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Iknow What A Rat Rod And A Lowrider Are What Does Donk Mean

What does Rat Rod mean ?

since i'm not an airhead-i'll answer on a fishing theme
a rat is a common name for a kingfish(yellowtail-usually)
so a rat rod is designed for them
it has a strong butt-short length and not too flexible tip
they are a very strong fish that make many runs when hooked
hence ---the name rat---like a rat up a drainpipe--(really fast)

What is a "rat rod",I know it is a hot rod, but what does the term rat rod mean?

A rat rod is a style of hot rod or custom car that, in most cases, imitates (or exaggerates) the early hot rods of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. It is not to be confused with the somewhat closely related "traditional" hot rod, which is an accurate re-creation or period-correct restoration of a hot rod from the same era.

Most rat rods appear "unfinished" (whether they actually are or are not), with just the bare essentials to be driven.

The rat rod is the visualization of the idea of function over form. Rat rods are meant to be driven, not shown off. Sometimes the customization will include using spare parts, or parts from another car altogether.

Iknow what a rat rod and a lowrider are, what does DONK mean?

My brother and friends have had these dumb cars. They are older bigger cars like, Caprice, Lincoln Town Car, and Cadillacs. What people do is lift these cars like 4x4s, so that they can put huge wheels on without rubbing the fenders or bottom out the vehicle. My bud has 30 inch wheels on an 84 Chevy Caprice. You have to spend so much money to redo the Motor, Tranny and Rear Ends just to spin those big wheels. It is just a different style that is slowly wearing off.

What does "hoodrat" mean?

I have not heard the expression but I know exactly what it means. If I was on my home computer I could should show you some photos of ‘hoodrats’.The local youths have a habit of wearing hoodies or hoodies with baseball hats. The effect is to hide their appearance.First of all, they tend to look all the same. Secondly you cannot see their faces.Essentially, they are equipped for crime.Cameron softens crime image in 'hug a hoodie' callCameron softens crime image in 'hug a hoodie' callIn a ground-breaking speech calling for more 'love' to be shown to adolescents, the Tory leader will attack bans on hooded tops - a symbol of urban menace to many adults - that were imposed by a shopping centre last year, arguing that shrouding their faces is a response to children's own fear of crime against them, not a crime in itself.'The hoodie is a response to a problem, not a problem in itself. We - the people in suits - often see hoodies as aggressive, the uniform of a rebel army of young gangsters.'But hoodies are more defensive than offensive. They're a way to stay invisible in the street. In a dangerous environment the best thing to do is keep your head down, blend in. For some the hoodie represents all that's wrong about youth culture in Britain today.The hoodie ban was imposed by the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent after it said teenagers were using them to shield their faces from CCTV cameras while they committed crimes.He will say teenagers raised in tower blocks with nowhere to play and no money can understandably be tempted towards crime, 'so when you see a child walking down the road - hoodie up, head down, moody, swaggering, dominating the pavement - think about what has brought that child to that moment'.'Bang for buck, the criminal justice system is one of the least effective means of reducing and controlling crime,' said chair Richard Garside, who is chairman of the CSF.

What does it mean to blow a rod in an engine?

Your engine has pistons. And the pistons push down on the push RODS. Inside your engine there are little cranks being pushed down like bicycle pedals. Instead of legs doing the pushing, think of the push RODS doing the pushing.

The rods broke basically for some reason. Normally they are very strong and they only break in heavily modified cars. Even if the cars were not maintained well they don't usually fail.

Either somebody made an "off the cuff" remark or you had some bad luck.

But what does that got to do with your brother getting a loan?? Do you think that getting a loan will cause a rod to get blown out?

Good Luck
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Exactly what does it mean to "throw a rod" and does that mean my car is totaled?

A rod is inside you engine in some instances a rod can break free and hit many other components in your engine and yes in some cases create a hole in your engine. I'm taking a guess that the person that told you they wished you would have changed your oil wasn't really saying you don't do it enough. They may have been refering to why your engine through the rod. If your car was low on oil from a leak some places that is mostlikely what they meant. Low or No oil in the car can cause big problems like this. I hope this helps with understanding possible what they meant. Your car is a 99 and in my opion if you like your car get a new engine don't just fix what is broke have it rebuilt it will last you a whole lot longer than just replacing what is broke. Check around for a remanufactured motor you will get a good warrenty with those. If you choose used they only warrenty them for 30 days and it normally does not cover labor if it is not good. I would only suggest used if you are going to sell it right away, but not to keep. I hope this helps you with your decission making.

What does "you are making a rod for your own back" mean?

It relates back to the time when Masters had complete control over their servants lives and welfare.
A master could beat his servant with out any fear of problems with the law of the land etc.Especially when it was an indentured servant,bound by law to remain with his master or an apprentice.
A rod was a normal household and farm item, with many purposes other than beating people.
It it was kept in a handy, easy to find position. The making of a rod only required finding a piece of willow or other such wood.All that was really necessary was it was straight and easy to whittle or make smooth and to be relatively strong.
If the master got angry he could easily find the rod and give the servant a sound thrashing with it.
Making a rod for your own back means,loosely.
A person is doing or going to do something that you know will have a bad outcome, and they will pay dearly for.
It has an English origin. but was used throughout the Colonies.

What does “rod and staff” mean?

Those were the shepherd's tools. The rod was usually a good stout stick cut from a tree; it was used to defend the sheep or their shepherd from predators, such as a wolf. The staff was the same as it is today: a support used in walking or climbing, and as a weapon. It was also hooked & used as the shepherd's crook, to guide the sheep when they needed it. That phrase is used in the 23rd Psalm. Jesus is the Good Shepherd; He called Himself that. In the Gospel of John He said, "I am the Good Shepherd." He didn't mean an earthly shepherd, however. His disciples, people who follow His teachings, are His sheep. He didn't use a regular shepherd's rod, although He probably used a staff at times when He travelled. They did so much walking, He must have been pretty weary now & then, or had to travel over rough ground.

What does a loose tie rod mean? What are the risks of driving with it?

I have conducted tests on what will happen on vehicles that were current at the time we had a manufacturing fault when I worked with a manufacturing company. This was after a fault in the tierod end on one side had the potential to disconnect. The test was to determine what would happen on a particular vehicle if it disconnected. The vehicle was equipped with rack and pinion steering and rear wheel drive. When the tierod disconnected the affected wheel followed the connected wheel until such times a severe camber change of the road surface was encountered or where a longititudinal groove in the road or slightly raised ridge made the uncontrolled wheel try to follow this. If it followed there was a possibility of the wheel turning to full lock and would try to scrub the tyre off the rim. At speed this could be deadly. At slow speeds around car parks 5–30km/hr there would not be a serious problem and the driver could cope with the situation and stop the vehicle. In reverse the castor angle will make the loose wheel go to full lock and stay there. If the vehicle was FWD then any application of power will cause the wheel to turn inwards until balanced by the effect of castor which with a wide throttle may never happen.ConclusionGet it fixed ASAP!

What does a dream of a chasing a rat mean?

As I myself have experience of allegorical spiritual dreams ( that I tend to interpret Islamically), I can make some guesses; though ofcourse I cannot provide an accurate interpretation as I do not know you or your circumstances.I do take help from Ibn Sirin’s interpretations and then interpret the dream in the light of the present context.Rats are house pests and carriers of diseases. Seeing a rat usually has negative connotations attached to it.The dream may mean you desire (chase) something that is infact not benificial for you.It may mean that an untrustworthy or harmful person , who might be a relative or close aquaintance(rat) lives or comes to live in your house, or is working closely with you, which you cannnot recognize (catch).You can pray for further clarity and inshallah you will receive a clearer dream, with easier interpretation, that will reveal the actual matter.