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Interlocking Fingers After High Five Does He Like Me

Interlocking fingers while holding hands?

My guy friend and I were walking along the beach one night and he asked me for a high five. His cousin who is a girl was walking with us too, and he said, "Let's all hold hands." He reached for my hand and laced his fingers through mine, and started swinging our arms playfully. Isn't interlocking fingers more intimate than clasping each other's hands? Does he have feelings for me in the slightest?

Interlocking fingers after high five, does he like me?

Okay, so I have a guy friend I have crush on, and we are good friends, not super close.
Anyways, so one time, we high-fived, and then he holded my hand for a few second,(after house party, he did that, and I gave him hug, but it was awkward.) and then next time right after that one, different day, he interlocked fingers to mine, and we looked for a bit.(It was before he's leaving from dinner party. And he came to me to say bye.)
I am so confused and trying to figure out whether this guy likes me or not.

I mean, we look at each other very frequently, but I am not so sure if its friendly or flirty, because literally, my guy friends all look at the same way... well, the ones that I am good friends with.
But I'd say, he looks at me very often, but I am not so sure, whether he's looking because of curiosity or because he's romantically attracted.
Because, I try to hide my feelings so I try not to talk to him for awhile and that was times we were really looking at each others! And so confused, if he did that because he wanted to get to know me as friend.

I am confused, because I am the one always initiating, talking to him through FB and text, and asked him if we could hangout, and he ignores often. And he never asked me to hang out one on one. We always hangout in group.
Then when we meet, he gives me eye flashes, and ask me questions, and try invite me to the conversations, and yeah.

please share your thoughts:)

High Five while interlocking the fingers? more intimate or just friendly way of touching?

Yeah. I would agree. I think that high fiving while interlocking the fingers is a high five people would do when they have feelings for each other.

High Five while interlocking the fingers? more intimate or just friendly way of touching?

I call it a high hug! I think of it a being friendly and flirty

What does it mean if a guy goes to give you a high five then he interlocks his fingers with you?

So there is this guy in one of my classes and I barley know him but today we were talking for the first time and he went to give me a high five and than he just interlocked our fingers? does that mean he likes me?? Thanks!

If two girls are interlocking their hands together, is that situation a normal closefriend thing or is that a wired thing if that happens on two adult girls in Western countries?

They’re probably gay or dating each other if it’s in the U.S. and they’re adults, that’s how it would be seen by a straight person. I haven’t held anyone’s hand since I was 5 or 6 or 7 and that was only for school to cross the street to get to a bus for a school field trip, even as a child it is not encouraged, at least not where I’m from in the Midwest in the United States. In 3rd grade, I held hands walking home with my best friend from China that was living in the Midwest Near me temporarily. But after she moved, my parents strongly discouraged that behavior as it seemed only Asians or people from other cultures do this. And they kept wondering if maybe my friend liked me too much? And that was the last time I held a girls hand until I went over to visit an Asian country later in life in high school. It seems that a lot of Asian people would hold hands crossing or going down the street in their own country and would still be considered straight, even as grown adults,…that’s not the case where I live and it never was. I don’t think much has changed in the Midwest either, because I still don’t see people doing this where I live. Just in case if you ever end up in the Midwestern United States, A lot of people look down on gays and transgenders here. More people are accepting it, but not very many. Just a quick FYI.

What is the name of that one fighting move that involves striking with both hands interlocked by the fingers?

There’s a strike that’s never been used outside of pro wrestling called the axe handle where you swing the hands towards your opponent (usually downward from high above your head or vice versa) with fingers interlocked.i will assume you’re looking to use this for either a performance or heaven forbid, actual fight training. Before I continue let’s just make clear that I don’t condone street fighting, but I’m no instructor.This, and anything in striking or grappling that involves interlocking fingers should never be used in a fight, even for film. Like the answer before me had explained, you’re way more likely to break the little bones in your fingers than the skull of your opponent.It doesn’t matter how accurate you may believe you are, the number of quicker, less showy, more efficient and direct strikes you could deliver in that moment is just stupidly high. Even in boxing there are eight basic punches that in a real fight will do the damage you intend to do and hurt you less provided you’ve taken the time to learn, and will also look so much better on camera if you have your camera angled right.just to humour you in grappling, a tight grip on your wrist gives you a lot more strength then flimsy little appendages that will break free under pressure.Never interlock your fingers in a fight unless you don’t plan on using your hands. It’s the only scenario where if you use them, you’ll lose them.

Is interlocking fingers while holding hands with a woman inappropriate if the relationship is not romantic?

Well… I can tell you how I felt when a woman I went on a date with did that to me…It felt as though I had an instant girlfriend. An hour earlier, I was a single guy. I lived by myself, and most everything I did, I did it alone. Then suddenly, BOOM! A lady I had just met was standing close by my side—leaning against me, holding my hand—her fingers interlocked with mine.It’s not that I didn’t like it. It just seemed to be too much too soon, and it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Especially since we were in a public place, and it was possible for me to be seen by someone that I knew.My gut was also telling me that she was desperate to be in a relationship, and this turned out to be true.

What does it mean when a girl rubs your palm with her finger?

It's flirting hardcore.She's having contact with you in the most pointed way without taking her clothes off.  Usually it means she wants to have sex with you and that's her way of saying it without actually telling you out loud.  Don't talk to her about it, do it (kissing, feel her back,  etc).