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Im 30 Weeks Pregnant And Have Some Weird Red Spoltches On Roof Of Mouth

Black Mouth equals Pedigree Cat?

My step-grandparents came over for Thanksgiving dinner today. One of our cats was actually being social enough for her to see him. She asked if he was pedigreed. We all just kind of laughed and told her that he wasn't. We took this cat (and his sister) in from outside two winters ago.

She went on saying how the roof of his mouth has some black in it (the gums/roof are partially black), so he had to be at least partially "pedigree" cat. I don't see how this is even remotely accurate.

I'm assuming it's old folklore that "pedigree cats have black mouths and 'non-pedigree' cats have pink mouths", true? Or is there some truth to this idea? Curiosity has gotten the best of me.

Why does your tongue feel rough and raw when you eat lots of sour candy?

Your tongue os a group of muscles which plays multiple vital and important roles within your body. It helps in a taste of food, helps in chewing and swallowing the food and makes us able to talk. The most common issues that are associated with tongue are,Feeling of a rough and raw tongue.Soreness.Coloration and discoloration.ImageAlthough the majority of the health issues that are associated with tongue are not permanent and they are reversible as well, however, if there is persistent roughness on your tongue, it is better to take Doctor advice.There are multiple reasons that you may feel your tongue as rough and raw and it may be due to some nutrition deficiencies, dental problems, dehydration, diabetes or it may indicate the presence of oral cancer.Now, coming to the question, That why candies make your tongue raw and though, it is due to the presence of certain irritants that causes the soreness and ulcers in the mouth and make it rough and raw.THE ADDITIONAL CAUSES ARE,Yeast infections in the tongue or oral cavity.Presence of oral herpes, strep infection, and syphilis.the rubes of dental braces with tongue.Related:Cure your Sinus Infection within 30 Seconds by this simple home method.The Best options to cure double chin at home.04 most effective tips to get rid of face fat and chubby cheeks.How to stop snoring?Attribution for content

I kissed a woman deeply and I have a sore gum, what should I do? Does hiv transmit through kissing?

I can’t believe people are still asking this question, in 2016!Kissing is no risk. Oral sex is low risk, except when there is oral bleeding.“Hello,Thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver.There is no need to worry! Kissing is a no risk activity for HIV transmission. For HIV transmission to occur, a bodily fluid must gain direct access to the bloodstream through a closed route during a risky activity (see Transmission Equation below). Saliva is not a bodily fluid that can transmit HIV. This is because the saliva contains enzymes that inhibit the growth of HIV. Therefore, the only (and highly unlikely) way for HIV to be transmitted through kissing is if you had an actively bleeding wound in your mouth that came into contact with the other person's actively bleeding wound in their mouth. This does not include surface wounds such as those you would get from brushing your teeth, etc. An example of an actively bleeding would would be one from recent dental work. Since the sores in your mouth were not actively bleeding and thus did not provide a direct access to your bloodstream, HIV transmission could not have occurred.To understand how HIV transmission does occur, please refer to the HIV Transmission Equation below. All three factors must be present for HIV transmission to occur.”Can I get HIV by deep kissing while having a sore throat and sore tongue?

Good Websites?

so i like websites that can teach me interesting junk. how-to sites, common knowledge i may have missed, not so common knowledge, peculiar news... alot of sites i run into are really stupid and start listing lame trivia facts and stuff that just isnt all that interesting. i dont want to here about stuff that isnt useful. im looking for things that make me think--that i can apply. those of u who also spend too much time surfing the web and being frustrated with all the useless junk taking up space prob kinda get wat i mean. my interests are actually really wide, so im just looking for lots of suggestions here. tell me ur fav finds that i may not know of. thanks much!!!

How often does Mourning Dove Babies eat?

Mourning Doves are different because they have a crop and the food takes longer to digest, and they eat roughly every 2-3 hours depending on their age.

If you found wild mourning doves, dont try to feed them yourself, if you do you run the risk of putting the food down the wrong pipe or puncturing the crop, both of which can lead to death. If you do have these locate a wildlife rehabber in your area asap