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Im 17 Looking For A Job All The Places I Apple At Say 18 Or Older

I'm 35 years old. Am I too old to join Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple as a software engineer?

Of course you’re too old to join those companies. You think they’re going to hire you walking in with grey hair, a cane and asking when nap time is? You think they want to be around someone who has to go to the bathroom more than twice a day? Dude, you’re a fossil. It’s time to think about retirement. Coding skillz begins to drop around 35. How are you going to work 12 hour days and weekends with your wife and kids?? Bro, you know no one at FB, MSFT, Google and Apple even have kids right? If you do they lay you off (its part of the agreement when they hire you). You think anyone there will want to hear about your family and your boring life when what you should be doing is coding, partying and traveling the world to find your zen. Code, curls and girls === life. And what about all the free food and soda that you can’t take advantage of because you have to eat healthy due to your age? You’ll be a social outcast if you don’t live on chips, ramen, chocolate, soda, protein drinks and Soylent. Do you drink brah? Do you even play binary beer pong?? How are you going to chug back those beers with your 35 year old liver? I bet that organ is on life support at such an old age. You also can’t even drink 10 red bulls a day since you probably have diabetes. Even if you did get hired I doubt you’d have the respect of your colleagues (who will be, at oldest, 29). How are you even going to communicate with them unless you have Whatsapp, Snapchat and an Instagram account? You think they’ll accept you and your outdated Facebook account? Btw, you do have a Tesla right? Can’t drive into work without one of those. Don’t set yourself up to be a loser. Stand aside and let the 23 year olds code hard and code often while you go the above paragraph.No you are not too old to work at those places at 35. You’ll be fine at 35. You’ll probably be fine all the way to 60 working at those companies. You can work anywhere at anytime at any age (though you may have to deal with some ageism). Just stay healthy, learn stuff and find someone to settle down with. That’s pretty much life. FYI, I’m in my earlier 30’s and still a software engineer at MSFT.

18 years old and braces. What to do ?

Ay, are you kidding me? You'll be her twin!

Just joking. ;)

Well, my sister got braces at age 19. Sure, she was extremely embarrassed at first, but they were worth it and after a while she even forgot she had them. I mean, think of it. There will be students at your university with horrible teeth, some can't even afford braces.

And it will be especially worth it because you won't pass down ugly teeth to your kids and grandchildren after they're fixed. ;) Just laugh, smile, and have a good time in your life.

What are Apple's requirements for their retail store employees?

I've never met a retail store employee under 18 years of age. It's a level of liability for Apple that isn’t worth the time and paperwork. If you're under 18 and you get hired, you have to have been an extraordinary candidate, and I applaud you.Apple wants people who are quick learners. You don't need to know anything about computers, you just have to be willing to learn. Typically, a high school diploma helps, as well as at least a little higher education.Apple hires its engineers without college degrees, so it would be silly for them to exclude retail candidates without one. The most important qualities are soft skills and intellectual horsepower, although if you're quick on your feet and a good talker, those skills will translate as the other two — and once you’re hired, Apple will value your political savvy.If you're not smart, but you're dedicated, you can do a great job. If you're not smart, but a good talker, you will probably do a great job. If you're smart, but you're awful at interaction, either look for a different type of job, or work on your soft skills before you apply. Empathy is key.

If I'm a 17 year old male can I still grow taller Mom is 5'5 and my dad is 5'9 while I'm 5'6. Is there any hope for me to become normal?

You’d be surprised at how many changes you can create in your body with the right exercises. Basketball and volleyball players were never “normal” which, by the way, you ALREADY ARE. You won’t stop growing until you are about 21. If you are stunted in a height that you do not like, seek HGH therapy or join an exercise program like swimming, basketball, volleyball and even yoga to stretch your muscles and your entire body.Hey, my son and my entire family are considered short. We all got amazing better halves. There is a market out there for everybody. Don’t sweat it.

I am 17 and my mom wont let me do anything?

I am 17yrs old but i am going to be 18 September 16, My mom wont let me hang out with friends or just go out to have fun. I am always in the house babysitting my little sister while she is at work and when she comes home from work she goes to the club and doesnt even ask me if i want to babysit my little sister she never asks how i am doing. My mom doesnt allow me to have a boyfriend but i do anyways because he is the only one who seems to really understand me and i only see him in school which is sad i feel as if i am trapping him with me he wants to hang out with my outside of school but everytime he asks im babysitting my little sister and cousins its an everyday/night thing im so depressed i feel trapped inside these walls. When i tried to ask my mom to go to his house one day i classified him as a friend and she said" no your not going to be just sitting up at a guys house" she is ridiculous i mean i am not going to do anything me and my boyfriend have been dating for 10 months and we have never had sex or seen eachother out of school i try to go to his games as much as i can to see him and support him but im starting to feel as if im trapping him cause im always trapped. I wanna be able to be a teenager and have fun while i am in highschool and be able to do things and have fun. But instead im always babysitting kids and being in the house help me i need advice on what to do im beginning to get so depressed. This has been going on ever since freshman year of highschool it really didnt bother me then but now im older and i want to have fun. Its spring break and im stuck inside the house babysitting kids while my mom goes out and has fun. If i ask her to go somewhere she gets mad and starts questioning me i feel that if she trusts me enough to babysit my sister everyday she should trust me enough to go out and have a boyfriend. PLEASE HELP WITH THIS SITUATION I NEED IT BAD IM GOING INTO DEPRESSION MODE.