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Iphone 5 Sound Is Lower Now

I got spit in my iphone speaker and now sounds are messed up?

So I was brushing my teeth and my phone feel in the sink just as I was spitting out the water and stuff and I'm pretty sure it got into the iphone speaker and now even when I have it on full blast the sound is cracky and low. What do I do?

Why is my iPhone alarm so quiet?

There is a trick.There are two separate volume controls in an iPhone.One is called "Volume" the other is called "Ringer" or "Sound Effects" volume.Most people do not realize this. I did not for a long time.It is also a little messed up within iOS.Probably the best way to understand this:"volume" is for apps which are on screen. Games, videos, etc."ringer" or "sound effects" is for background notifications, phone calls, alerts, wake up ringers, etc. (it is not as simple as this..)The ringer sound you can set in SETTINGS/SOUNDS/RINGER AND ALERTS. Or sometimes with the sound buttons.When you set the volume with the volume buttons or the volume off switch, sometimes you will set the "volume" sometimes the "ringer" volume. You better read the text of the popup window.This depends on when you set it, when an app is on screen or not, or whether the app on screen is providing sounds or alerts. (it is not as simple as this..)Also if you set "do not disturb" it will not disable all the sounds from your device.This answer is valid even today in 2018.Apple made the handling of these sound volumes very simple, so most people do not even realize how sophisticated this really is.

Kenwood ddx771 + iphone 5?

I just purchased this Kenwood DDX771 in-dash receiver for my truck, they hooked up the USB cable and according to the manual and EVERY website I visit, my iPhone 5 should be able to plug in and play music...however, when I plug it in, I can change song but NOTHING plays! There is no audio no matter how high or low the volume, no matter what song, NOTHING! How do I fix? or what could be wrong?

My iPhone won't play sound unless connected to headphones or a speaker system?

I had a similar problem, obviously you have troubleshooted the problem that the phone thinks there are headphones plugged in when there isn't. I had the same problem, repeatedly unplugging and plugging in the headphones worked as a temporary fix, but you will have to go the to the apple store for a quick fix, show them that, and they will swap it for a new one. They will initially try blowing air into the headphone jack to try clear it that way. That could be the fix, chances are though that dirty or something has collected in the headphone jack which is stuck. Apple store will replace it, if they do fix it first time by blowing air, but then the problem persists, just say its a reoccurring problem. Thus warranting a replacement iPhone.

Why is my dog afraid of iPhone sounds and vibration?

I have a 3 year old Female Maltese named Kiwi. About a year ago she started to act strange around my iPhone. Nothing scary happened previously. I didn t change the sounds or anything. When she s sees my phone everything is ok. But when she heard the typing noises (from texting or emailing), the ring tones, message tones and other app alerts, she gets real close to me (whether the phone is near me or not) and she ll start shaking then nudge on me. She will sometimes try to crawl behind my neck if I m sitting. Sometimes she ll roll over onto her back. But she s always shaking and looks scared. This happens when the phone vibrates too. She will even lay her head on top of my phone, but as soon as it makes any noise or vibrates she changes. I ve tried changing the sounds. Even changed them to earthly type sounds, real music etc. She still acts the same. We all have iPhones in the house and she acts this way around everyone s phones. Another note... She s not afraid of anything else. She s a "brave" and curious dog. She likes to investigate noises around the house and she s very much like a "leader of the pack". When I take her to the dog park she s not afraid of people, cars, thunder or anything. But she heard someone s message tone and ran right to me. People have said that she might have had a traumatic experience but I m around her all the time and I never noticed anything. I don t know what to do.

How can I get the dirt and dust out of the speaker holes of my iPhone 6?

Even if you are the most careful iPhone user, conducting routine maintenance on your precious phone, you are bound to come across problems of dust and pocket lint accumulating in your iPhone's speakers. So, how do I clean the speakers on my iPhone without wrecking my phone? There is an easy answer.Dust, Lint & General Garbage.No matter what case you use, or if you keep your phone in a pocket or a purse, there will inevitably be a build up of dust, lint and general debris that clogs up your iPhone's speakers over time. Not only can this look unsightly, in the long term it can cause serious deterioration to the sound quality -- if the sound is low or muffled on your iPhone this could well be the reason.Like all Apple products, the iPhone looks brilliant but isn't without its design flaws. It's also the most expensive smartphone out there, so you certainly don't want to damage it in the process of routine iPhone maintenance.Cleaning The SpeakersYour best bet in cleaning your iPhone speakers is to use a soft-bristled toothbrush -- nothing fancy and nothing too harsh that might cause more damage than it cures.* Make sure the brush itself is clean and dry -- we don't want any moredebris getting in there.* Then use a gentle brushing action, trying to direct your brush away from the speaker. This sounds tricky cause there's not much room forthe maneuver, but it's just to make sure you aren't pushing anydebris further into the speaker and the internals of the phone thatcould cause further problems.* You might also want to use a small vacuum attachment. If you have one of those small ones meant for cleaning computer keyboards this is ideal, as it will lift the general yuck out of there. You may still need to use the brush a little for dislodging any debris.* If the build-up is minimal you might want to first try and lift off general lint and dust with a quick stick and lift with a piece of scotch tape.General iPhone Cleaning TipsOf course, the speakers aren't the only area of your iPhone that can get dirty in a short space of time. The same issues can also affect your mics, headphone jack, and the rather exposed dock connector. The same procedure is a good plan for each of these -- being extra careful to direct your brush away from the dock connector.

So I dropped my phone in ketchup?

Ive dropped my phone in water before and the speaker was just like that. I let a fan blow on my phone for a bit and it got better. BUT since you dropped yours in ketchup, the ketchup might stay sticky on the speaker after it dries and still interfere with the sound, but it might get better after it dries.

Anyway, if the problem doesnt get better, you might consider turning your phone off, taking the battery out and run the speaker under a warm water faucet for a few seconds IF NOTHING EKSE WORKS. After this , set the phone in front of a fan for a day, turning the phone over every few hours, and make sure it gets completely dry before you turn it on. Doing this would void your warranty if you have one, but it might work.