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Im Going On A Road Trip And Want The Perfect Ring Back Song Ideas

Gonna keep on going down the road-old song does anyone know??please help?

When I was in elementary school once for a show we performed this song. i remember almost all the lyrics but i can't find it anywhere and i'd love to!
the first verse said:
Gonna keep on going down the road
gonna hold my head up high
gonna follow where the pathway leads
till it reaches to the sky
Gonna face each joy and sorrow
that i meet along the way
gonna travel out my future day by day... day by day

Does anyone have any idea what it is?? pleaseee

Do you like listening to songs while traveling?

YesFor me, traveling and music go hand in hand. I love listening to music while traveling. May it be a daily commute to college and back or a long road trip, I always have a playlist ready for everything. It keeps my mind off the traffic and well, keeps me distracted from the chaotic world.When it comes to road trips or long journeys, listening to music is a great time kill and I have a perfect playlist that I adore.(Bhavana Ramesh's answer to What are your all time favorite Travel Songs & Why? ) It's fun to just throw on headphones and pretend that you're in a music video or a movie (come on, don't pretend that you don't do this) And psychologically speaking, when you see something breathtaking, let's say you're driving by these beautiful mountains and the view is absolutely breathtaking. And you are listening to this perfect song. And the entire moment just feels right and beautiful. Your mind associates the emotion you felt with this particular song. So now, everytime you here this song, it brings back the same feelings and emotions all over again. Trust me, I've had more than few of these moments. And let me tell you it's magical.

What is best way to do a Rajasthan road trip?

I am assuming a few things here before I answer your question:1.) You are not native of Rajasthan. Let’s say not even from India.2.) You don’t care about Car or Bike.3.) You want to visit all the famous places in the books.4.) Your trip is 15 days long.5.) You will travel around winters (Nov - Feb).Now:1.) Get a vehicle:Rajasthan’s roads are decent enough to travel by both car and bike. You can even rent a RV if you have good budget. You can find them all in Jaipur or rent from Delhi if you want. You might also consider safety factors for the vehicle.2.) Set a route to travel:My ideal route will be this:Google Maps3.) Set your itinerary:I would suggest thisJaipur: 3 DaysAjmer + Pushkar : 2 DaysUdaipur (and around) : 2 DaysMount Abu + Ranakpur : 2 DaysJodhpur: 2 DaysJaisalmer: 2 Days13 Days of visiting cities and 2 Days (48 Hours of drive)4.) Look for places to visit inside the city and around. You really want to make it efficient to utilize time.5.) Decide your stay:You need to book hotels in advance to get enough sleep and rest. You can even rent cheap room in hotels at any time but make sure you know the places where you can easily get cheap hotels. I will also recommend to give a try toIndia's first branded Hostel Chain6.) Places to eat:Rajasthan have nice road sideDhaba orYou can even have nice foods inside the city. Just make sure you know the places to eat authentic Rajasthani food just to make your road trip more memorable. I will suggest some places not to miss:Jaipur: Chokhi Dhani, Niros, Ramchadra Kulfi Bhandar, LMB etc.Jodhpur: On the Rocks, Gypsy RestaurantAlso keep things to eat in your bucket list:1.) Daal Bati with Choorma2.) Gatte ka sag3.) Mong dal ka halwa4.) Pyaz/Mong/Sweet Kachori5.) Kair Sangri Sag6.) Bejad/Bazra Roti7.) Laal Mans (Non Veg)8.) Nihari (Non Veg - Jaipur)9.) Gulab Halwa10.) Rajasthani Thali7.) Know places where you can get help if things go wrong:Get numbers of local mechanics on your route. you can look it up on internet and talk to them before you start your trip. In case anything goes wrong with the vehicle they will be easy to fetch.Know nearby hospitals on the way just in case of emergencies.8.) Pack your bag really well:You don’t want to carry stuff that you will never use on the trip. Keep everything that’s absolutely required.9.) Set your mind free to meet people on the way and greet them withKhamma Ghani“Phadharo Mhare Desh”P.S. All images are retrieved from google images

Is the American road a myth?

I'm currently writing my master's thesis on the road in the US. I want to explore its mythical status with roots back to the first settlers and the 'frontier thesis' (how the American was moulded on the frontier). I also plan on looking at Route 66 and explain how it has added to the myth of the road. Finally, I intend to look at road movies and explain how they keep the myth of the road alive.
I'm not from the US myself, and therefore I'm interested in getting in touch with 'real' Americans who would like to share their thoughts on the road with me. Is the road still mythical? Why/why not? Have you ever been on a road trip - or do you intend to go? What does the road symbolize to you (both the road in general and Route 66)? Do you think the road is part of the American national identity? Or only the whites' identity? Is it possible to find personal identity on the road as portrayed in many road movies? Please explain to me what the road means to you as a person and a people. Thanks

First dance song - House of the Rising Sun?!?

I had considered it for my father/daughter dance actually because it was a song my father and I bonded with (we ended up using "Blue Suede SHoes" by Elvis Presley instead). My problem with the song was not really the Animals' version of it, but the background of the song itself. It really does not speak well of women if you know the background. If you really want to use it, use an instrumental version. That would be appropriate.

Some info about the song:

Why not choose a song that more describes who you are as a couple? My husband and I had our first dance to a non-traditional song, "Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows" by Lesley Gore, because it perfectly describes us and our relationship. Try looking for something that is more descriptive of your relationship, rather than just a song you both like that may put yourselves in a bad light with more conservative relatives.

Here's a couple suggestions:
"1 2 3 4" by Plain White T's
"Happy Together" by the Turtles
"I Want You" by The Beatles

Looking for CLEAN Christian bachelor/bachelorette party ideas--if u dont have something nice to say, plz DONT.

You can have want is called an "Hen Night" its all the women getting together on the night the guys will go out. You can play games, do crafts, talk, etc...

- Games like who knows the most about the couple, when they met, how the met, first date details, birthdays, special moments, etc... Have the bride answer questions about the groom and his famliy (will take a little planning and help from the groom) and for every one she gets wrong chew a piece of gum and see how big the blob gets....
- Crafts like a quilt (if you're good at them) a recipe book or card holders, something the couple can have that would last or be useful to them starting their life together, an advice book on common problems that they will encounter of the years of marriage, put together a famliy tree, or something that will having meaning and about the blending of the families together
- have a prayer circle, asking for blessings and a happy marriage, have each lady pray for something they wish God will bless the happy couple with...
- Cook a special lunch or dinner, everyone doing something to get the meal out there, maybe even before the guys go out and have the meal together with them...

What does The Beatles song, "Two Of Us," mean?

Okay, I'm going to answer it in two ways:

The first verse is about them being lost and not really caring about where they end up, only they DO care... If that makes sense. And then somehow they get separated and get lost.

The second verse is about them missing each other immensely and trying to renew that time before everything in the universe tried to ruin them.

The 'You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead' means that they've known each other forever (or so it seems like) and they have so many good and bad times together that they're too innumerable to even think about count.

The raincoat verse is about them starting to realize that maybe everything isn't perfect. The 'chasing paper' means that they want to get back to old times, where they were naive and innocent(ish) and when they were just crazy kids who didn't know what they were doing.

The chorus, "On our way back home" part, means that they're getting back to their roots and even though they may not like it, they aren't stupid enough to try and change fate.

OVERALL, the song is a story of two friends and the way their lives were changed because of the things they did.

Or... y'know... it could be Paul's song to John. Like a things-were-perfect-why-did-they-have-to... kind of way.

My girlfriend of about 8 months left me. I love her more than anything in the world, and I was thinking about writing a song or poem for her. Is this a good idea, and how would I present it to her?

Nope, Bowie you aren't. She broke up with you. At best, a song/poem is a sign of desperation, and at worst she and her friends will make fun of it for eternity. You want to make her find you appealing and someone to desire again. If you go out of your way in an 80's movie style way to win her back, you'll look like you have no other prospects, and don't have any self worth beyond being that girl's boyfriend (which you aren't anymore). Want to get her attention? Avoid all contact with her: zero texts, e-mails, snapchats. Block her on Facebook so she has to wonder what you're up to. Then go do a bunch of stuff with other people, and make some of them girls. Go out, party, road trip, do something different and take pictures and post them on every social media and make sure she can't see any of it. She'll then either find out through friends what your doing, and since it won't be from the source, she'll call, or she'll bypass them and just call you first "just to see how you're doing". When she does call, don't drop everything to answer. Be friendly, but not overly informative. Don't ask her how she's doing until she's asked you. Don't pry for detail. Now you have her hooked again, proceed with hanging out if you haven't already moved on to a better option (a girl who hasn't broken up with you once already). There's a chance, through all the stuff you're doing while not contacting your ex, you'll actually move on, which is even better than trying to get back together with someone who dumped you, and you didn't embarrass yourself by performing a song for a girl who isn't interested in you anymore.