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In Which Instance Was He Telling Us The Truth Fellow Citizens

Why is Machiavelli important to the Renaissance and history?

In his book, The prince,Machiavelli describes the proper orientation towards the volatility of the world, or Fortune, by comparing Fortune to a lady: "la fortuna é donna," or "Fortune is a Lady."

Machiavelli is referring to the courtly love tradition, where the lady that constitutes the object of desire is approached and entreated and begged.

The ideal Prince, however, for Machiavelli does not entreat or beg Lady Fortune, but rather physically grabs her and takes whatever he wants.

This was a scandalous passage and still is today, but it represents a powerful translation of the Renaissance idea of human potential to the area of politics

Did christian alter old testament?

Christians misinterpret the Torah, not the OT, cause OT is the book as the result of that misinterpretation.

Do you still think that a John McCain candidancey for president is not a third term for Prez Bush?

Of course he is the same. McCain wants the same policies to be put into place. The only reason why he says he isn't the same is because if he agrees with Bush openly to the public, then he knows that many voters will turn on him for it. His policies about Iraq, are the same, he doesn't want to lower taxes for regular working class citizens, but the larger corporations, and he doesn't want to peacefully talk to our enemies. So you tell me is he different or the same?

Declaration of Independence Questions.?

What does the Declaration of Independence tell the English king about ruling the colonists and affects of him doing so?

Who drafted the Declaration of Independence?

What does the Declaration of Independence say about changing government?

What certain rights does the Declaration of Independence state that all people have?

Know any let my know :)
wow, it's difficult to understand.


Is it remotely possible that some white parents deliberately indoctrinate their kids to hate black people?

I’m a white woman (Jewish descent, actually. Maternal grandma was Orthodox Polish Jew) married to a black guy 11 years ago. He was raised in New Orleans. I can say this certainly happens, but it happens among black families as well. My family is very politically conservative, all Republicans and they adore my husband. I actually joke that if we ever divorced they would side with him. However, his family had a very hard time accepting me. Not only the white part, but the Jew part. They actually didn’t know about the Jewish piece until they had all made several ugly comments and my husband piped up and told them my granny was Jewish. Their answer, “Well, she’s not a TYPICAL Jew.”. When we first started dating, my SIL told my husband he was “sleeping with the enemy” and just very recently confessed that she hated white people and just started to love me. Told me she couldn’t believe I was so sweet, thought it was fake until I was in it for around ten years. I have grown to love this woman as my own sister! I’m happy to do my part for great racial relations. But I can tell you this happens across all racial lines. Sometimes it’s completely understandable (my in-laws lived in the south during Jim Crow!), but the important thing is for all of us to recognize it and change it if we see it…or love on people enough to show them we’re not all ‘the enemy’.

What is the importance of being knowledgeable about other people's beliefs and attitudes towards religion?

After 9/11, I figured that I needed to understand the Koran, since the Muslim religion was being used to justify killing us. I was very relieved to see that my Muslim neighbors weren't being whipped into jihad, that that was just an extreme interpretation.

I figure it's good to know about Christianity because God is invoked so often to justify laws, school curricula, etc.

It's simply good to know what fellow citizens believe, so you don't get your head filled up with stereotypes or inadvertently insult your neighbors. It's better to understand than fear them.