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Iphone 6 Or Galaxy S5

Iphone 6 vs Galaxy S5?

I'd personally prefer the S5. Android can do much more once you get used to it and play around. Iphone is more laid out and easier to understand at first, whereas Samsung may take a bit longer to get used to. I don't know the difference between S5 and Iphone 6, but the operating system on the 2 are fairly similar to one another. I think there is more features on the S5 but again I don't have the 6 or S5 (just going off of past experiences with both) Personally I find android batteries last much longer and are more cusomisable. I haven't bought anything with money on the PlayStore (anroid = of the app store) but with free things it's essentially the same thing. You make an account (no credit card required) and then agree to terms and conditions, and then you download/install your apps. Adding money can be done through credit card, and there are cards (I think). Happy phone picking :)

Iphone 6 or Samsung Galaxy s5?

Both are the popular brand from two different biggies. It is really difficult to choose one in high end smartphone that we can only discuss about the specification and price. So in terms of price both are approximately equal but in terms of specs Iphone is coming with ios and S5 is coming with Android lollipop. After a lot of searches here i found a perfect comparison between these biggies. Get the information here.

IPhone 6 or Galaxy S5?

I currently have an iPhone 5c, and I want to upgrade to a Galaxy S5, but I want to know which one would be harder for my parents to track. They both use Samsung and my dad is really good with technology, but i dont want them to have access to my accounts, photos, notes, youtube, texts, etc. I'm not really young (im 16) or doing anything bad, I just think that i should be able to have some privacy and my parents shouldnt know anything about my personal life unless i want them to. i know that if i did get a galaxy they would set it up with the google account they made for me (i use a different one) and i wonder if theres a way to prevent them from seeing my personal account. i also know that they dont really know about apple. the reason i want the Galaxy is because it has better specs, but i would be willing to give those up for privacy.

Yes, the S5 is very popular but the iPhone following is loyal, and will clamor for any new product, their ability to retain customers is breathtaking to many. Apple has the ability build up excitement for its products in part due to the exclusivity, and part due to the fandom that it inspires. While that continues, the iPhone will outsell its competition even if it has features that other operating systems have had for years.

Should I get an iPhone 6 or a Samsung Galaxy S5?

If you are pretty sure you are going for the iPhone 6, go with your gut.
I wasn't interested in the iPhone 6 (which wasn't even out when I was paying for my Galazy S6).

Samsung galaxy S5 or Iphone 6...?

Definitely get the iPhone 6, you are already an iOS user so you will be familiar with it, the iPhone 6 is heavily rumored to have a bigger screen, it will of course have Apples premium Aluminium build with a Great Camera just like the 5S, it is heavily rumored to have a sapphire screen so it won't break or be scratched unless you shoot it with a gun/cannon/crossbow/whatever, or scratch it with a sand paper, or something more violent, so it is VERY VERY durable. iOS 8 which will be on it has got many android features too(like widgets) so it'll be better. So overall you definitely should get the iPhone 6, or maybe wait more 5-6 months for the Galaxy S6. But I highly recommend the iPhone 6.

Iphone 6 or Samsung Galaxy s5?

I'm eligible for an upgrade for a new phone, the thing is I'm stuck between an Iphone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy s5. I've been an owner of Samsung phones for about 7 years now and I've always wanted an iPhone since I first found out about them. With the Iphone, I like the overall look of the phone. I own an Ipod Touch (4th generation, had the 5th generation for a few days until I returned it so I can get a new phone.) so I have an idea of how Apple products works. I personally think Samsung needs to change its look but I love the fact that I can download free music from free music apps, but other than that I'm bored of it. I just want to know the pros and cons to each phone. Ex. Downloading music (I'm aware with Apple you have to pay.), the battery life, picture quality, just stuff like that or should I just wait till next year for new releases. I want personal opinions from owners of each phone, I watch Youtube videos but those still do not help my decision. Thank you to anyone that does answer. (Sorry for any grammar errors.)

Do you prefer iPhone or Android? If you prefer Android, you may want to consider buying a new Android phone. If you prefer iPhone, it depends on what features you need.If you don’t need one that has too many features and don’t need one that is fast and has a very good camera, an iPhone 6 would be a good choice.A 6S has a better camera, faster Touch ID (Fingerprint sensor), faster processor, includes 3D touch (You can press harder on the screen which adds extra functions), etc.If you want something like the 6S, but more better camera and faster processor, the iPhone 7 may also be a good choice. If you need one that can as well take telescopic pictures, the 7 Plus has that feature.

IPhone 6-6plus or Samsung Galaxy s5?

I'd go with the 6 plus over the s5, but the s5 over the 6 basic. The 6 plus is more well designed than the s5. As smartphones go, it's pretty big. The cameras on all three phones are pretty much the same, regardless of Apple constantly telling everyone theirs are better. The battery on the 6 basic is crap, but the 6 plus has a great battery that lasts a good amount longer than the s5. It's much better than previous Iphone devices. The internal specs on the 6 and 6 plus are better than the s5. Apple is the only company with 64 bit processors in its phones, which gives them a leg up. The s5 beats out apple in the feature department though. The fingerprint scanner on the 6 actually works, on the other hand. The six plus is a pretty capable phone- the only complaint I have about it is the size and the propensity for the thing to bend if you arent' careful.

What's better Galaxy S5 or iPhone 6?

Personally I would go iphone, however they smash easy my iphone has smash three times in the past three months. Also the Samsung photo quality is outstanding.