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In Nashville Can The Belmont Students Go To The Vandy Parties

How good of a college is Belmont University (Nashville, TN)?

it is a fairly average school in terms of competitiveness, only 1/3 of freshman graduated in the top 10% of their class and the average GPA is 3.5. also, 1/3 of students transfer out of belmont, so it would probably be best to talk to someone who has been there and find out what it is like from their view. it is small, so you would probably be getting more personalized attention and they do have decent programs, especially in music & music business, so i would say go for it!

The major universities are in pretty decent neighborhoods. Vanderbilt, specifically, is located between West End and Hillsboro Road, and close to both Midtown and Belmont. The Elliston Place area is also pretty close.Nashville’s mass transit isn’t particularly great, but you can certainly use the Hillsboro & West End buses if you want inexpensive travel.With Hillsboro, West End, and Midtown so close. Its quite nice.And the Predators have a great team, with their recent Stanley Cup finals appearance.

Will I make it into Belmont university in nashville?

Well, first of all, 81% of people who applied to Belmont in the past year got in. So, it is much more likely you will get in than you won't. The middle 50% of people who got accepted into Belmont has an ACT score between 23 and 29. So, 25% of the people who were accepted had lower than a 23 on the ACT. 16% of people who were accepted had a GPA between 3.0 and 3.24. 8% of accepted people had a GPA lower than that.

Although you haven't done that much in school, your work experience and talent should help you get in.

I think you can get in. Just make sure you keep your grades up. If you want to, you can study more for the ACT and retake it as well. If you don't have an ACT prep book and you want to retake the test, then there are many you can buy, and they might help you get a higher score:

Hope this helps! Good luck!

There are a ton of great ideas here. Nashville is really divided into areas so just figure out where you feel. Heres an exert from another post I madeBroadway: If you want to meet a ton of people that are from out of town trying to have fun bar hopping on broadway is the best thing and you cant go wrong. Then you can work your way to Printers Ally which is just two streets north if your trying to keep the party alive after he main bars close. Demonbreun if you are younger and want to get into the more college party scene. The Gulch if you are trying to have a much more classy time. Green Hills if you are trying to drink responsibly with young working people.East nashville (5 points) if you want for of the hipster vibe with a ton of live music that isnt always country. One of the great things about the growth of Nashville are the breweries that are popping up. Yazoo, Bat Bottom Brewery, Tennessee Brew Works, Jackalope and my favorite Corsair. All of them have tours and a really cool vibe. Found a list here: List Of Nashville BreweriesIf you are doing a bachelor party though there are a couple companies here that organize them and from the ones that I have met out look like they have done a really good job and get you out of nashville a little (some cool places I havent even made it to as a local!) The one I remember is Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Nashville I think its only $25 for them to do it too.

Colleges in or around Nashville?

Nashville is known for it's large selection of colleges and Universities. There is Vanderbilt, one of the finest in the country. There is Austin Peay,TN State Univ., Trevecca, Fisk, Lipscomb, Belmont and Aquinas as well as several junior colleges in the area. It's also a wonderful place to live!!!!

What to do in Nashville ?

Hit up the honky tonks on the main strip. I think it's called Broadway. My friends and I took a weekend trip there awhile ago and it was great. The Stage is a great place - dueling pianos sometimes. Also the Wildhorse Saloon is a fun line dancing place with good food and tall beers. Also they do lessons at one point in the night. They are on the web as well. There's the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ol' Opry is by the mall - the tour is pretty interesting. It's cool to walk through the Opry Hotel too. It's HUGE.

Not particularly, though it’s not that different than most metros in the US South.While as others have noted, it will depend on who you are and where you are, let’s take a quick glance at the murder rate:2016 January-to-December 1, Nashville-Davidson Co. has had about 120 murders in a population of about 665,000.2016 January-to-December 1, Chicago has had about 700 murders in a population of at least 2,720,000 for the city alone (and about 5.5-6 million in the metropolitan area being used to produce 700 as a figure). (Please note, Chicago’s murder rate is not actually very bad overall for US metropolitan areas; it does primarily and disproportionately affect people of color.)That makes Nashville’s overall murder rate about twice Chicago’s.If you pull this apart and look at murders of whites (individuals identified as Caucasian), Nashville is 8-10x Chicago. For violent crime, 8x.Why anyone sends their kids to Vandy, when the Midtown area is a super-hot violent crime area compared to most US Metros, is beyond me :).

Well, we moved here in 1985, some 33 years ago, for the same reasons. We got a job; we liked the people we met; we found a community with lots of diversity in population and in music and arts. We have a fine symphony and symphony hall! Who knew, right? We are not all just country music fans. Educational opportunities abound with over a dozen institutions of higher learning, including Belmont University and Vanderbilt. In fact, Google offers this,[Nashville is home to many colleges and universities including Vanderbilt, Belmont, Tennessee State University, and more. With more than 20 four-year colleges and universities to its credit - as well as six community colleges and 11 vocational and technical schools - the Nashville area is a hub for higher education. (Apr 28, 2011)].Lots of great hospitals are here. What’s NOT to like about Nashville?

How can i financial aid in nashville tn?

fill out a fafsa

There isn't really cheap housing near Vanderbilt. I guess cheap is a relative term, but given the stipends in most programs, it is difficult to find a single apartment for less than 1/3 of your monthly income. A number of grad students live in the Hillsboro/Belmont area, both in singles and with roommates. Singles in that area (which is walking distance) generally start around $1000–1100. Most of them on the cheap side in that area are at least $1200/month. Two bedroom apartments tend to be more affordable per person, as do multi-bedroom houses. This does entail finding a roommate.I would say about 1/3–1/2 of grad students live in the Hillsboro/Belmont/Midtown area— basically within walking distance to the university. The rest of the students are everywhere. West Nashville, East Nashville, Green Hills, Bellevue, Brentwood, Antioch, etc. To find a one bedroom below $1000ish you need to be looking in Antioch or somewhere just as far away. Bellevue has a handful but not many. Two bedroom apartments in Bellevue and other suburbs are much more affordable. I'm in a 2 bedroom in Bellevue and the total rent is just over $1200/month without utilities.Good luck in your search!