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Iphone 4 Still Worth Getting

IPhone 5S Still Worth Buying In 2016?

The main reason my wife replaced her iPhone 5 was that I change phone companies but cost more than having the screen fixed on the S5. I personally prefer Android to iOs but my wife seems to be happy that she switched to iPhone, She bought the iPhone 5 because she thought the S3 was too big for her girl hands but hasn't minded the iPhone 6 that is about the same size as the S3

Is it still worth getting the iPhone 3GS?

O2 are currently offering a two year contract on the iPhone 3GS within my price budget. The phone is free and it's reasonably cheap at £21. The question I want to ask is: is it worth it? It's a two year contract, so will the 3GS be horribly outdated by then?

Is iPhone 6 still worth buying in 2017?

I've always wanted this phone since it came out, now that my iPhone 5 has stopped being supported with the new IOS 11, in thinking of spending the money sufficient enough for buying an iPhone 6. It doesn't have 3D Touch, (which I don't like), and it's the perfect size. All the phone after the 6S are bad in my opinion.

Is iPhone 5 still worth buying?

Yes and No. The correct answer depends on you and your priorities.Yes ifYou just want the phone to make calls and browse the webYou will just install few apps/gamesYou don’t play graphic intensive gamesYou don’t need the latest iOSYou don’t need the fingerprint scannerYou don’t need 3D touchYou don’t need a better camera in the phoneYou don’t need Apple PayYou don’t want spend a lotYou don’t mind reduced or no support/serviceYou don’t do anything that will break the iPhone 5 processorYou don’t mind 16 GB as base storageYou need a compact phone (iPhone SE is also an option)No ifYou want the latest iPhoneYou want the latest iOS and require further updates for next 4 to 5 yearsYou need a great camera on your phoneYou play graphic intensive gamesYou need the fingerprint scannerYou install a lots of apps/gamesYou need 32 GB as base storageYou need Apple PayYou don’t mind spending a lot on the phoneYou need the latest and greatest processor in your phoneYou need a phone with large screen

Is iPhon 5s still worth buying in 2017?

I currently have iPhone 5 with iOS 10. It is six times faster than iPhon 4s in iOS 8/9
However.. my iPhone 5 is still fast but im just tired of it and want to upgrade to a newer one

Is iPhone 5s gonna get more OS updates like iOS 11 and iOS 12?

iPhone 6/6S and iPhone SE i know they are faster but they are soooo expensive doubling the price of an iPhone 5s.

Is an iPhone 4 still worth buying?

As Phillip said “512mb ram is useless in 2019”, “can only update to ios7”BUT if you like the phone, look into the “Liniage OS” community, Yes it's basically Android BUT there was a version designed for the iPhone 3 that looks and feels like iOS 11, it's super lightweight (NO bloat) perfect for low Ram devices.So if you don't mind getting your hands dirty I say GO FOR ITMy daily phone is a Note3 , it's retro & I love itIOS 10

Is it still worth it to buy an iPhone 5?

Thanks for the A2A.NO it is just not worth to buy an iPhone 5. In fact I highly doubt that you would be able to score a iPhone 5 as it has been officially discontinued by Apple. Also, even if you are able to lay your hands on an iPhone 5 you wouldn’t be able to use it for long as Apple has officially stopped updates and also since it is the last 32-bit iPhone most of the Apps would not work on it.IMO if you are looking for size and form factor of iPhone 5 you should go for iPhone SE or if budget permits for iPhone 6s and above.Hope it Helps :)

Is the 16 GB iPhone 4S still worth buying?

Definitely not unless you're basically using it as an iPod Touch+Dumb Phone. It will run the latest OS but not well, as other answers have stated. It will also be the last update it gets for sure so you'll be stuck on a poorly running iOS 8 for the life of the product. It was released over 3 years ago and with the 2 year cycle for cell phones that means that you'll be looking at a 5 year old device running a 2 year old OS. Not to mention you'll be stuck with a 30 pin connector and 3G (or fake 4G on AT&T).At least get an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s. It will be supported for awhile, has a lightning connection, supports LTE, has a decent camera and is well worth the small amount, $50-$100, that you'd pay over a 4s.

Is the iPhone SE worth it today in 2017?

yep i have one unless u give a half a poop abt ppl judging u cause they will cause i get judged all the time go for it cause its cheaper and literally no dif. than a 6

Is the iPhone 4 worth purchasing now?

It depends on your usage. iPhone 4 still is as fast and fluid as a mid range Android device of 2013, even when running iOS 7. Check out the video below.iPhone 4 is still one of the devices out there to have an untethered jailbreaks for iOS7 [it has the A4 chip, easy to jailbreak] - which opens up a realm of possibilities  ( if you are into tinkering). Probably iPhone 4 maybe retired after iOS7 lifecycle.  iPhone 4 may have it's flaws, but if you are in a tight budget, you can eke out another 2 years worth of juice from this before moving on :)