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Iphone Stuck In Recovery Mode

IPhone 4s stuck in recovery mode?

I got out an old iPhone 4s to use because I broke my iPhone 5. The 4s was still running ios 5, so I connected it to iTunes to update it. Before it finished updating there was an iTunes alert saying the update could not be completed (something like that) and my iPhone was put into recovery mode. I again plugged the iphone 4s nto the computer to restore it, but everytime I plug the phone in, iTunes doesn't bring up anything about the phone. How can I get out of recovery mode when iTunes isnt even recognizing my device? my phone looks like the first picture.

IPhone 5s Stuck in Recovery Mode?

I had attempted to update my iPhone 5s to whatever the new IOS is through itunes and while waiting for it to finish installing, it stopped for some reason and now the phone is stuck in recovery mode. I've try countless things, the problem is- I want to keep whats on this phone and most of the ways to fix this is to just completely make the phone factory settings?

I have large amounts of pictures I want to keep and have on this phone but I cannot access them and I do not want to delete them. As well as important text messages and some apps.

Please, If theres any way to fix my phone and keep my stuff tell me!
I've already spent over 4 hours trying different ways from different people having the same problem.

Thank you for your time.

My iphone 4 is stuck in recovery mode?

i am trying to downgrade from 4.3.4 to 4.3.3 to jailbreak my iphone 4 i am using iREB and tinyumbrella and have my shsh blobs saved half way through the custom firmware restore it says cannot restore error 1013 then it goes into recovery mode first i try to kick it out of recovery with tinyumbrella then iREB and also recboot it just keep doing and keep getting this message in recboot
over and over again im not sure what to do and really want to jailbreak

IPhone 5 stuck in recovery mode?

Ok so 4 days ago my iPhone 5 fell in the swimming pool, I immediately took it out and left it in the sun for 2 hours to dry, after the 2 hours it did not turn on unless it was on a charger, so my friend told me to put it in rice, the next day it didn't turn on at all so I went to my local apple store and bought a new iPhone 5, today after having the phone in rice for 4 days it turns on completely fine, except it's stuck in recovery mode, I've tried recovering the iPhone several times with several different ios's but it just stays in recovery mode, I've seen many people online have this problem but no sollutions for it, I tried using Redsnow and Tinyumbrella but none of these are helping!

When I dropped my iPhone in the water it was running ios 7 beta 1.
My first and second time trying to restore I restored to ios 6.1.4
My third and final time trying to restore I tried ios 7 beta 2, it's installed on the phone but it remains on recovery mode.

So my question is, does anyone know how to get this phone out of recovery mode.

I went to Apple and showed them the phone they said none of the hardware was damaged and that this is a software problem, they said they would fix it for $50 but I just bought a new iPhone and I don't want to have to pay more.

What should you do if your iPhone is stuck in recovery mode and won't restore?

First is to force restart your iPhone, which is the simplest way to fix it. Just press your home and power button together for about 15 seconds till you see the apple logo. But this method doesn’t work every time.Another method is to try DFU mode. Just connect your iPhone to iTunes, press home and power button together till the apple logo appears. Then release the power button but continuing to hold the home button and wait for the iTunes to tell you that it’s in the restore mode. In this way, your iPhone will detect to iTunes without activating the boot loader, and then restore successfully.However, if the above methods are useless for you, try to use iOS System Recovery from FORecovery for help. This program can assist you in solving common bugs and software issues with iOS devices without losing your valuable data.Detailed introduction of the above three methods can be found here: How to fix an iPhone stuck in recovery mode. Hope this helps.

What do I do if my iPhone 5 is stuck on recovery mode and won't connect to iTunes?

It's not stuck; it's a security feature that turns the iPhone into an unusable brick if it's stolen. No amount of resetting it or clearing it will make it work.Only the owner of the iPhone knows how to solve your problem. If you obtained the iPhone from the owner, let him/her know they forgot to remove the device from their iCloud account, and ask them to do so.If you bought it for a deal that seemed to good to be true, you now know why, and you've lost the money. Return the iPhone to an Apple Store, and they'll return the device to the owner. If you're thinking of contacting a service that claims it can reset it for you easily, you'll lose the money they'll ask you to cough up to do it, because it's a scam, too.If you stole the iPhone, do the right thing and return it to an Apple Store and they'll return the device to the owner.

What causes an iPhone to get stuck in recovery mode?

Many reasons may make your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, such as iOS upgrade, jailbreak, virus attack, etc. Then how to get your iPhone out of this mode without losing data is very important.If your iPhone stuck in recovery mode due to iOS upgrade and you want to solve this problem without data loss, you can refer to this article:How to Get out of Recovery Mode on iOS 11Actually, the method mentioned in the article can fix this issue no matter it is caused by iOS 11 upgrade or not. To be exact, it can solve this “stuck in recovery mode” problem under any circumstances.Hope it will be helpful for you.

How to get iPhone out of recovery mode?

You can watch the video below to know about how to get an iPhone out of the recovery mode.

Even after getting stuck in a recovery mode, you can be sure to get your iPhone's data back if you have it backed up. To be on the safe side I would strongly recommend that you use a backup recovery software like Total Saver and you should be good to go. You can download the free version by following respective download links:-

To download for Mac

To download for Windows