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Is 25 000 To 75 000 Dollars A Year In The Good Price Range

Is 50,000 dollars a year alot?

As with any occupation, the decision should not be based solely on pay scale, but to how much you will enjoy your job. If nutrition is something that truly interests you, then go for it! As for whether or not, it is "a lot of money" is relative to the type of lifestyle you wish to live and which state (or country) you decide to reside. Cost of living is a VERY important factor. According to, the average salary for a dietician is $53,193. This may increase or decrease with experience, but the range of 50- 80 K may be a bit off. Also, job outlook is very important to plan on whether or not the career path you seek is desirable and will remain that way. According to, the need for dieticians is supposed to increase by 9% over the next decade, which is growth in a positive direction! So, to answer your question more precisely, more would have to be resolved regarding demographics and lifestyle. But in my opinion, $50,000 is a decent living (outside of major cities).

What does Price Range:$$ mean?

It means it is more expensive than a restaurant with the $ symbol, but less expensive than a restaurant with the $$$ symbol.

If you look on the page - there will be a key as to what the prices ranges are for $, $$ and $$$ listed restaurants.

Can you have a wedding with only 15 thousand dollars? and how much is a good wedding ring?

This can be easily done as long as you budget. I am listing below three checklists that you can look at and then make your master list. After that once you know your date and the no. of people you actually want, then you can start getting estimates on costs, etc. I would make in invites list first to see if you are inviting 100 or have more and you may have more or less. ***this one has a mistake, you do not pay for MOH or BM clothing or accessories, nor that of the Mothers

Another good site to help you budget, use their budgeter and wedding color palette:

A lots of my wedding etiquette I get from a book, wedding etiquette, the definitive guide to your wedding experience by Peggy Post great, great grand daughter-in-law of Emily Post, the be all and end all of correct etiquette--I would suggest you get this book, it helps you with who pays for what, order entering wedding, reception stuff, lots, lots. Got mine at Books-A-Million for $27.99 but it has been worth it. Also, I believe it is on this site, there is a column called ask Peggy Post. Not sure.

As far as a ring, the size, shape is up to you and fiance', the smaller the cheaper, depends on what you want the most, a big wedding and a smaller ring or the other way around. You can always get a bigger diamond later and this contest of who can outdo who is way out of line. People should be thankful for the ring given to them, the fact that they have one. Sorry, my hobbyhorse.

Some good sites to help out.

Good luck, keep posting, hope this helps!!!

I have a salary of $100,000. whats a good price for a home with my salary?

It would make alot of sense to not get a mortgage. Many people get themselves in trouble with mortgages. The smartest thing to do when dealing with a purchase of a home is just to simply save up and just buy a home in cash. That way you dont have the burden of a mortgage, in which, you could possibly struggle to pay if you loose your job or end up paying more than the house value by the time your mortgage is over. Most people die with a mortgage because its set up by people who get paid to screw home buyers over. If you pay cash, you only have to worry about annual property tax and very cheap home insurance which you can almost always get with the company that is insuring your car as well. I work in the IT industry and make $130,000 a year working as a software developer. I saved for about 8 years and bought a $800,000 dollar house in Florida. Its pretty much a mansion. I pay very low property tax as well as cheap insurance for it. Its beautiful. No mortage burden

What should I do with 25,000 dollars?

Depends on what your rate of return is. If you can make better then an 8% return (which is all I think the market is dependable for right now) on investing in vending machines then put it into your business. IMO

If I want to pay $800 a month for a house, what price range am I looking at?

Check out a PITI calculator online. Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance. Dont go to just a mortgage calculator online. They do not combine all the principal and so called hidden costs to a mortgage.

This is the one I use:

Good luck!