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Im Looking For A Movie Title.

Looking for a movie title?

Im looking for a movie that I saw a while ago. The main character was in school for art and would have blackouts where she painted over her art with weird symbols. There was another character that had a brother who was a pastor and kept trying to get him to go to church. He agreed to fix things around the building. There’s Christian undertones and a murder is eventually involved.

Looking for the TItle of an old TV Movie?

I am looking for the name of a tv movie. It was probably in the early 80s. It was about a little girl that had cystic fibrosis. I remember her favorite song in the movie was an Elton John song, "Your Song". The name that keeps coming to mind is "For The Love of Casey" or something like that. Does anyone remember this movie?

I'm looking for the title of a movie i saw in the 90s, tho it may have come out earlier than that.?

it's about a boy (either pre-teen or teeny bopper) living at home with his parents and 2 overweight older siblings. a sister and brother, the brother who is always bullying him.
the story follows his day to day experiences at home and with his friends (all boys in his age group) maybe 4 or 5 of them total. at one point he & his friends molest a cat.
the boy tends to masturbate in the washroom to hide from his dad.
in one scene he takes the evening steak (still raw) and masturbates in it, then wraps it back up at puts it back in the fridge. his mom cooks it, and serves it. he`s just sitting there staring at it and his brother, being who he is, steals it from him and eats it. noticing how that particular piece is extra crunchy and commenting on how good it is.
the boy of course giggles to himself.

i must`ve seen the movie at least twice, never the full thing, always miss the beginning. both times were in french. i lived in quebec at the time, but i`m pretty sure it wasn`t a quebec movie as i think it was dubbed, tho i don`t think it was an american movie either. it`s really frustrating 'cuz i can't find out which movie it is.

some help please

Im looking for a movie title from the early 90s.?

Im looking for a movie title from the early 90s. the movie is about a wife that poisons her husband with a lion fish's venom, she thinks that he's dead but he's not and after the poison wears off he comes back to life and seeks revenge on his wife. There is also a second version of this movie where the husband does the same thing to his wife. Please help me out this movie title because its driving me crazy!.

I’m looking for this movie. I don’t know the title nor the cast, I only remember a scene. Where can I find it?

That is an easy one. I do it all the time.You remember the scene… do you remember any dialogue?Type the most unique bits of dialogue you can remember into Google search. Use quotation marks if you are certain you have the dialogue work-perfect. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Otherwise just give it your best guess and add “movie” as the last word of the search.Didn’t work? No problem. Try another line of dialogue.If there was no dialogue, find a surviving movie rental store. They are getting to be as rare as phone booths, but that it is to your advantage. People who elect to work in Movie Rental generally are cinemaphiles who hear such questions every day.

Looking for the title of an 80's movie about a sea snake researcer, any help?

Stanley,SSSssss,the bloody Waters of Dr.Z,

I'm looking for a movie title: it starts out black and white and gets in color progressivly. Any ideas?

All i remember is that it's these 2 kids that get inside an old tv show tha's black and white, and start changing things and every time something "out of the ordinary" is done (such as having sex for example) some part of the person turns into color and the movie gets more and more colorful. Then the people that are in color are discriminated aains by the black and white people, etc.

I'm looking for the title of an old movie with raquel welch and larry hagman as ems drivers?

Mother, Jugs, and Speed...Bill Cosby was the lead, Raquel Welsh Co-stared. Best bit in movie was Cosby as Mother, Buzzing nuns code three in a crosswalk with his ambulance.