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Is A College Degree Even Worth It Anymore

Is college even worth it anymore?

Seems like students are getting grants and tuitions that they will have to pay back just to go to school. When they get out they cant find work. Is it even worth it anymore in these hard economic times?

Obama being in office doesnt help cause he's for people going to school but he wont create jobs.
I think this is part of his plan to increase national debt and make are $ almost about you?

Is college even worth it anymore?

It depends on what you want to do.

edit: if you want to get a good paying job than you have to add a bunch of stuff too it. it is always good to have a marketable degree when trying to get high paying jobs. i went to a state university but bc my major was Marketing i was able to get away with it since the state college i went to was really well known for their business classes, especially marketing. but, my sis wanted a degree in math. if she would have gotten it from my school she would have had a hard time finding a job, but she got her degree from ucla...making it very marketable bc that is a hard school. So, you have to think about what you want to do and get a degree suitable to it. you are always a step ahead of the rest with a degree, so i would say it is good to have one...but, really it depends solely on what you want to do in life. A business owner doesn't need a degree but many have one in entrepreneurship anyways just to be ahead of the crowd, plus it makes it easier getting loans or most importantly "connections" and increase their network.

Is college even worth it anymore?

Here's the thing about higher education that no one will tell you. College will only open up doors for you in ONE circumstance; that circumstance being that you not only know what you actually want to do in life but that you are also good at it.

I"m going to a university right now, and I see a whole lot of people who are going to college just because they heard that an education is the only way to progress in life. As a result, you get a group of people who are burning through a ton money, they don't love what they are learning and they end up partying a lot. Frankly, most of them would probably be better off in a trade school learning a craft.

College will never help you unless you do 3 things.1. Figure out what you actually want to do with your life. 2. Seek to be excellent at what you do. 3. Understand that college is not for everybody, I would rather see someone be a great carpenter than a disillusioned lawyer.

In my opinion there isn’t any college degree that isn’t worth getting. Since I never got one I think any degree is valuable. However, if you are focusing on a major that you aren’t passionate about then I don’t think the degree will be helpful. I’ve been lucky because I stumbled across an industry that I’m very passionate about and if I could start all over I’d definitely get my degree in technology probably Computer Science. Not because it would have helped my career but while I was in college I could be studying something I loved then continue with my passion after I graduated.

College degree--worth it?

May be so that they don't feel inferior on the face of it. Most of these politicians engage so many advisers, special advisers, personal assistants, etc that it appears they don't have to do any thinking by themselves again, and hence no need to acquire any advanced tools or education. Afterall, one doesn't require one's own toolkits before taking one's car to the mechanical workshop for repairs.

On a more serious note, our politicians need sound education to be able to determine the quality of advice they are getting from their political aides. However, they will need to reduce the number of such aides so as to reduce the cost of governance to a reasonable level.

Is a college degree even worth the money that you pay for it?

You education does not end when you graduate!

>"With all the crap that they put you through ..."

That's the reason they hire college graduates. It takes a certain amount of discipline to finish and get through the academic rigor. Many companies will not hire you without a degree. It's the price for admission (a right of passage). Why, because many of the people that do the hiring also have college degrees. The focus of college is to learn how to think, not developing "technical" specific skills.

The Bachelors degree is one of the toughest to get by virtue of the time it takes and the multitude of courses (120 credits minimum). At least with the Masters degree the curriculum is focused more on a specific area, and they don't put the students do not have to go through the same "crap".

Probably with the exception of Bill Gates as an example, most people that run large corporations have college degrees. There are some occupations and jobs where you need more than a 4 year degree.

My suggestion, finish your degree (Bachelors). Then you can work on certifications. Certifications have the most relevance when it comes to specific technical and professional skills. Do the best you can in school, that's the only thing employers have to evaluate you on.

Right now, with the economy the way it is, the best place is to be is in school!

It depends what your goal is in life. Obviously in many fields, yes. However many fields in STEM do not. You might get a tech school diploma in engineering technology. You might build fighting robots and enter them in BattleBots. An employer would look at what proven abilities you have, not what piece of paper. Some help wanted ads specify ��X” years of experience or a degree. People who complete apprenticeships and become Electricians, Plumbers, Steamfitters, etc, never lack for work. Nor do welders. With the internet, you can learn anything that you could learn in college. But classes help you know when you are wrong. There are many free classes you can take online. So before deciding to go off to college and major in Greek archeology, study what you can online. You may discover that it really is not for you.

Is a Bachelor's Degree worth it anymore?

Now there's a question i've been waiting for...

to be honest... at this point in my life.. i don't think so... i went to the art institute and i have student loans that amass around 150 thousand dollars, my monthly payments were to be aroudn1,500 a month (which is like a house payment)

I make around 48k which is not bad for my first job as a designer, but it does not come close to compensating what i owe in loans. the whole system is backwards.. I went to school to get an education and better myself and get a good job... i didn't understand that i would be a slave to student loans for the rest of my life.

that having been said... i have to consider other things

is my way of living better? could and would i have learned all those programs on my own with that much proficiency? and finally, do i foresee myself being in a better financial place in the future?

yes my way of living is better... no i probably would not have learned all those programs and know them like i do also there are many skills learned in college such as typography, color theory and design principles that i would not have otherwise learned

and finally yes i see myself in a better financial position in the future.. much better in fact, but it's a struggle getting there and it takes a lot of work.

after all is said and done, the piece of paper you get that says bachelors on it, isn't worth ****... but the learned knowledge of going to school is. unfortunately you need that little piece of paper that says you went to school for x years. this shows the employer many things... most importantly that you stuck through it and graduated... this shows them you're someone they can depend on.

so i guess yes, it's still worth it, but that worth is dwindling over time!