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If You Went To The Hail To The King Tour With Vip Click

You are running away from the main villain of the last movie you watched and you are being protected by the main character of the last video game you played. Who are they and will you survive?

So we have Thanos (was rewatching Infinity War)Vs my Xenoverse OC First FrostOk so on the bright side, First Frost's lore (his backstory) paints him as an excellent warrior and powerful opponent.On the dark side, Thanos has the Hax Gauntlet and I recently did an answer where I stated that UI Goku couldn't beat Thanos.This is true.However!There is one way for me to survive. Since he's chasing me it means that he doesn't just want to snap his fingers and toss me out of existence.So he'll be more likely to outright ignore Frosty-boi and go straight for me, that or he'll do like on Titan and play with his food.Now then, both in lore and in gameplay First Frost has a habit of doing thisWhen faced with an infinitely (see what I did there?) Stronger opponent.So, since Thanos won't know what's going on until it's too late, Frost has a chance to Body Change with him and get that Gauntlet for himself.…Which is probably a worse thing for our reality since First Frost is an intergalactic space tyrant in his own universe.All hail to the First Frost of Winter?Anyway, at some point he'll invite my friend's OCs Zena and Vegetto (he's not good with names) to visit so he can gloat and hurt them with the Infinity Gauntlet.Seriously, Vegetto hates him and Zena is at best indifferent and at worst hostile. And they get violent toward Him. With Vegetto it's actual racism (Frieza Race=Frieza, Frieza=motherfucker who must die even though I have no real relationship with the actual Saiyan Race)Considering they are Saiyan-Angel hybrids, one even being the Grand Priest's replacement, it's not good that they don't like him.Specially since he married Vegetto's niece Arsina. (Yes, none of these names sound Saiyan, but they, Arsina's at least, make sense in context).Whether or not the IG will work on them is another thing since they both are technically Gods.Anyway, I should be fine…Maybe…

What would happen if when landing at a foreign airport, you decide to skip the immigration counter, and you just walk outside, hail a cab, and leave?

It can depend on the flight and the airport.We arrived in one airport on a flight from the UK. It was a hot country and the customs consisted of a table where we placed our luggage. Then we walk past the customs officers and, if they don’t stop us, we pick up our luggage from the other side of the table and continue into the country.The trick was to place your luggage quietly onto the table. Then you could do it without waking any of the customs officers. They were in a relaxed country, and there is nothing you can legally take out of the UK that you can’t take into their country. Nobody smuggles drugs, guns, etc from the UK out there.So they felt our flight arrival was siesta time - and who were we to disagree?

Yahoo! Answers malfunctioning; can't post an answer longer than a sentence or two, happening for anyone else?

Not happening here, sorry.