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In Which Hp Book Dumbledore Mistook Harry Hermione As Couple

Is Dumbledore good or bad?

(Seventh HP book spoilers)
In the last book Dumbledore tells Snape that he knew Harry was supposed to die from the very beginning, and that's why he protected him, so he could die in the right time. Do you think that makes Dumbledore a bad person? and when Dumbledore talks to Harry after he 'dies' in the forbidden forest, it's all in Harry's head so does it mean that Dumbledore really was a bad person and the all of the things that he explained to Harry were just Harry's imagination and Dumbledore really didn't think of that when he was still alive?

How did Dobby know that Harry Ron and hermione were in the cellar at the malfoy residence?

I'm not sure if you've read the books or not, but for the sake of this answer, I shall assume that you haven't. Anyways, they didn't show this in the movies but before Sirius was killed, he gave Harry a mirror. Sirius had a matching one and Harry could use it to "call" Sirius. It was meant as a way of secret communication since the corrupted Ministry was watching most forms of communication. When Sirius died, Harry broke the mirror in frustration. It broke into pieces at the bottom of his trunk. In the beginning of the seventh book, when Harry was cleaning out his trunk, he accidentally sliced his hand with a shard from the mirror. Later, he looked into the shard and saw an eye looking at him. The eye looked like it belonged to Albus Dumbledore. However, it quickly vanished. Since that incident, Harry carried the shard around with him. When they got trapped in the cellar, he took out the shard and asked for help. Suddenly, Dobby appeared. What he didn't know at the time is that Albus' brother, Aberforth somehow had Sirius' mirror that was used to communicate with Harry. So, when Harry asked for help, Aberforth heard it and sent Dobby to help Harry.

Is Harry Potter and Hermione a better couple than Ginny?

The Weasleys were the closest Harry actually got to having an actual wholesome family. Right from Fred, George and Ron's insane rescuing plan in the 2nd book to Arthur and Molly's fear of Harry being under threat from Sirius in the 3rd book, the Weasleys always had his back. To top it all, Ginny had always been smitten by Harry. He was the reason she poured out her heart in Tom Riddle's diary! And Harry knew of this. Though Harry fell for Cho Chang, he did realize that Cho could never really get over Cedric. And perhaps he felt more secure and at peace with Ginny. Though she loved Harry deeply, she never tried to force herself on him and always gave him space. She always respected and kept away whenever the trio met. Though Harry was popular everywhere and had weird ideas about life and people, Ginny always spoke her mind. She always treated him as a normal guy, and there were only a handful few who gave him such a treatment. Perhaps this was the reason why Harry and Ginny ended up being together.Also, I feel that Hermione and Harry are just perfect as friends. Hermione was a little bossy; something that Ron really needed. Try being bossy with Harry and he'd do the exact opposite. So, in my opinion, Harry and Hermione would've made a disastrous couple.

Why doesn't Hermione Granger marry Harry Potter instead of Ronald Weasley?

I, and my relatives believe that Hermione Granger would be a little more better to bond life with Harry then Ron because it clearly states in most of the books that Hermione and Ron bicker very much. However i know that Hermione marries Ron because of the epilogue in both the book and the movie.

Harry Potter questions?

1. i dunno
2. Snape started out to be a really mean teacher to Harry and all non-Slytherin students. But then again, Snape is really trusted by Dumbledore as Dumbledore claims that Snape has turned away from being a Death Eater, which he was before he joined Hogwarts. Snape, for me, is one of the most complex characters in the story coz until the sixth book, the reader is unsure whether he is on Voldemort's or Dumbledore's side... i have a feeling, though, that he is good now.
3. Black wasn't planning on killing Harry from the start. That's the twist in the story. Audience would think that Black was after Harry when he really is after Peter. The reason why it seems that he was after Harry was that Harry and Ron are best friends and Ron always (or almost always) had that pet rat with him.
4. Malfoys are arrogant and may sometimes be mistaken as the heir of slytherin because their family is pure-bloods. It means that for many generations, their family never accepted half-bloods or muggle breeds like hermione granger.

Hope that helps!

Will Harry Potter and Ginny get back together in book 7?

I think Harry and Ginny will get back together after he kills Voldemort. As for Harry being killed back in book three. When Harry saved Wormtail's life Dumbledore told Harry that leaves a mark. So although Voldemort does actually hit Harry with the killing curse it transfers to Wormtail and he snuffs it. I seem to recall that J.K. herself once said Harry is not a horcrux. I could be mistaken. If he is, the part of Voldemorts soul in Harry will be ripped painfully from him.
As for R.A.B., J.K. denies it is Sirius's brother. What is Professor Binns first and middle name anyway? And the way they say he died, isn't that just a student rumor?
And Snape, I think he is good his killing Dumbledore was part of their plan, which is why Snape and Dumbledore were at odds through parts of book 6.

Oh and Neville and Luna hook up.