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Im Trying To Really Find Out If I Have Have Chaotic Thinking For Sure My Therapist Says I Do.i Know

Do Therapists really help?

Ok here it goes.
1) Call your insurance provider, get a list of therapists they cover or they work with.
2) Start calling. If you only want a girl just call the women. Leave a message asking if they're accepting new patients etc.
3) When you get them on the phone tell them your issues and ask them if that’s something they like to work with. Because some therapists have a specialty in marriage counseling, some handle children, some handle sex addicts, but they are all called "Therapists" So make sure they deal with your issue.
4) Ask them questions while you have them on the phone.... any thing! Don’t waste your time meeting them if you can find out on the phone if it’s going to work or not. Be a ***** about it. Like someone already said it's like finding a spouse/mate, its hard but you deserve one that fits.
5) Make sure you are seeing "Therapists" and/or "Councilors". They don't provide drugs and usually aren’t as crazy. If you want drugs see a Psychiatrist. Finding one of those you like is 1 in a million (Some are real wack jobs, but some actually know what they are talking about).
6) Remember they are there for you; never take anything anyone says to you as if it were God's Word. Just take it as an opinion. The point of therapy is (in my opinion) having someone to hold you accountable, someone who HAS to listen to you, someone who's sole purpose in your life is to make sure you're happy. I'd say that’s pretty sweet, you never have to talk about them or how they feel, its all about you. So go for it and GOOD LUCK!

Does anyone think disstorted chaotic thinking can cause the problems i have?

Don't ever take the sleeping pills route!!

1. They will damage your liver big time and you can get into serious health problems.

2. You will get hooked up on them and you won't be able to have a normal life any more if you don't take your pills everyday.

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Ohhh..and Good Luck!

Honestly, you know you have the right therapist when you stop asking yourself if you have the right therapist. When you have the right therapist, you know.You feel comfortable with them; you allow yourself to lower those walls you've spent years building; you know for a fact that they genuinely care. You know you have the right therapist when their office is your safe space - to reveal who you really are, to drop the mask, to expose every dark and hurting part of you - because they've shown you that they won't hurt you, but that they will do everything in their power to help you.I wanted to take a second to address how you know when you have the wrong therapist, because I think that can be harder to detect at times. It's easier to say that you just need time to build a solid foundation - over and over, for years on end - but at some point you need to stop building a foundation and start digging deep.Here are some "red flags" I've seen personally:You feel worse after therapy, not better - and it's not just from pulling up some painful situations.You feel like your therapist is judging you due to statements they've made.They want to diagnose you with something new every week, and that's all you talk about.It's all superficial conversation, your never get to discussing actual issues.You don't feel like you can tell your therapist everything/you feel like there are things you should keep from them (note: there's no therapist that I'd ever show my depressing Pinterest boards, but that's a different category. I'm discussing current state of mental health and situations going on in your life).The bottom line is this: The right therapist will make you feel comfortable enough to expose your true self and work through the darkness that you previously held inside. If you feel like there's a barrier to that happening, that's a problem.

Why am i unhappy when others say she has "everything" ?

im not really sure how to word this so im just gonna roll.. im a very sensitive 22year old girl. ive always been like this since a very young age. i was quite heavy as a teenager and always dreamed of having a boyfriend. i met my now fiancee at the age of 16. him 21. when we first got together i never knew or thought hed be the man id think to spend the rest of my life with and now we have been together 6 years. he proposed at christams. he is a great great guy. kind caring generous funny anything most girls dream of. obviously during our time together we spoke of marriage and kids etc one day. but the enaggement came as a total surprise. i said yes.. and now im a bit iffy... i can onestly say if the engagement hadnt happened i think wed still be together and wouldn question our relationship. hes my first love and im the love of his life as he says. weve no date or anything set because we dont want to rush into things, i dont know whether its just the pressure of the whole status of being engaged or was i going to question the relationship anyway. i have seen many milestones in my life as of late, finishing uni after 4 years and a part time job of 4 years and getting a job in the real world. i dont have many friends, i have one or 2 close ones. from a small town. people always tell me of how well i have done so well for myself but i cant help but feel so unhappy. sometimes i get so caught up in it i contemplate taking my own life. i was unhappy before the relationship so theres no reason i wouldnt be unhappy if the relationship was off. i wonder is it my own sensitivity to others and always trying to impress others make the unhappiness seem even stronger. i dont want to go and break off what was such a great relationship until now to find out im just a unhappy kind of person and always will be. or was i too young to stay so long in such a serious relationship? any advice be greatly appreciated.

How do you feel about being asked this? Obviously uncomfortable enough to ask on Quora, and that's a pretty good signal to find another therapist.The "therapist" could be trying to find out if you're interested in receiving sexual services and if so, how much to charge you. Conversely, the therapist might innocently be interested in setting you up with a friend who only wants to date people making a certain income. If you go back, maybe you should tell the therapist up front that you are curious about why he/she wants to know and mention that you felt uncomfortable. Do you know anyone else who goes there whom you can ask? Do they come across as legit (licensed, insured, website, Yelp reviews, etc.)? Legitimate massage therapists are usually licensed and have their license on display in their workplace, have insurance, belong to a professional association, and have clear professional boundaries.

Ignore the ignorance and don't take it personally. Get a new therapist ASAP. I had one psychiatrist who was narcissistic. He made fun of me and tried to put me down. He would always show off his accomplishments at my expense. He once told me, “I know your type. I know everything about you.” Will never forget the smug look on his face. The irony, right?Seriously, some of these people have no idea what it's like to deal with depression. Don't expect a lot of sympathy. Many people believe in “tough love” and many more are clinical and dispassionate. There are a lot of egos and a dearth of vicarious depth.However, there are good psychiatrists and talk therapists out there. Try not to let one idiot get you down. Honestly what that person said to you is so offensive and patronizing.BTW, some of these folks are so sold on their methodology like cognitive therapy, that they refuse to believe in other modalities. Same with holistic medicine. It can be like a cult mindset.Find someone both compassionate and open minded. Make sure the person exhibits an understanding that depression is a brain disorder that sometimes requires medication.If you are depressed and talk therapy is not helping, consider a psychiatrist. Depression is real, and only medications have made any difference for me personally. Good luck.

This mental suffering I'm going through is killing me..please, I need advice?

Sometimes we have someone other times we're alone.
At the moment you're on your own, make the most of it and stop fretting, your life is passing you by.
Soon you'll arrive at a phase in your life where its filled with company and perhaps someone special.
But you've got to relax into your present circumstances and embrace, enjoy it, e.t.c.
Try to perceive this as an opportunity to get to know yourself, perhaps do some soul searching, find out the meaning f life, why you're here e.t.c whatever, build up your mind/soul/spirit, from the looks of it, it sounds to me that this is just what you need.
So that when you come to thephase where your life is filled with people and perhaps a special someone, the quality of the personalities greatly enrich your soul and your life.
If you remain stagnant like this and ignore your soul/spirit and keep fretting about finding someone, the quality of personalities you meet will reflect that. e.g. the guy and came and went and left you fretting...
C;mon there's a lot more to life than having friends and/or boyfriends...for everything its time, snap out of it.

Three things :1- "That would be fun", as said by him. He's open to the idea of going out again. He's just trying to be a hard target because you signalled you wanted a second date. In a way you are the one chasing him. Naturally, as men,  our heads swell when something like that happens. So he's trying to be all that. 2- He's really busy right now. If someone is really into you,  he/she creates time no matter how little to just see you even if its for a 10 min lunch or dinner. He might not be that romantic, but he should have indicated that he would try to make time so you can meet.And then again, there's that thing about you kimd of signalling a second date.3- He's really and truly busy.