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Improvisation Can Benefit Musicians In The Area Of Expression.

Improvisation can benefit musicians in the area of expression.?

Improvisation aids in self-expression because it is something you made up on the spot to play in place of what you're supposed to play there. If you play a song note perfect the way it is written, you aren't being very creative with it. Any part of it you improvise came from you directly.

If you improvise too much, you derail the song too much and it doesn't sound like the song anymore.

A sign of a skilled musician is one who can improvise while playing a song, but knows when not to take it too far, or when not to do it at all.

What does improvisation mean in music terms?

Improvisation in music is the art of playing without pre-meditation and communicates the sprit of spontaneity.It requires a knowledge of the musical  language, relevant scales and style and also responding to accompanist (if any)

What is the importance of improvisation in education?

Improvisation is in short “creating without thinking”. It is instantaneous in the sense that you on the spot is expressing or building something without any major consideration. You, of course, rely upon skill, (sometimes) preparation and experience, but you are in an immediate “flow” where you do not reflect critically upon what you are doing at the moment. And this whether it is speaking, drawing, playing an instrument, acting, taking photos or the like.Another kind of improvisation is where you have to start from nothing and create something. If you find yourself on a deserted island and need to survive, you need improvisation to combine otherwise unimaginable things together to get shelter and food. This improvisation is not “immediate”, but it draws from the same factors where you do not rely squarely upon “the known” or rules, formula etcetera. You might use them as a tool for creating, but you are venturing into an unknown where instinct, “limitlessness” and exploration is prevalent. Connecting the dots while at the same time finding them could be used as a picture of this.Improvisation is in those regards significant for creation in general. For going beyond the “known” or established, or for just getting a good, refined result for instance when you are rearranging your living room. It can be utilised everywhere, and in part, it is inherent in us all and is used in small or large quantities depending on the situation. Most importantly you would not get any innovation done without it.

Is the expression 'play it by year' or 'play it by here'?

The correct expression is 'play it by ear'.
It means something to the effect of not having a specific plan. As in
"Do you want to go to the movies tonight?"
"I'm game, what time?"
"I'm not sure, we have to wait for Bob to get home...We'll have to play it by ear, just let me know."
I imagine it comes from musicians not having sheet music, so they play a song by discerning the notes from what they hear (with their ears)...