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In Wall E Why Did People Leave Earth

What is WALL-E's job on Earth?

To clean up the contaminated garbage left behind. A lot of Wall-e robots were left to do that job (but eventually all broke down leaving Wall-e alone), so that when the humans decided to come back the world would be habitable.

In Wall-E, would bubble wrap still pop 700 years after humans leave earth?

Well, yeah, in the world of Wall-E, obviously.However, in the real world, pseudomonas has been shown to degrade LDPE, the base material for bubble wrap, and it’s reasonable to assume that in 700 years, a garbage-covered world would evolve many more plastic-eating microbes. However, if a piece of bubble wrap was hermetically sealed away from UV light, microbes, etc, it should really last 700 years and be fresh for popping. It all depends on the storage conditions.

How long does it take EVE and WALL-E to travel from Earth to the Axiom?

I would theorize it is most likely an hour but could be up to a few weeks. This is based how much the plant has aged on the trip from Earth to the Axiom and how much the people aged on the trip from the Axiom to Earth. The trip back seems to have taken a short amount of time (minutes or hours) based on the captain's reaction during flight, the captain not aging, the plant not aging, Wall E's condition and the length of his battery life and time between charging.If you compare the plant from before the flight to after arrival on the Axiom it has not aged.However, it the plant stayed alive in Eve while she was hibernating. So it could have been put into some sort of anti aging stasis chamber in Eve but we don't see any signs of defrost from a freezing process and when the chamber is opened or closed it happens without any intermediary environmental changing processes that another type of anti aging system might use.We also see that the return trip happens quickly so we can assume the same technology in the Axiom is the same technology used in the Eve scout ships.

In WALL-E, when humanity needs to leave Earth because of huge amounts of pollution, they don't search for another planet in our solar system, they build a huge spaceship and live on it. Is this a plausible idea, or is it completely ludicrous?

I found WALL-E to be very enjoyable and poignant, and at the same time somewhat of an allegorical tale.That said, while the ship method of moving the entire human race in the movie was pure fiction, there was one individual who did more than any other to promote the idea.Back in the 60’s, Dr Gerard K O’Neill, a renowned professor of physics, was intrigued by the concept of not only space travel, but also of space colonization - to motivate his students at Princeton, he posited this question: “was the surface of a planet really the right place for an expanding technological civilization”.The research done by his students and others convinced him that the answer was “no”.Graphic courtesy of[1]His ideas and concepts, along with his designs for what is now called an “O’Neill Cylinder”, incorporating his work - are encapsulated in this quote from the September 1974 issue of Physics Today:It is important to realize the enormous power of the space-colonization technique. If we begin to use it soon enough, and if we employ it wisely, at least five of the most serious problems now facing the world can be solved without recourse to repression: bringing every human being up to a living standard now enjoyed only by the most fortunate; protecting the biosphere from damage caused by transportation and industrial pollution; finding high quality living space for a world population that is doubling every 35 years; finding clean, practical energy sources; preventing overload of Earth's heat balance.Even today, I remain a proud member of the L5 Society.Three men have been described as models for space advocacy: Wernher Von Braun, Carl Sagan, and Gerard K O’Neill.Please read his books.O'Neill, Gerard K. (1977). The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space. New York: William Morrow & Company. ISBN 0-9622379-0-6.O'Neill, Gerard K. (ed.); O'Leary, Brian (1977). Space-Based Manufacturing from Nonterrestrial Materials. New York: American Institute of Aeronautics. ISBN 0-915928-21-3.Cheng, David C.; O'Neill, Gerard K. (1979). Elementary Particle Physics: An Introduction. Reading, Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-201-05463-9.O'Neill, Gerard K. (1981). 2081: A Hopeful View of the Human Future. New York: Simon and Schuster. ISBN 0-671-44751-3.O'Neill, Gerard K. (1983). The Technology Edge: Opportunities for America in world competition. New York: Simon and Schuster. ISBN 0-671-44766-1.Footnotes[1]

How many people were living on the Axiom in the movie Wall-E?

The wiki page here, Axiom suggest's thatThe Axiom was one of over 300,000 starliner's (the Axiom held 600,000 and the Earth's population at the time was over 200 billion).

What is WALL-E's job on earth and how does this help WALL-E survive?

He demonstrates his purpose to EVE; he scoops up crap and compacts it into a cube. Then he stacks the cube. Then he does it again.

He scavenges spare repair parts for himself from other WALL*E units.

WALL-E . Explain why the movie is dystopia. Give at least 3 examples. Please be specific !!!?

1.The earth is a barren wasteland where nothing of any signifgance has grown in centuries, and people actually had to leave because the amount of trash covering everything has literally pushed them off the planet.
2. The world (which is a spaceship) is basically run by a corporation which keeps the populace fat and happy by making sure that they never have to lift a finger to do anything, while also controlling their every mood and thought through advertising and the easy availability of food, clothing, robot servants, etc. Everyone is heavy, no effort has been made to acclimate them to their environment, and they seem to be able to read, but also seem to be ignorant of their own history. I would assume that the motivation for the ship (which seems to be the one running things) is that a happy, well fed, ignorant society has little motivation for rioting, which would be a huge problem in space.
3. The people that are left seem to have little intimacy with each other, going so far as to converse with each other over their computer screens even when they are right next to each other. Their children are all cultivated, raised and taught by robots, and while the people seem to have an affection for them, and to care for the children as other human beings (they safe the babies when the ship tilts) they do not pick them up, play with them, talk to them, etc during the normal course of their lives.

What would happen if WALL-E was real?

I don't mean the robots. I mean what if the scenario about earth being too polluted to live on in Pixar's WALL-E? What would we have done beforehand? Would we have seen it coming? What would we do? What would happen to us?

In what year does Wall-E take place?

WALL-E takes place in the year 2805.According to the movie, “Operation Cleanup” happens in 2105 and takes 5 years to complete, finishing up in 2110. Later in the movie, it’s revealed that 700 years have passed since the Axiom left Earth at the start of Operation Cleanup, so that puts WALL-E’s story at 2805.