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In Your Opinion What Can Be The Most Beautiful Moment For One Person In Life

What is the most beautiful moment in your Quora life?

A2AMy one month anniversary is in a couple of days and I’ve hit nearly 2.5 million views which I think is crazy. I’m in the 10 most viewed writers of India, Tamil, International Travel, and Tourism.I’ve made a few friends. I’ve given my tutor’s details to a few people who wanted to study Tamil or had a spouse who wanted to study. I’ve found a supportive community of people who share my thoughts and opinions or who challenge me and help me learn more.I haven’t been here long but I really quite like it thus far.Probably the most beautiful moment though was when a couple of people messaged me after reading my post where I revealed my struggle with depression and I helped them through a few things they were facing. I’m so glad that I was able to inspire them to reach out and I hope they’re feeling better.

What was the most beautiful moment in your life that you can remember?

This happened in Feb 2018.As I was walking home from school one evening, I found a dog running across the road. It had a neck belt with no tags, and looked confused.I could tell she was lost and tried calling her my way. She responded. I held her belt and guided her towards my house.I wasn’t sure if it was safe to bring her into my apartment since I did not know her temperament.I called my local animal services to ask if I could drop her off. They told me that I could bring the dog and they would open the gate if they have any space left for the night, but cannot confirm it over the phone.I opened the door of my car and she immediately jumped in. We drove 13 miles away to the shelter only to realize they had no space left for the night and headed back.She started whimpering when I left her in the trunk of my car. I realized she might be anxious and let her ride shotgun with me.I was a little nervous because I was not used to driving with dogs and we were driving on the freeway.I was talking to her, and generally trying to make her less anxious by petting her neck. The traffic came to a stop on the freeway.For two seconds, she rested her head on my arm in an all trusting way and I felt a rush of love I have never ever felt before. I was in love. Or at least that’s what I think love would feel like.My next thought was if no one claims her, I am going to adopt her.This is thus far the most beautiful moment I ever experienced.Since then, whenever I am stressed, I remember myself in this very moment and it calms me down.P.S. Her name is Nora and here are her pictures from that day. I found her owner through Facebook forums and returned her later that night.

The most beautiful moment of your life?

About 3 years ago, in the countryside and my life was completely normal just as now
I looked at the sky and it was so damn beautiful
The stars were just stunning, and in that moment i felt that life was beautiful. Unforgettable... a single glance, and i felt part of the world.

What is that beautiful moment that changed your life?

I remember being overwhelmed, startled, filled with enthusiasm and optimism. That was euphoric, something so promising that I was completely amazed by it. I wanted to absorb every second of that moment into my consciousness. I knew with that temperament, nothing could stop me. I had mustered an abundance of confidence. There was a sudden influx of courage in me which lasted for quite sometime and I knew something had changed that very moment. It was right after I had finished watching a documentary called 'The Secret', based on a book of the same name by Rhonda Byrne.Well, as they say 'old habits die hard', the euphoria didn't sink in as much, I slowly reverted to my ordinary state, but that moment certainly has changed my perspective. I was a sucker for positivity, even before I watched this documentary but I also apprehended shortcomings and misfortunes. I still do but not as much. I err because I am a human, but now I believe strongly that the Universe conspires to give us what we ask of it.That moment definitely moved me.

What are the most beautiful moments that life can give you?

The most beautiful moments in life areAchieving our passion after a lot of hard workMaking our parents proud of the successGetting married to a best life partnerThe ultimate beautiful moment in life is theBirth of the childWatching them grow everydaySpending time with the kids is the most beautiful moment in life.Be happy and cherish every moment of your life. Life is too short and beautiful. Never miss out the present moment. Feel happy and contended with what you have. Spread happiness and positive things around you.Smiles and Cheers :-)

Is death the beautiful moment a person can experience?

Being an atheist,i think these are the reasons 'why we fear of death?’Fear of the unknown: death is the ultimate unknown; it is impossible to understand or grasp; fear of the dark, of caves and tunnels; fear of the new, the untested.Fear of being lost: rootless, with no foundation, no reference.Fear of separation/ exile/ isolation: death separates me from people and things I like; I have to go, to leave my place; I will be separated from everyone else.Fear of reality: being found out, revealed; facing up to things I don’t want to.No control/ deadline: I am not in control; I don’t know when it’s going to happen; there is no defence; I am forced to go; there is no appeal; death is the ultimate deadline; time is up, I can’t change anything anymore; like an exam, or not wanting a holiday to end.Non-existence: horror at the idea of non-existence; the idea of being gone, forgotten; perspective of our short existence vs. eternity.The state of being dead: the thought of not being able to breathe is scary; not having any experiences.What happens next: heaven, hell… oh dear!; not enough faith in afterlife; fear of an afterlife; what will happen to others when I am gone.Game over: there is no more life; I am going to miss life and things in it, people I love, etc.; I am loving life and I don’t want it to end.Fear of regret: regret for things left undone and unsaid, for life not well lived; regret for dying early.Process of death: fear of painful death; particular kinds of death e.g. drowning.Sooo, what do u think“Is it beautiful moment?”Note: MythsReincarnationSoul - permanentHeaven,hell…..etc.

What's that most beautiful moment of your life that you want to relive?

I want to relive my childhood memories with my dad. I am my dad’s princess. I still remember sleeping on my dad’s tummy , listening to lullaby’s. Waking up to some songs from 70’s . Him feeding me food , tearing hot chapattis into smaller pieces because they were way too hot.I still remember him getting me roses and flowers every week till i was 15. And I used to keep them in a water filled jar till they dried completely. I remember him changing rules of gully cricket for me and giving me around 10 chances till finally i was considered clean bold. He taught me to ride bicycle by holding it from behind and running along with it.In fact everything from teaching me tables in maths to giving me life advises, I miss it a bit now. Because I am considered a grown up , someone who is ready to get married. Everyday when I hear about different proposals for marriage , I just want to be a 5 year old kid again. Stay for ever with my dad and be his little princess again.

What are the most beautiful moments one takes for granted but appreciates as they grow older?

Family dinners, holidays at our grandparents. miss them dearly know one does anything since they passsed.