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Iphone 4s Iphone 5 Plans Best Price Deal

I am planning to buy an iPhone 5s after the price hopefully drops a bit more after September 2015. Will I be able to use it for 3 years without it becoming a hunk of junk?

You can always go for the iPhone 5S.When I say this, I disregard any rumors about future iPhones. Just talk about iPhone 5S instead.The future of iOS is 64bit. The iPhone 5S is a 64bit phone. The iPhone 5 and the 5C would become obsolete after iOS 9 but the iPhone 5S would stay on the roll for longer.Another factor is of it becoming laggy and unstable. There is a very important change of technique which Apple has adopted this year. Until iOS 8, they used to make a full fledged OS for their flagship model and subsequently strip down some features for compatibility with older, less powerful devices. iOS 9 onwards, they will make the most basic OS, and then add features for newer and more powerful devices. You might have noticed Apple mentioning that iOS 9 is going to be the smallest update in terms of the space it takes up. This is also the reason why we are going to see iOS 9 on the iPod 5th Generation and the iPhone 4S which were earlier thought by many to be getting obsolete after iOS 8. Both of them have mere A5 chips.So, back to the 5S. It is fast with the A7 chip. It also has the Motion coprocessor going along. It is 64bit. From what I expect it would run good with iOS 10 as well and might or might not receive the iOS 11, but would still run great because of the new lighter OSes.I have a 64GB iPhone 6 running iOS 9 Public Beta 3 which I find to be smoother than the iOS 8.4 I had before.Prior the the iPhone 6, I had an iPhone 5S and mostly I didn't notice much of a performance difference. It was just as fast.If you are going to buy a 5S, you better make it quick before the 32GB and the 64GB versions are all sold out, because in my honest opinion you shouldn't buy an iPhone with a capacity as little as 16GB unless you are a very light user.

IPhone 5 or iPhone 5c?

Which one should I get? I destroyed my iphone 4 (long story) and so I'm back to my basic phone until May. I recently got a job, and was planning on saving up to buy a smartphone off contract, and getting a super sturdy case for it too.

I'm in between iphones, after seeing a friend of mine get the iphone 5s, with the finger print scan. I checked the iphone 5c and it doesn't have that, it has the simple button that's on previous generations.

Anywho, I'd like to take a lot of photos/videos, recordings, and use it for texting and apps a lot. Which one should I get though iphone 5c or iphone 5? (I don't want Siri that's why I'm saying 5 instead of 5s)

I did want the HTC ONE, but decided against making the switch to android after being with apple for so long.

Can I buy an iPhone in bali?

Depends which iPhone you are talking for your information I will say that all the iPhones in Bali is good but prices vary a lot.
iPhone 3GS:1Mil-2.5 Mil
iPhone 4S-3 Mil-5 Mil
iPhone 5-8GB-6-8 Mil
32GB-9-10 Mil
iPhone 5 In Bali is expensive so if I were you and was planning to buy an iPhone I'd buy it in Singapore or Malaysia where it is cheaper.And how long they will last depends on how you take care of the phones.Naturally it will last for quite a while.Thanks hoped I helped.If you want cheap phones you can try going Jln Teuku Omar which is in Denpasar Simpang 6.

Why are iphone plans so damn expensive?

Idk about the us, but I live in Canada, and iphone plans are crazy expensive! I've been looking around, and the lowest price you will get is $45 a month with minimal data. If you want a decent amount of data you will be paying no less than $75 a month. Do phone providers think we're made of money?? I'm in high school and I dont understand how the majority of people in my school have iphones if the plans are so expensive. I have a job, and I can't afford that.

Why are they so damn expensive though, seriously??

Iphone 4s, Virgin mobile 35$ month plan?

Ok so i'm planning to purchase an Iphone 4s(yeah im late ahah) from Virgin Mobile on the 35$ month plan and i just have a few questions.
1.) When you facetime (off of WiFi) does it take minutes away or does it count as internet?
2.) What is your overall view/critic on the 4s from virgin mobile?
3.)Black or White :))
Thank you.