In Lost Is Mr Luck As Weird As It Seems

Is getting a siblings initials in a tattoo weird?

I have a tattoo of mine and my sister's favorite flower and her initials with it. She is my only sibling and had an extremely traumatic childhood that she has worked so hard to overcome. Someone I know asked why I would get my sister's initials because he would never get his siblings initials tattooed on him. And even went on to tell me his mom questioned it too. I didn't see anything wrong with it obviously since I got the tattoo, but is that really that strange?

How do you wish someone holiday greetings when they lost someone?

Everyone is different, and you know more about the relationships and the way things work out in your family than anyone here could know.

With that being said, personally, I would want others to treat this as a normal holiday, and to greet me and share with me as such. I'm certain that not a day goes by that she isn't thinking of her loss, so having someone putting positive thoughts out there might be just the help she needs right now to get her through a difficult time. I wouldn't want the reminders that my loved one wouldn't be around for this holiday or any of the holidays to come, but would rather have the positive thoughts of the holiday season to get me through the otherwise difficult grieving process.

On the other hand, even within my very family, I know that there are people who prefer to have the remembrance of their departed loved ones with them during the holidays. For example, my great-grandmother passed away on the Monday following Thanksgiving in the year of her death. So my grandmother, her daughter, usually goes to the cemetery on the evening of Thanksgiving to visit her mother's grave and to put out flowers. For her, the holidays are a time of remembrance because of course, it was a time for her family gathering together.

Let your sister's emotions and your previous experiences be your cue. I'm sure that you'll handle the situation well ... the fact that you've even thought to ask shows that you have a deep level of concern about what's right to do for your sister. I'm sorry to hear that your family is having to deal with such difficult times through the holiday season.

My teacher felt me up but im too embarrassed to tell anyone?

in school, there is a PE teacher, Mr. Judd and he's always been a bit strange, everyone had their suspicions about him. anyway, i'm 13 years old and today, i forgot my PE kit and he went MENTAL on me, yelled at me so much and kept me behind for afterschool detention. so i went or i'd get into more trouble.
anyway, in this afterschool detention, i was the only person there and seeing as my punishment was for not bringing my PE kit, he got me to change into some lost & found kit and told me to do 10 laps around the gym. anyway, when i changed into the lost & found, they were significantly too small for me. i told him this and he shouted and me and said "IF THEY'RE TOO SMALL, TAKE THEM OFF AND DO THE LAPS IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!" and i replied "it's okay sir, i'll wear them" but then he continued to demand i take them off because i was "cheaking him".
i went through with it, i took off my PE kit and was in my underwear (boxer shorts) and socks. i was intimidated at this point as he was silent, but was giving me a creepy look, like he was looking at my legs or something, i couldn't tell. anywa, next he walked over to me and tried to pull my boxer shorts down and i struggled and kicked him off. i grabbed my clothes and as i tried to run off he said "i'll give you detention for the rest of your life if you don't come back!" but i ran off into the boys toilets (which thankfully, no one saw me in my boxer shorts running to) and changed quickly into my clothes then RAN out of the school building.
i honestly don't know what to think. i think he was trying to feel me up, but i have no evidence. i don't want to tell anyone because i'll forever be known in school as "the boy who got felt up by Mr. Judd" and i'll get bullied for it and called gay. also, i don't want him to lose his job because of me telling on him, but im afraid that if i don't tell anyone, he will give me detentions for the rest of my life like he said.
what do i do?

Starting to feel dead inside from all my failures in dating, pretty much lost all hope?

Unfortunately people do have the power to change our perspective on future relationships but that is only because we give it to them. The past is the past and you can't let mistakes dictate your future. Nothing is ever fail proof so there is no promise that once you enter a relationship that it will work out. Just choose your women wisely and do the best you can. And you can't control what other people do so if a woman happens to want to leave you it's not your failure it's her loss, especially if you know you did the best you could. So forget about the past and look forward to all the possibilities in front of you. There is someone that needs to meet you and if you don't pull yourself up you will miss your chance. I hope you feel better!

I used a magic eraser on the hardwood floor, now what?!!?

Aeowyn- I don't know if you've found anything yet, but I looked up how to remove the film from orange glo from my floors. It said to mix 1/2 cup of amonia with 1 gallon warm water. I did that with a LOT of scrubbing on my hands and knees and it started to lift it. I could see the white residue coming up. Fortunately the magic eraser had only "ate" through the orange glo residue, not the hardwood sealant. Once the orange glo came off, I could see my floors again and the magic eraser marks were gone! Orange Glo is terrible! I've got weeks of scrubbing to remove it off of my floors. There are so many websites out there with people that have ruined floors because of that product. I hope you were able to fix your floors too. Thanks for the response everyone.

Oh.. I've never used water with Orange Glo. My floors looked decent after using it, but it's when something like a toy scuffs the Orange Glo shine, there was no removing it. My floors look terrible.

Is my little sister trying to kill me?

Do not tell your mother that you think your sister is "crazy". That will make her write you off. Tell you mother that your sister has come at you with a knife, thereatened you and other people. Explain that you are afraid for your life and that this is not a joke to you. Explain to her that you really would appreciate if she got your sister evaluated by a professional so that you would feel more safe being around her. I very much doubt that if you come up to your mother seriously and tell her how scared you are and that your sister has come at you with a knife, that she will overlook this issue again. I know I wouldn't.

However if she doesn't, then you have to tell a school official. A guidance counsler, a dean, the principal, your teacher, or someone that can help you. Unfortunately at that point government would be involved, and that's huge. So please think very thoroughly. If you really believe your sister will try to kill you and succeed in the future, and you are scared, you HAVE to do something about it. One day it might be too late to do anything about it.

I'm so sorry you are going through this. Me and my sister got into a zillion fights and beat each others butts, pulled our hair out, but we never tried to kill each other.