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In A Section 1983 Action Name One Of The Several Possible Ways In Which A Court May Impose

Sectioning-does anyone know what the proceedure is to have a family member sectioned for their own safety?

Your first point of contact should be with the GP. Although the Gp cannot disscuss confidential information, he/ she will be able to point you in the right direction, or set the ball rolling through his/ her own contacts. It may just be your relative needs some antidepressant to lift his mood to a level where he can start to help himself.

As for sectioning somebody. If it came to a point where he nedded to be sectioned, he will most likely be detained under section 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983. This is for admission for assessment and treatment if neccessary. An application by the nearest relative (known as form 1) can be submitted if the relative has seen the patient within the last 14 days. This can only be signed once a recommendation by two medical officers/ doctors has taken place. One doctor must be approved to reccomend sectioning and the second doctor must have had previous aquaintaces with the patient, eg the GP.

The procedure for getting the ball rolling to get someone sectioned is different in different trusts. As i said your best option would be to see the GP. Even better would be your relative to go and see the GP himself. Your relative is feeling massive helplessness and hopelessness. He says if things do not get better he will attempt suicide. It could be an option to sit and talk to him about his feelings. Explain to him that things will not improve unless he tries to help himself. From the extent of the depression you have described, it is obvious that he does need help. This does not always mean he must be sectioned. Your relative may willingly go in to hosptial/ take medication/ accept help from outside agencies, and carry on from there.

You sound like you have been very supportive of your relative over the years, and have tried very hard to help him see ways out of his darkness. In many cases of depression the person can only see the world through their own distorted way of thinking. If he does do something dratic before help is put in place, you cannot blame your self. You have done as much as you can. Talk to people at Mind or Saneline (i'm sorry i don't have the numbers for you), who will be able to support you and give you advice of what to do. I know you want help for your relative, but you need support as well. Hope this all helps and its not just a load of babble.

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That really depends on why the proper charge was not laid in the first place. In Canada, for example, an officer charges a suspect with Assault Cause Bodily Harm because that is what constituted the charge based on the evidence and information at that time. A subsequent review later revealed that the victim did not sustain the degree of injuries as initially reported, albeit they were still assaulted. The Crown prosecutor, in hindsight, could downgrade the charge prior to the next court date or even after elect to have the charge relaid as it should have been in the first place.Now, if the charge laid was completely wrong than that is a separate issue. The improper section/charge would VERY LIKELY be stayed by the Crown prosecutor and then the proper section/charge could be laid. However, if the Crown feels that by laying the proper charge would not be in the public interest and/or bring the administration of justice into disrepute then they would opt to drop the whole matter.

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