In The Common Core Section For English/language Art Why Is Their A Seperate Section For Literacy

Why Did The Approach To Teaching Math Change With Common Core? Please click on the link above. This Forbes Magazine article from 2018 explains how Common Core Math and the methods used to teach math are not the same.Common Core Math means that 48 of 50 states finally set a schedule for when to teach what skills. This means that I, who teach students all over the United States online, am no longer assisting an Tennessee boy to catch up in math with his Minnesota classmates…or a Missouri student to understand the Massachusetts mathematical equations…that seventh graders in most states are learning the same ideas. It is NOT a method of teaching!Meanwhile, the second change, which occurred almost simultaneously, is being reviled as “Common Core Math.”. The new methods are based on educational data and brain research. 'Rote memorization' IS good for limited knowledge…BUT going to the moon, development of autonomous robots, designing non-reproductive mosquitoes, researching Zika viruses and many more current and future mathematical challenges require creative, resilient, problem-solving abilities. “Rote memorization” is a total failure for this, because the pat formulas may not work. Knowing HOW to produce your own Formulas or Methods for these new situations is needed. So the new methods requires students to learn HOW TO and WHY the past formulas we're designed.This is particularly frustrating for parents who have learned to calculate answers, instead of how to write formulas, write code for a computer to calculate and more. Parents often feel helpless because they cannot answer their child's math homework. Talk to their teacher, so you can better understand how to help your child.

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I’d certainly like to think so.Whether or not you plan on pursuing a career in the arts, learning about art is a critical aspect of education. By studying art in greater detail, you can change the way you perceive it and gain a deeper understanding of it’s purpose. This, in both a figurative and literal sense, rewires your brain, and it reflects positively on your creativity, originality, and critical thinking.What you will find it that the benefits of studying art will go well beyond the classroom. It will change the way you see culture, society, and the world around you. Even if you end up studying something with hardly any relation to art, you still stand to gain something by studying it.As a high school student, I regret not taking more art classes. Aside from the content, which in and of itself is quite interesting, the depth and breadth of any art course is surprisingly impressive. It can reveal different schools of thought and bring entirely new understandings to familiar concepts. I hope to take more art classes in future, because I know how much they can offer on every front.Just as science, literature, math, and history are essential to our education, so is art. In lower education, art usually find itself on a step lower than the other classes, and unfortunately it finds itself on the chopping block when schools cut funding. Sir Ken Robinson gave a thoughtful TED talk on why that shouldn’t be the case:Do schools kill creativity?We value creativity in students, and truly, there is no better way to develop that than through art.

There's this theory our atmosphere was made of ice long ago. What do you think?

I don't believe that. If our entire atmosphere was made of ice, it would instantly melt due to the sun's heat, since our atmosphere is one of the reasons why we're not burning up (literally) whenever we step outside.

And for Pete's Sake, NO, Earth is not 6000 years old. That's the Bible's theory. And it's WRONG. Earth is nearly 10,000,000 times that (Keyword: Nearly).