In Composing A New Mail Saved Contacts Doesn

Contact list to show up when composing a new e-mail?

We have received reports from some Yahoo! Mail Mail Classic users that are not able to add categories and/or contacts when composing a message. Our engineering team investigated this issue, and it should now be resolved.

For the most current information on this issue, please refer to:

Regarding your lost draft emails, I'm sorry to hear you lost some emails that were previously in your Yahoo! Mail account. To request the restoration of emails missing from your Yahoo! Mail account, you will need to read the information in the Yahoo! Help article "Restoring your Yahoo! account" -- this contains not only information you need to complete this process, but also the forms that you will need to fill out to complete your request. You can find that article at:

Regarding your problem sending emails, for some more info about this behavior, I recommend the Yahoo! Help article "Why am I unable to send messages after my account has been compromised?", available at:

I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to help you!

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Why don't my contacts display when composing an eMail?

I use Yahoo Classic eMail.
I recently added a new contact.
Ever since then, when I compose an eMail, no "suggestions" pop up below the address bar when I type the first few letters of a contact name/ID.
For example, if I have contacts such as John, Joe, and Jane, it used to be that I would type one or more of the letters and those names would display below the address bar as suggestions.
Now, I'm getting no suggestions.

Is there some sort of setting I have to set?
It's not a computer related setting because my wife's eMail account still pops up with the suggested matches, and mine does not and I've tried using the eMail account on three separate computers so far.

article from: good newsThankfully Google has made Android Os in such a way that if you have linked your Android phone to your Gmail, your contacts are most likely already synced with your gmail.To check this go to your Gmail account.In the upper left corner under the Google logo press where it says Gmail.In the drop down that appears choose Contacts.Your contacts should appear.If you saw your contact list from your phone in that list you are done. Google has already backed up your contacts.If you did not find your contacts there are some things you need to do to make sure that they are backed up.Found something useful why notHow to backup your Android contactsGo to your phones settings ( if you don’t have a shortcut on your homescreen you can find it in your list of apps )Scroll though this menu and press the tab that says Back up and reset.Now what you have to do is make sure the Back up my data tab is checked, and if it is not, check it right now.This should ensure that your contacts are backed up automatically. As soon as you ad a contact to your phone it will get synced to your Gmail account.If your phone is lost or you lose it in the toilet or any other action that may lead to involuntarily buying a new phone you can now rest asured that your contact list is intact.If for any reason you are switching phones it is a good idea to backup you contact data. I can clearly remember in the olden days when one was forced to manually insert all ones contacts into your new phone by writing everyone’s number and name into the contact list one by one.Another way to backup your Android contactsOpen the contact list on your phone.export options Android phoneExport/import optionsHit the menu button from your contact list.From the list that appears hit the import/export tab.This will bring up a list of available export and importing options.Once you have picked the option that applies to you the list will be backed up. What’s left to do is import the contact list on your new phone.

Why do known/saved contacts not auto-fill when composing an email?

Lately, I have noticed that when I'm composing emails, contacts are not auto-filling to the names that are saved in my contacts. For example, I have a contact named "Monkey" in my saved contacts, but when I type "monk" to auto-fill with his email, it won't. It only starts to give suggestions when I either start to type in his real name or his actual email, neither of which are saved as his "name" in my contacts. This is not the only contact that this has happened with. This issue with an email not auto-filling when I type in the saved name of a contact has only been happening for a week or two. Makes me think that when another bug got fixed, this issue came up. Anyone else seeing this?

Why doesn't the new yahoo mail insert contacts in the "To" address line/?

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Contacts do not drop down in the address bar while composing new email?

Here is what Yahoo! Help pages say regarding this issue:

There are a few reasons why Address AutoComplete may not work.

(1) Address Autocomplete does not work for Safari, Opera, and non-JavaScript enabled browsers.

(2) The address that you’re typing is not in your Address Book.

(3) Do you have the latest Yahoo! toolbar? If not, AutoComplete may not work.

☼ Supported Browsers:

IE 6.0 and above for Windows
Firefox 1.x and above for Windows & Mac

Remember, even if you can’t AutoComplete addresses, you can still insert contacts from your Address Book by clicking on the "Insert addresses" or "To:" links on your Compose page."

Nope they can't because when you set whatsapp status then it goes to all your contacts. As you mentioned that you don't have person number saved hence that peraon won't get your whatsapp status updateThanks and happy messaging!!

When Composing Yahoo Email automatic drop down of contact address does not come? earlier it use to come?

You are not alone. This feature disappeared or malfunctioned for many Yahoo users of Classic Mail a week ago.

I have spent the last week having email exchanges with Customer Service, who initially said that the engineers were working on it. After 72 hours I contacted them again, and they have said that the engineers are still working on it, but meanwhile I could change to 'All New Mail'.

Well, I have done (and hope that I only have to do so temporarily - because I really do not like that format) - but contacts/auto-complete, do work there.

I am hoping that they get this fixed very soon, and hope that this is not a way for Yahoo to dispense with Mail Classic (by getting us all to choose a different option) - because I shall, along with many others, dispense with Yahoo and go elsewhere. That will be a pity, as I have had my Yahoo box for years. So - fingers crossed that they do sort it soon. At least you are not alone! Hope that helps a bit at least.

Indeed, it is a no-brainer. I don't doubt it's on their to-do list, and coming, but hasn't reached the point of launch, yet. After Google's acquisition of the Sparrow team, we started seeing a lot of the quality UI and integration that the Sparrow app had become known for. Most recently, the app was updated with more powerful organizing and swipe gestures. The app has reached a level of polish that Drive integration is now likely something that's moving up the to do list rather steadily. I wouldn't be surprised to see it come within the next few months (possibly even sooner with Google I/O). Ultimately, it's worth remembering that even the Gmail app on Android hasn't received this functionality yet, leaving both platforms to share directly from the Google Drive app. It'll come, it'll be lovely, and long overdue when it does.