guys by thier beauty? i cant believe you are thinking that you are ugly!

there is nobody ugly in the UNIVERSE, but the darkness in our hearts holds the key.......

sorry you got hurt!

hope i helped goodluck!

Are fashion models really that much prettier than ordinary women?

Well my opinion is no, they're not really that pretty. Girls want to be like them because they feel it's what they're supposed to be to look gorgeous and if you actually ask some guys what they prefer most say curves. My boy mates think super-thin looks more boyish than feminine which is understandable, they have no breasts, no curves the only femininity of that look is being fragile I suppose.

Why are pretty girls more likely to be unfriendly?

Because no one has ever bothered to correct them. They're beautiful so why should manners or personality matter? I'll pick a below average person with a beautiful soul over a drop dead gorgeous person with nothing upstairs. Ever noticed that if an unattractive girl is b!tchy that people tend to say "Oh she's ugly, she's got nothing going for her so what does she have an attitude for? It's not like she can get away with it because she's hot". It really repulses me how people go out of their way for "better looking" individuals.

Why do pretty girls want to marry rich guys?

Agreed. Honesty should be preferred over bank balance. But, I have personally known many good looking, rich guys who struggle with women, just like there are plenty of rich guys who are always single.Something as superficial as looks or money is not always enough to attract women, and it’s definitely not enough to get quality women to stick around.And mind you, I am talking about "quality women" who are always gorgeous, in and out, but it cannot always be the case other way around. It’s the simple concept of materialistic women,  thinking that all their problems are going to go away and they’ll just coast through life on expensive planes and luxuries after they marry a man with a lot of money.That could be for 2 reasons :-One is that they don’t want to work or amount to anything on their own so they want to take the easy way out by marrying rich.The second reason is, as we said before, that they some how believe that they won’t have to worry about anything ever again if their husband has money. Boy are they wrong! Very wrong. What they ( so called gorgeous women you are talkig about) don't understand that they are  trying to do  an exchange of “beauty” and “money”. That would make them a "Possession" and they will be replaced just as fast as any other possession. That’s all a trophy wife is, a possession. So when a girl says she wants to marry rich, she’s basically saying that she is too weak to fulfill the responsibilities of being human and would rather become a lifeless object instead. Additional Info : Gorgeous women are not the ones who are 12 on 10 and behind someone with money. They are the ones who stand behind and help transform an ordinary guy to an accomplished guy, successful in life and relationships. :)

Are males naturally more attractive than females?

I think that guys like the idea of a "natural" girl, one who doesn't wear makeup, but when it comes down to it, most of them think we look sexier with it - which is why we end up wearing it.

Women like Jessica Alba and JLo look fine without makeup, but men think they look hotter with it.

Wearing makeup is a feminine thing. No girl wants a guy with flawless skin, or berry coloured lips, or longer eyelashes than she has. Makeup caters to women buyers and male appraisers, which is the only reason that most guys don't wear it.

Being a bi girl, I personally think guys are more attractive in that they're more confident in their appearances as a whole. I really can't stand insecure people, which is why I gravitate more towards guys anyway. I'm equally sexually attracted to guys and girls, but guys are much better for relationships as they don't whine the whole time.....for ex. "OMG, these jeans make my butt look SO BIG! why didn't you tell me? I look so fugly!"

So I'd say guys have more attractive personalities, and girls are equally sexually attractive.

Hope this helps.....I figure that swinging both ways would make my opinion a little less biased ;)

When guys tell you that you're PRETTY, do they mean it?

They're never saying it to be polite!!!!! They might say it if they were trying to get you to go out with them. They also might say it because they think it will get them further. They might say it because they think that is what you want to hear. and sometimes they might really mean it. BUT...think about this...

When do you tell a guy he's good looking...or hot...or handsome? What are your motives? Are they any different from a guys?