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Im Switching From Public School To Private School For Seventh Grade.

Is it stupid to switch from a private school to a public school?

A couple of things are going on here.  First, are your parents willing to change your school if you come up with some good reasons? If so, then let them know that school rankings are just rankings over all because it's what you achieve, not what the school achieves that matters most.  Secondly, most American high schools, even those ranked 1,500 have AP (advanced placement) classes which the high achieving children take over those who have yet to know their and their parents college/university desires.  Many children and parents have also come to realize that if you're an A student in a large urban high school your chances are quite high in for getting into the college/university of your choice over a school where every child is an A student.And lastly, I had to face something similar to your predicament with my own daughter only it was as she entered into her second year of college rather than in high school.  From high school she had applied, received admission and attended for one year and one quarter the #1 ranked public University in California for Architecture (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo). In her first quarter of her second year, and even though she enjoyed the curriculum and was on the dean's honor list, she told me she was depressed and did not want to stay at this school, she wanted to return to the Bay Area attend the local community college where she could eventually transfer to UC Berkeley in Architecture which in 2006 was ranked under Cal Poly for Architecture.  In California, it's very difficult, if not impossible to transfer from one top notch public university to another, and much easier to transfer from a community college to a university instead.  After four years taking two semester courses per year at a local community college and working in an architectural firm for 25 hours a week, she transferred with  honors to UC Berkeley and two years later from UC Berkeley with honors and a job with a top notch architectural firm in San Francisco.  All that said, as much as your high school is ranked #12 it's not doing you any good if you're depressed while going there.

What's it like going from a private high school to a public high school?

I studied at a private religious school from my elementary years up to the end of 9th grade to an ‘elite’ public school just around the block from my house. I switched because I was applying for a college scholarship program there and also wanted to try something new.The first thing I noticed was definitely the stark contrast in the competitive environment.My classmates were all still very bright and quick-witted, but they weren’t as focused on applying into the best colleges or getting the highest grades than my former peers. I saw that they were more geared towards school events; some examples from my school include Homecoming and and the various after-school clubs. They were also more friendly than in my old school, and there weren’t as many bratty rich kids. Everyone is just kinda doing their own thing.When talking about the teaching environment, I didn’t really notice any significant difference. There is the usual young fresh-out-of-college teachers, the old Boomers-era geezers, and that one teacher who never teaches anything and expects his/her students to just learn from the textbook. Though, the resources they use are usually more advanced in public schools.In my case, we have these cheap InFocus projectors in each classroom that can barely display anything clearly, and was lent decades-old HP laptops that still run Windows Vista for exams, meanwhile a friend of mine in a private school is given a Surface tablet with a digital pencil for art class, does his final exams via Computer-based test with a desktop iMac computer, and is lent a $1799 MacBook laptop for his coding after-school program.It isn’t all that bad, that tech doesn’t come cheap which is probably the best part of public schools. No tuition!Well, sort of. Not really. But it’s still usually way cheaper than the alternative. My mom said that she saved at least a few thousand dollars by sending me a public school.All in all, I’m having a great time in my public school. I can’t really recommend it to someone who’s able to afford a more specialized private school (Which I think is superior), but if you’re switching from a private school, you’ll survive.

Private School vs. Public School?

Let me answer your question from a teacher's perceptive. I taught at a private school for 10 years and now I am on my seventh year at a public school.

Your relatives are probably jealous.

Because private schools have a screening admissions process they offer a higher level academic curriculum. This results in a better prepared student overall (including leadership and moral attributes). The focus is on academics not extra curricular activities like at public schools. The population (class size) is smaller so students received more one on one education. Most private schools have a higher than 95 percent graduation rate and high scoring on the SAT or ACT tests.

In the 10 ten years I was at the private school we had three fights. At my current public school we have two full time police officers and weely fights. At my private school all parents came to school on report card night. At my public school I'm lucky if parents answer the phone when I call.

So why did I leave private school? The pay is better at public schools in Texas.

Stay is private school. You are getting a better education there. It is money well spent!

Private to public school? scared!?

so I've gone to a private school for like 7 years now! I'm going into 8th grade & I'm really nervous! I'm going to try out for the volleyball team but I haven't practiced all summer so I might not make it! I don't want to be that girl who has no one to sit by at lunch..I'm so scared! I'm going in knowing absolutely no one! u also have to wear uniforms :/ I'm scared I won't have any friends all year..any advice?

What are the ups and downs of private schools? Public Schools?

I went to a private school from 1-7 and public after that. Private is good for younger kids. LDs are more apt to be caught, and everyone knows all the children. It's hard to fall between the cracks. Going to a public school was helpful for high school, preparing me for the impersonal atmosphere of colleges. The teachers in public school care, however, especially if a student shows a thirst for learning.

I started my children in a public school and shortly thereafter had to move them to a private school. The public school was too focused on punishment rules, and they rewarded "good" children with candy EVERY day. Oy vey. My daughter was scared by the librarian so much in the public school that she wouldn't check out a book. The private school librarian learns about the individual students and suggests books they might like.

When I went to a private school, there was a new girl who joined in the seventh grade, and she never really fit in. Finally, she left. Middle School is very tough no matter where you go.

Switching school leavin catholic to public school have any advice or tips ?

If you test higher than other kids, then yes you probably could be in advanced math. My advice would be if you are a girl, wearing jeans, yoga pants and t-shirts is mostly what we wear.
If you are a boy, athletic pants or jeans and t-shirts still.
My personal tip would be have fun! Good luck!

Private schools vs public schools?

Hi, I am 13 and have been at private school my whole life and i am currently in 7th grade.

the private school in elementry were pretty strict with uniform and we had to wear black lace up shoes.

Now im in middle shcool in 7th grade and we have a pretty strict uniform we have to wear whie shirts, blazers and ties and black lace up shoes. its about 3000$ a year

And i want to now what its like at a public school. and if its better than private school

I go to a private Catholic school and I really want to switch schools to a public high school, how should I convince my strict parents?

I attended a private catholic middle school and am currently attending a public high school so I think I can help you answer this question. There’s a lot I don’t know about your school and faith so these solutions may be a bit broad.You’ll be saving moneyI don’t know how much money annually your school costs but from personal experience it has to be around 10k-50k. Why spend that much money on private school when you’d be getting the same education FOR FREE. I’ve had better teachers at my high school than I did in my middle school. I’m serious. Besides, save that money for college anyways.School won’t (shouldn’t) affect your faithYou don’t attend a catholic private school. So what? How does the school you go to affect your religion or faith. Half the kids from my grade in catholic school were atheists anyways (again, I’m serious some only attended for the rigorous academics) and I know plenty of people in my high school who are religious. Go to church on Sundays and pray when you feel like it. You don’t need school to do that.Public school teachers are required to be state certified, private school teachers are notSome things to keep in mindNot all schools are the same. My advice? Find a good one. There are tons of public high schools that are crap (some private schools too). For the most part, it depends on the school system your in. Where I currently attend it’s the 13th best in the state and the other high school’s in the district are exceptional as well. Bottom line, if you can find a great school I don’t see why your parents would have a problem.Best of luck