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Ipad Flashplayer Is It The Same As Pc

Why do I need Adobe Flash Player in my laptop?

There is a lot of content spread over internet that is intresting and entertaining but it can't be run by simple web browser.To make browser understand all this content we need a piece of software called Flash plugin. So if you want to play games on facebook , or watch videos on Hulu etc you need Flash plugin.But you don’t need to worry about downloading flash. Browser making compaines like Google ( chrome) and Microsoft ( Internet Explorer ) understands the importance of wide spread flash content. So their browser comes with built in Flash support. Chrome and Interent Explorer ( In Win 8.x and above) comes with pre-installed flash plugin. Just use these browser and you won’t need to install flash separately.If by any chance you are using Firefox or Safari ( on Mac ) you can download Flash from here Adobe Flash Player

Do I need Adobe Flash Player and Java for Sims 3 on my PC?

flash player shouldnt be needed at all (except possibly something with the launcher) and java shouldnt be needed either i would think, but i would like to see the 100% difinitive answer as well

Is flash player useless now?

Yes, if you create general purpose video content then you're more future-proof and better supported using html5, and its supported video formats, than using Flash.

Quote from the Adobe Flash roadmap: "Increasingly, rich motion graphics are being deployed directly via the browser using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other modern web technologies. Adobe expects that this trend will continue and accelerate, and Adobe will continue to play an active role in this space.
Adobe believes that the Flash runtimes are particularly and uniquely suited for two primary use cases: creating and deploying rich, expressive games with console-quality graphics and deploying premium video. This focus does not mean that existing content will no longer run, or that Flash cannot be used for content other than gaming and premium video. However, it does mean that when prioritizing work, gaming and premium video use cases will take priority."

Can you get Adobe Flash Player for iOS devices?

Officially, no. Steve Jobs says he doesn't want Flash **** on iOS, really.

Unofficially, there's a crash-happy emulator called Frash. It doesn't work that well. AND you need jailbroken iOS device to run it.

Android is an OS for portable devices, available as phones and tablets (and other things). And yes, it runs Adobe Flash just fine.

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Which is better? iPad or laptop?

I want something that has speed and high preformance. But cheap to. The most I wanna spend is $600. I don't have very many pictures ( like a hundred or so) but I do a lot of web browsing. I love gaming and my iPod is getting plain dull so something that will keep me entertained (iPad has bigger screen more features yada yada yada) and something that will last a long time ( no viruses or hardly any and good hardware cause my old desktop was an hp and it was total junk) also pros and cons of both. Thanks for reading it and sorry it's so long

Should I buy iPad 3 or not?

Mostly I need to watch movies can I ? I dnt have any laptop I sold it to buy new iPad .should I go for it or again stick to new of again .basically I want to download movies without pc in iPad 3 can i

Vector Drawing App for iPad Similar to Adobe Flash?

Hello. I'm interested in using my iPad for drawing, but sadly I suck at drawing. However, I was able to draw pretty well in Adobe Flash Professional, I do a lot better when I can manipulate vector lines. I've looked around for vector drawing apps for the iPad, but I can't tell which one will give me what I want. I'm interested in drawing simple anime style comics/pics.

So question: Which iPad vector drawing app will give me an experience similar to drawing in Adobe Flash Professional (No animation, just drawing)?

More details:

- Money doesn't matter too much. I have $15 in my account for this.

- The more manipulating lines is like Flash the better. Selecting and moving lines, dragging the ends of them around, dragging the middle around to bend them. The ability to fix a line instead of undo/redraw is the main thing I want. Although I liked how smooth Flash made line manipulation, if a pen tool is all that's out there I'd live with that. Pen tool is a bit clunky to use IMO but it's better than undo/redraw.

- Filling areas to make "shapes" would be really nice, but not totally necessary. Same thing with using a selection tool to grab half of something to cut it in half.

- Shape tools don't matter at all. I'm interested in drawing anime style things, so a square tool isn't going to be helpful very often.

- Layers! I need them. Although, if overlapping lines didn't fuse them together like in Flash, I could probably live with a very small amount of layers. Line fusing when they crossed was the one thing I didn't like about Flash.

- I have an original iPad, but I'm not worried about performance. If I like the app but am limited by my hardware, it will just give me another reason to buy a new iPad. :3