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Information On Cultivation Of Plants

How can I start the cultivation of a medicinal plant business in India?

Hey1. Promotional and Commercial Schemes2.Areas for Financial Support3. Project proposal4.Other Areas5. Commercial Schemes6.Financial Assistance to Farmers7. Preparation and Submission of Proposal8.General Conditions9.Funding of Projects10.Procedure for Processing Project Proposals for Approval11.Memorandum of Understanding -MOU12.Format for Submition of Progress Report13.Terms & Conditions of Financial Assistant-Grant14.Bond15.Project Formats/ApplicationsHope the answer was satisfying, for any further information you can contact my team at Seo Services Company - Seo Services India - Enhancerank or 91–98114–76343Regard TeamEnhance RankNikhil

Rubber Cultivation in malaysia?

I need some detailed inofrmation on the following topics. It's regarding a project we've received in school.The project is Rbber Cultivation in Malaysia. Please help me out.1.) Geographical conditions favourable for Rubber Cultivation.2.) Methods of Rubber Cultivation. (Maximum details required)3.) Tapping Of Rubber Trees4.) Processing of Rubber (Max. details)5.) Large Estates and Small Holdings in Malaysia6.) Distribution of Rubber Cultivation7.) Problems faced by the Rubber Industry in Malaysia8.) Future of the Rubber Industry in Malaysia Please give me some details on these topics. I can't find much on the Internet. I need the information very urgently.

How much water should you give a Wisconsin Fast Plants?

Wisconsin Fast Plant is turnip, Brassica rapa.
On this site you find all about the various projects ( attend to the different links ):

Turnip plants are very easily grown but don`t tolerate to dry out. It belongs to the size of plants and growing conditions - outside, inside, sunny, cold, rain - how much water they need. Check humidity of soil with your finger: if some crumbs get stuck it`s OK, if not water your plants so that the soil is wettish up to 10-15 cm in depth.
More about cultivation:

The link "students data" of the given site shows results for classic coke, The site
for coke and tapwater ( Alfalfa plants are used, but the groth ratio is similar ).
Diet coke and coke zero are sugar free therefore growth results are similar. An example with oat :

The amount of liquid should be the same for all tests.

How many inches should i plant my marijuana seed?

i am a Medical Marijuana user so I have no issues answering. You need to plant 1/2" deep. Here is a great site that will guide you.

What is the study of plants called?

The exact term for study of plants is botany.But it has various sub- disciplines,Mycology - study of fungiBryology - study of bryophytesPhycology - study of algaePteridology -study of pteridophytesWith regard to plant cultivation,Pomology - Study of fruit cultivationOlericulture - Study of vegetable cultivationFloriculture - study of flower cropsSilviculture - Forest tree cultivationAgrostology - Study of grassesWith regard to type of study it goes on viz., Taxonomy, Systematics, palynology, plant ecology, anatomy, physiology etc., Botany is a vast and yet interesting subject.

How do I care for a money plant growing indoors in water?

Money plant ( pothos ) is one of few plants which can be directly rooted in water and may be this is the reason of its popularity among naive gardeners. Below is the step by step information of rooting money plant vine in the water.1. Select a healthy looking money plant vine. The vine which you select for taking cuttings should not be having any visible damage, infection on it.2. Make a clear, sharp cut at 45 degree angle on just above   a  node. ( node is the distinct visible joint on the vine   from where leaves emerge)3. The cutting should have minimum 2-3 lodes on it.   However in case of money plant you can have as many leaves as you want.4.4.  Put the cutting in a soft drink bottle ( cut from top ) or   jar filled with water. Water should be clean and clear. Avoid using dirty water as it can have harmful bacteria   in it. 5.Keep the small outgrowth at nodes below the water level, these outgrowths (sometimes called nodes only) grow into roots. In 1-2 weeks roots will start developing.6.Put the above jar or bottle on shaded place where money plant gets indirect sun light.7.  Keep changing water as soon as you find it turbid or better change it every week.8.  If you want then add few drops of nitrate based liquid fertilizer to it.

How do you grow and care for a mango plant?

Mango are trees that grow best where the temp does not dip below 40 degrees.  They are planted in late winter. Below are some sites that tell you how to care for Mango trees.Growing Mango trees information on planting and care for a mango tree. Get a fresh mango pit and slit the hard husk. Remove the seed inside and plant it in seed starter mix in a large pot. Situate the seed with ¼-inch protruding above the soil surface when growing mango trees. Keep the soil evenly moist and place the pot where temperatures remain at least 70 F. (21 C.).Growing Mango Trees: Information On Planting And Caring For A Mango TreeGrowing Mango Trees - Tropica Mango Rare & Exotic Fruit any remaining soil to build a berm around the tree 3-4 inches high and fill with water. Use B-1 also for the first few times you water, just follow the instructions on the bottle. Mangoes require consistent soil moisture if they are to prduce high-qualify fruit so should be watered regulary Mango: How to Grow, Care For and Enjoy The King of FruitTropical Fruit ProgramMangoTreeCare.htmlSource: Tropical Mangos: How to grow the world's most delicious fruit by ... Location — the mango tree grows to a good size and casts a dense shade, but the ...