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In What Era Those Kind Of Songs Were Popular

What songs were popular 1945-1948?

Big Band Songs such as Glenn Miller's Pennsylvania 6-5000, String of Pearls, Little Brown Jug, Chattanooga Choo Choo. Benny Goodman's Sing, Sing Sing With A Swing, Stompin' At the Savoy. There were the Andrew Sisters who sang vocals such as Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company C, Three Little Fishes, Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me. There were other Patriotic Songs such as Over There, Praise the LORD and Pass the Ammunition, When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

These are just a few samples " off the top of my head. " hope this helps.

What song is most popular these days?

There are many. Some of them to list are :Ed Sherran (Perfect) : original video + featuring BeyonceKendrick Lamar : HumbleDespacito : Luis Fonsi feat Daddy YankeeDua Lupe : New RulesDJ Khaled : Wild ThoughtsTaylor Swift : Look What You Made Me Do/ Ready for ITPink : What About UsThere are others too. These are just one of my favorites tooReeyah Shrestha


Well if you really want to listen to the most popular songs you could just look up the top ten songs on the radio or Itunes.
But, chances are, you might already have those songs.
You could always try making a last FM account and typing in artists you like.

I hope this helps!

Is this song popular in Cairo too?

Never heard them before however, since it is eid, i would like to dedicate those songs as 3edia to the following, can i have the mic. pls Ismaily:

I would like to dedicate the first song "El donia Kharbana" to president Hosny Mubarak and his family and happy eid to all of them.

As for the second song it is dedicated to the ministry of Interior affairs to be distributed as ring tones to everybody caught with some bango in their possession.

We yeg3alo 3amer......LOL

Name of popular song? Sounds kind of like Usher/Chris Brown?

it might be Make Love in this Club by Usher. maybe its Moving Mountains by Usher. Thats a pretty slow song that starts out with him talking.

Whose songs are more popular with Beatles fans, those written by Paul McCartney or John Lennon?

“Beatles fans” are hardly a monolithic lot. There are Lennon fans, McCartney fans, and even McCartney haters. Some prefer their early period, the middle period or the late period. As for me, I’m more inclusive and have favorites from all periods, written and/or sung by all four, and even some covers “Til there was you,” “Devil In Her Heart,” “You Really Got A Hold On Me,” “Please, Mr. Postman…”. I also happen to enjoy Paul’s much-derided “granny songs. So, in my particular case, I really do not have a personal favorite among the two main songwriters. I like the songs, and the authorship is irrelevant to me when I’m listening to them. This, of course, applies exclusively to the years the band was active. McCartney wrote, in my opinion, many more brilliant post-Beatle songs than Lennon did.


it's got female vocals, the lyrics are something like... "left side, kill em with me now" or instead of 'left side' it might be "head time" or "west side".

she repeats "kill em with me now" a few times though (assuming those are the right lyrics)

she might also be saying something like "soft lips, kiss me with em now..." but i cant remember..

it's pretty popular but I can't find it online.

does anyone know? thank you!!!!!

Why is this type of rap/hip hop so popular nowadays?

like its gices anyone who raps about money and stripping girls rap credibility and doing a doing a music video representing those 2 concepts. Its litterally the same thing ov er n over again. even classic rappers like Fabolus, Fat Joe, and Juelz Santana released new songs and videos just talking about girls stripping and throwing money and everyone in the comme nts is saying ya theyre back better than ever like its good, when they used to rap about the streets and making it lyrical.