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Im 13 And I Dont Know How To Ask My Mom To Teach Me To Shave Do You Have Any Advice

Help! im 13 and how do i ask my mom to let me shave my legs?

dont ask her, just shave them

I m scared to ask my mom I want to shave !?

So I m 13 and this is the age where most girls are already shaving. Like every girl in my school shaves expect for me.I want to shave because my hairs on my legs are growing so quickly and dark and I want to be able to wear short pants because it s so hot. My mom doesn t shave but for some reason she doesn t have much hair on her legs. She s always telling me to wear short pants in public and I m just like mom I can t ! I feel like she s going to say I m too young but I m just really scared to ask her because she never brings up the topic and I need advice fast because I m going to a pool party this weekend !!!

How can I convince my mom to let me shave?

I'm 13 years old and my mom still hasn't let me shave. Since 6th grade girls have been shaving. My mom allows me to nair my legs and wax, but I grow hair back really fast nad I can't nair or wax everyday. I feel very insecure and I hate going to gym class because I have to wear shorts. Summer is soon and I want to convince her before spring ends. Any tips?

My mom dosnt let me shave my legs yet and im 13 im like why and says im too young. my leg hairs are like?

If they're blonde and you can't even see them (to quote your first line) then whats the problem? If you shave them, even just once, they'll start coming in black and you won't be able to stop shaving unless you want it to be extremely (bold, underline extremley) noticeable. Sorry!

Enjoy life pre-shaving. I was just as eager as you seem to shave and my mom told me to wait because I wouldn't enjoy it after a few months. I finally decided to just do it and haven't been able to skip it since.

How can I convince my mom to let me shave so that I can confidently show my legs? I’m 14 and I can’t wax either.

First, you didn’t mention your age. That has a lot to do with whether or not you should start shaving. Or whether your mother has a say in whether you do it or not.Second, let me just say that once you start this, you pretty much have to always do this. After forty-ish years of shaving my legs, I am so done with it. Even if I can never wear shorts or skirts again!Okay, so let’s assume you’re past puberty and are old enough to be able to decide when you need to shower, etc. If so, then you *should* be old enough to decide whether you want to shave your legs or not. How do you convince your mother? By sitting down with her and discussing it like the young adult that you are (or should be). I imagine she sees it more as her little girl isn’t so little any more.Be open to compromise. Maybe try an alternative… like waxing or Nair-type product. Or the electric-razor type for women. Perhaps if you can address her concerns, she might see you as more mature and able to take on this type of grooming.The first step, really, is showing your mother than you’re a young lady and not a little girl who throws a tantrum.

How can I ask my mother if I can shave my legs? I am 12 years old and get really nervous about stuff like that.

Like most things it depends.If your mom isn't a very strict person and is quite chill with teenage stuff (even though you're a tween) then this is how you approach the problem (warning: there's a lot of drama about to be expressed):*DISCLAIMER: The mom parts are going to be my guess, they might not turn out this way either *You: Ugh, mom I look like I have gorilla syndrome or something (no offense intended) My legs are SO HAIRY!!Mom: (busy doing something) Really honey? That's unfortunateYou: (voice softening a bit to not sound rude) but mom isn't there something I could do about it ? *Insert random girl’s name* was laughing at how awkward my legs look when I wear a skirt …Mom: Well I guess then you could shave your legs from now on, of it bothers you so; but do be carefulBOOM  goal achieved !But if your mom is the strict kind and doesn't tolerate these desires, then I'm sorry my friend I'm not sure if I could help you much..But I do suggest catching her when she's in a good mood and making the aboave story a bit more dramatic and try your luckI hope this answer helped you and also if you by chance felt I offended you in any way, I'm sorry I didn't mean it. This entire thing was for a good cause !!

How do I ask my mom for a razor so I can shave my pubes when I'm 15?

Just ask.But do be aware - re-growth shaving bristle on pubes is unpleasant to touch or against a partner’s skin, and itchy; ingrown hair is also unpleasant and makes a lump, and that lump can become infected.I know, socially, an ob/gyn doctor who said he was sick of operating on and excising these abscesses. They’re also painful. And having them excised leaves a small scar. (Or several, if it’s a recurrent problem.)People in my day as a nurse, 40 years ago, didn’t like being shaved for surgery or childbirth because of these problems.Consider using a gentler method, e.g. a depilatory cream, or an electric appliance, I’ve forgotten what it’s called, that supposedly pulls out the hair by the roots. Mildly painful; not as painful as waxing!Be aware, also, that fashions change. Bikinis were around when I was young, but men in those days were turned on by that bump or bush of hair, and I’ve seen men posting here who still love it. It wouldn’t look as good under a G-string, if that’s what you’re planning to wear.On the other hand, if you’re a guy, be careful.Some people alternate between bare and bushy.

Should I advise my daughter to shave under her arms? She's 9 and she wears sleeveless tops often. She has recently grown some hair under her arms.

Let me tell you a story, have to go anon for this one because my sister follows me on here.Growing up my mom, stepdad, sister, and many other people would say "oh you need to shave your legs" and tell me I NEEDED to shave something. My dad once made a comment that I needed to shave my armpits because I was wearing a sleeveless dress for prom a few years back. (Which I was going to anyway so I didn't care about his comment.)When I was 14, my best friend at the time made fun of me because I didn't shave my armpits. (Yeah we're not friends anymore.) We wore sleeveless shirts for basketball, so I wore a short sleeve shirt everytime we had a game because I was so insecure about it.This girl in my class, who I'm friends with now and actually apologized for this, made a joke about how "oh you should meet a friend of mine, she doesn't shave her legs either!" And her and her friend laughed.After that point I started shaving my legs. It was because people were cruel and I actually cared how other people saw me.I'm almost 20 right now, and I only shave when I want to. Most of the time I don't give a flying fuck what anyone has to say. For special events or summer I'll usually shave. Sometimes I'll shave my armpits cause sometimes I get annoyed by it.My stepdad, mom, and sister still get on my ass about not shaving.Ask her if she is bothered by it. If not, tell her it's perfectly okay if she doesn't want to shave them. If she does, tell her how to.Girls don't think it's wrong until someone teaches them it is. Please don't be that parent. No one has the right to tell someone they HAVE to shave regardless of you birthed them or not. Shaving is a choice and if YOU think it looks wrong, please get your priorities straight.

My mom wont let me shave my legs and i'm 13! HELP! ?

I'm 13 and i have olive-ish skin. i go to tropical places a lot and get a tan.
and i have LONG BROWN HAIRS ON MY LEGS! my mom wont let me shave cause shes from russia and they didnt shave their legs at my age. my dad agrees with her an dmy brother doesnt care! she said they'll keep growing back a lot and it will be annoying but i dont care! i get made fun of so much at school and she doesnt even care! so if its like 90 outside i have to wear jeans cause i'm so embarrased!
she says my hair's not noticable but it is! i'm sick of her not letting me do it and i've shaved my legs once and twice and she got so mad at me!
i dont know what to do anymore cause this is just nonsense. she wont let me use nair or anything like that either.
please help! also if you have convincing points on how to possible convince her, let me know!

How to shave your vagina? Or how to ask your parents to allow you to shave?

actually, i didn't even have to ask my mom. i just whined about having hairy arms and legs (they weren't even that hairy lol) and she asked me i wanted to shave. you can try that if you want to.

you can shave your vag but sometimes you might get bad razorburn. most people like to use those hair removers like veet on their pubic hair.