Im Trying To Sue Someone

How long can someone sue after someone has died? (More info inside)?

I don't think they can sue you since as a spouse, the car was already part yours. It would be rather complicated unless there was a prenuptial agreement about the car. If they cannot show cause for some other reason such as a will stating the car belongs to another then there isn't a case to have a time period. The only other thing people have tried is to challenge the marriage, where they can eliminate the spouse for a sham marriage and would probable be during probate period.

Can I sue someone who is trying to send me a fake Cashiers Check?

You would probably have to show damages in order to prevail in such a law suit. If you didn't ship the item and didn't send the cash for shipment to New York I don't believe you will have damages.
I have heard of a law that says if a person gives you a check for which there are not sufficient funds in the account and the person fails to replace the check with cash within 24 hours of notice you can collect $300 or three times the amount of the check (whichever is higher) as damages. I don't know if this is nationwide or California State law and I couldn't tell you the code to look at. I doubt that this law would apply in this case anyway.
My suggestion is to turn it over to the police. It sounds like a criminal fraud case.

I'm trying to sue someone in small claims court in california, any good advice?

1. Assuming the defendant has been properly notified of your suit, you can get a default judgment against him. This will likely be of minimal value to you, as many people without insurance do not have the money or assets that can be used to satisfy the judgment. 2. If this was a hit-and-run accident, I assume that the defendant committed some sort of traffic infraction that was the underlying cause of the accident. If so, have you been subpoenaed as a witness in the criminal case? If criminal charges are pending, many states will allow you to ask the judge to issue a restitution order against the defendant for the damages you incurred. Again, if the defendant has no assets, this may be of little value to you. 3. How do you know he didn't have insurance? Was he the owner of the vehicle? Was he using the vehicle in the course of his job? 4. If the damage to your vehicle is at all serious, or if you required ANY medical attention at all, it is in your best interests to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. These attorneys work on a contingent basis, meaning that you do not pay them unless they are able to recover damages on your behalf.

Typically, under current tort law, if someone were to simply promise to give you money in return for nothing, they would not be obligated to do so. In order for an obligation to exist there usually needs to be “mutual consideration,” meaning that you both need to be giving up something. In court one would also need to prove that both parties intended to enter a contract at the time. Thus, if someone made an offer as a joke and you immediately accepted, it would not count as a valid contract.One major exception to these rules is the “doctrine of promissory estoppel,” which allows one to recover from a one-sided promise made “without consideration.” If the plaintiff can be shown to have acted in reliance of the promise being fulfilled AND had good cause to expect the promise would be fulfilled AND as a result of the promise not being fulfilled, the plaintiff suffered damages (especially damages that are reasonably foreseeable), they typically can recover in court.

Suing someone but cant find person?

What will happened if I cant find the person that I'm trying to sue? becuase I'm trying to sue this guy for personal reasons but hes not in the state? His family reported that he moved out of state?
please simple answer! I'm not to knowledgeable about court stuff.

Will case be close if person don't show up? or cant be found?

Im trying to sue my womens doctor...tell me what you think?

Here is my story. I went to my women's doctor because i had bumps..well they looked like warts on my vagina. Im sorry that might be too much info. Anyways my normal doctor was not in so i seen someone who just came to the office...very new. First the nurse came in..she ask normal questions. She asked about my partners and protection...i was not using no protection with my boyfriend whom we been together over a year then. Umm next the nurse left the room i had to wait for the doctor. While i was waiting i heard the nurse outside my room telling someone else that i used no protection and things of that nature. I felt ashamed. The doctor finally came in..looked at my bumps and said she did not know what they were. So she decided to run tests. During which made me nervous. Before my visit was done she said i will get a call with the results. Days past and it turned to weeks...i had to call the office and ask. They said the test results were normal. But it did not explain why i still had these horrible bumps. About five months passed and i found out i was pregnant. I switched my doctors because of insurance reasons. I still had these first doctor appt. the doc. looked at my bumps. Right off the bat she said you have HPV. I cried...umm the fact that im pregnant i cant take pills or cream to get rid of the bumps. The only method that is safe for the baby is acid...she applies acid to the bumps. Overtime HPV can cause cancer in the cervix...with the doctor not knowing what she was doing i could have develped cancer. Now there is a risk that if the HPV has went to my placenta then the baby could get the bumps/warts in their throat and they could cause the baby to stop breathing. If the doctor caught it before then my baby would not be at risk. Also cancer within the cervix could have develped. If i never got pregnant then i onst likely would have got cancer within the cervix.

Sorry for the typing very quick.
I think i have a good case.

You need a lawyer. This is a question you need to direct to the lawyer.Are you suing the CEO or the company? Do they only do business in Montana or did you suffer harm in another state? The matter of jurisdiction is a very important one and depends on details you have not offered here. Likely you have some choices of venue, which the lawyer should be directing you toward for the best outcomes.Non-lawyers are barred by law from offering legal advice on specific situations. You need a lawyer.

Can you sue someone for attempted rape?

You are under the age of 18 and at this time you are not able to sue unless your parents initiate it on your behalf. You can bring a cause of action against him once you turn 18. Most likely there are two routes you can go. One route is you can go to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission with a complaint and I do believe you can initiate it yourself without your parents. They will investigate it and may get some compensation for you. Other route would be once you turn 18, or with the help of your parents, under the tort of assault or maybe battery. Since no clothing was removed and all he did was touch you in my opinion it does not amount to an attempted rape. It is, in my opinion, more likely a simple battery (touching without consent) and possible another charge relating contact with a minor.

Since he is the business owner most and owns property you would be suing the business and you would name him too. Thereby if you do get a judgment in favor his liability insurance would pay the judgment and you can attach your judgment to his property or you could seize the property to force the sale in order to satisfy the judgment.

The problem you are going to run into is this before trying to sue him you will need to get a conviction against him. However once he is convicted his reputation as a businessman will be destroyed and most likely it will cause his business to collapse and ultimately become bankrupt. Once bankrupt a judgment against him is worthless. If you try to sue him before you get a conviction then it will be a he said / she said where creditability becomes an issue. Worst yet if you drop the charges or do not pursue the conviction but pursue the suit it will make you look as though you harassing him.

My advice is this seek legal advice! What I have stated is my understanding from a very generic respect and an attorney can advise you more specifically about the laws in your state. From a personal perspective I feel that you are doing the right thing and hope you see it to the end.

If you're talking about serving a real person only (no corporations) and there's no indication that the person is attempting to hide from justice, your best bet is to start with tax records in the county where the person lives, which are generally public, or perhaps a searchable database like Intelius; it costs just a few bucks to perform a search, but typically results in good records. If that fails, you need to hire an investigator, who typically has access to additional databases plus experience in locating people. Investigative work based on online databases and limited physical investigations to confirm tend to be both inexpensive and successful, since most people leave obvious clues as to their whereabouts, even if their home address isn't readily available public information. And finally, if you strike out that way, most jurisdictions will allow “alternative service,” such as publishing in a newspaper, for people who have made serious efforts at personal and mailed service without success.