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Iphone From Best Buy Vs. Verizon

Do I buy the iPhone 6 from Verizon or Apple?

I want the new iPhone 6 and my carrier is Verizon but my number isn't eligible for an upgrade yet but when I try to buy the iPhone from apple the price it gives me is as if i'm getting an upgrade which I know i'm not eligible for. So if I do buy the phone from Apple would it mess up my contract or plan? Also is it more money monthly to have an iPhone than an Android or does it depend?

Can I pay my Verizon phone bill at places like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc?

No, you have ro go to a Verizon store to pay your bills or you can send it in by mail.

If i buy an iphone off ebay that is (Verizon) can I switch my carrier?

Well, first off I'm 15 years old, and I really want an iphone, because I've never really had a phone before, and I was wondering if I could buy an iphone off ebay or craigslist with good ESN and the carrier was (verizon), would I be able to switch or flash my phone carrier to like virgin mobile, or sprint or do i have to stick with the current carrier verizon? Or would I have to buy an iphone off ebay that the carrier is originally virgin mobile, for me to only use virgin mobile? It sounds kind of confusing but, its hard to explain. Also if I do buy an iphone with good esn, does it have to be unlocked in order for me to switch carriers, or use to like straight talk at walmart? And if i buy an iphone 4 off ebay, and i want virgin mobile as my carrier, do i get to pay like $50 a month, or do i have to buy an iphone for $500 originally off virgin mobile in order to pay $50 a month? I know these are a lot qestions, but i need all the help i can get!! I want the cheapest plan out there, i know virgin mobile has that really cheap plan, where you only pay $50 a month, but I'm not paying $500 for an iphone in order for me to pay $50 monthly, so can i just buy my own iphone off ebay, and have virgin mobile as my carrier, and pay $50 a month, instead of buying the phone off their website from them?? That's what i reallly want to do. Thank you for all your answers!

Can you negotiate iPhone prices at retailers (Verizon, Best Buy, etc.)?

My HTC Thunderbolt (Verizon) is on life support, and I've been heavily leaning towards the iPhone 5. But as of now I'm waiting for the next model to come out, so I can hopefully get the 5 at a lower price.

I wanted to know, are phone prices negotiable when bought through the carrier, or other retailers such as Best Buy, etc.? As in lower than the discounted contract price. I've heard the Apple Store does not negotiate whatsoever. I'm currently on month-to-month with Verizon, so to get a new phone would start a new contract, which they would clearly want. I wouldn't mind starting a new contract, as Verizon's service has always been great, and I've had my current phone for so long, I'm not one to update very often.

I would be okay with waiting for the 5S/6 to come out, except I don't know how much longer my phone will last, and it's not like I'm actually going to get the latest model anyway.

Thank you!