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Inner Thigh Burning Exercises

What exercises are the best to get rid of inner thigh fat?

Any exercise that burns the most fat will be the most effective at removing fat from everywhere/anywhere on your body. It doesn’t matter where the muscles on your body are, or where the fat that you want to eliminate is located. All the blood in your body is pumped throughout your body several times every minute, and your blood can pick up fat from fat cells anywhere in your body and deliver it to any muscles that need energy.What this means is that there’s no such thing as spot reducing body fat. In other words, sit-ups are just as likely to burn fat on your arms, your legs, or your abs. Squats are also just as likely to burn fat on your arms, your legs, or your abs. Because of this, the most effective muscles to exercise to burn fat is the muscles that are the largest. That would be your legs. So, workout your legs.Also, heavy weight lifting is much more effective at burning calories than cardio. In fact, cardio is barely effective at all at losing weight because it does such a great job of increasing your appetite. So weight lifting is best. But, weight lifting also increases your appetite. If you work out hard and replace all the calories that you’ve burned during your workout with increased food intake, you won’t lose any fat.Therefor you need to control your appetite. The best way to control your appetite is to make the fat on your body more available to be used for fuel. Insulin is the hormone that not only controls your blood sugar levels, but also the availability of your fat stores for energy use. The more insulin you have, the less available your fat stores are.Therefor you want to avoid foods that raise your insulin levels. Those foods would be high glycemic index foods like candy, cakes, sugary or starchy fruits and vegetables.Foods that do not effect your insulin levels are high fat foods like most nuts, avocados, eggs, whipping cream. Completely avoid sugar. Do not carb load. If someone tells you to eat carbs, ignore them because they have no clue what they’re talking about. YOU DO NOT NEED CARBS TO WORK OUT EFFECTIVELY.The only thing carb loading will do is prevent your body from being forced to burn fat while you work out and while you recover from your workout.

What are some good exercises for gaining inner thigh clearance?

You have to be really careful when exercising for thinner thighs, because many common exercises that are great for shedding body fat will quickly add muscle to your legs, making them bulkier.

Walking really is the best "exercise" for thinner thighs. I don't know how thin of a thigh you're trying to get, but I'm a model and I know that I've got to keep my thighs at least 3 inches from each other when standing with my feet together. If you're trying to get your legs that small, then walking really is all you can do. Running even builds up muscle, which usually is great, but not so much for when you're trying to get clearance between your thighs.

Ab & inner thigh exercises for 14 year-old girl?

hi, i'm a 14 year old girl. i'm 5'4, 113lbs. im not fat, i'm on the skinny side but more normal. i have average bmi. at the end of the year, the 8th graders get to have a pool party and i just wanted to tone up for that? my stomach is perfectly flat in the morning and only comes out a little when i eat a lot. and i mean LOADS of food. i actually started to work out while watching tv nowdays, but i cant see results and i tend to give up really easily... i just want hard muscles on my stomach. no sixpacks, just two lines, if you know what i mean. also, i need thigh exercises. specifically inner thighs. a few years ago, i started gaining weight and just like my mom, thats where all the fat goes first... now i have cellulite there, and its killing me, cause im not fat at all in any places, just there! since i give up easily, can someone please give me easy ab exercises i can do daily and also inner thigh exercises? no machines please! thankyou in advance!


You will find it VERY difficult. A lot of women are predisposed to inner thigh fat and the body will only remove fat from there after it has taken fat from basically every other available place.

Try adductor and abductor exercises but you'll be fighting a losing battle.

BTW: You won't burn fat with running or high intensity, anaerobic exercise. Walking and light jogging where you are using oxygen actively burns fat. Anaerobic exercise burns glycogen.

How do you lose fat in your inner thighs?

You can develop lean thighs in two ways: reduce overall fat from your body, which will ultimately lead to removal of fat from thighs or tone and firm the thighs using the thigh exercises. When you tone the thighs using exercises, your metabolism goes up. Higher metabolism results in more calories being burned. This leads to reduction of fat deposits in thighs. When you combine aerobics with the thigh exercise, you will achieve results quickly.

Squats are excellent for toning the thighs. There is a notion that squats can lead to big increase in size. But you are in control. If you do not want to go for big thighs, use moderate weights. This will tone the thighs very fast. But there is a slight increase in the size of the muscle when it is toned. To retain its growth, you need to increase the intensity of the exercise. But if you choose not to, exercising with the same intensity will not lead to bigger thighs. Squats make it very easy for you to control the thigh size. Do squats thrice a week on alternate days. Start lightly with just your body weight for 2-3 sets, with each set consisting of 10 reps. Over a period of 3-4 weeks slowly increase the intensity.Walking, rowing or any exercise where you have to use thighs and other bigger muscles simultaneously is the excellent exercise to reduce fat from the thighs. When you use thighs and other bigger muscles your metabolic rate goes up. This cause more calories to be burnt. Perform these exercises slowly for around 20 minutes. You can do squats before aerobics on the same day or on different day from aerobic exercises.