Is A Mercury Mariner A Good Car

2005 Mercury Mariner? Good or Bad for Me?

mileage is VERY high, make sure you take mileage deduction on its value....see for exact bank values
but if they changed the oil every 3k.......Ford motors will last 300k + easily

but here are things to ask

were wheel bearings replaced ?
where cv axles replaced
were plugs, wires and coil packs replaced
was alternator replaced
was fuel pump replaced
these are all items that will go with 200k miles

was transmission fluid serviced on schedule ? (Transmission issues are COSTLY)

have the car inspected by honest mechanic and if it checks out ...negotiate a fair price with mileage deduction....i would offer 4,500/4,600 at the most

here are the NADA offer suggestion is right on based on mileage
Trade-In Average
Trade-In Clean
Trade-In Clean
Base Price $4,150 $5,100 $5,875 $8,400
Mileage (205,000) -$2,225 -$2,225 -$2,225 -$2,225
Options: (edit options)
Power Seat $175 $175 $175 $200
Luggage Rack $50 $50 $50 $75
Leather Seats $300 $300 $300 $350
Power Sunroof $350 $350 $350 $400
Fixed Running Boards $50 $50 $50 $75
TOTAL PRICE: $2,850 $3,800 $4,575 $7,275

Is a Mercury Mariner a good car?

Personally, I feel you're making a good decision in looking for a solid, used vehicle. Choosing a Ford/Mercury SUV is also a smart move for someone getting ready to go to college.

The Mariner SUV is economical, sporty, nimble, maneuverable, lots of cargo room (without buying a truck), comfortable, and stylish. Comes in Front-wheel drive or 4-wheel models.. both will get you from point-A to point-B without worries to snow, rain, mud, or clear-roads. Ice... well, even a tank will slide on ice, but at least with front-wheel drive, you'll have a bit more control than a rear-wheel drive Explorer.

The Mariner should last you well beyond the 4-6 years you plan on having it, and I would expect you to exceed 200K without too many issues! I would be willing to bet, unless you trade it in on a newer model Mariner, that you will still have it in 10 years.... And, that comes from 35-years experience driving Ford products! With proper maintenance and a little TLC, I expect no less than 200K out of all my Fords.... and get that and more!

Also expect 25-28 mpg on the highway with the Mariner, which is much better than the Explorer's 16-18 mpg (experience talking again...).

Buy the Mariner... you'll be very pleased with it... and glad you didn't waste your money on a "lesser" SUV or a useless sports-car with high insurance baggage!

Is a 2005 mercury mariner premier a good first car?

Why would you bother picking a best answer when you can't even post your question in the right category ~

Is a Mercury Mariner a girls car?

Is this a girls car?


I have a 2005 Mercury Mariner, and it is idling rough . What could it be ?

I could be a dirty mass air flow sensor but it is more likely to be a vacuum leak or an ignition coil breaking down. If your car smooths out after when you increase the engine rpms, I would check for a vacuum leak. Ford has a rubber elbow on the intake that will collapse and cause a leak. This elbow is on the intake side of the pcv valve line. If your car still runs rough going down the road a coil may be bad. Those are the most common causes for a rough idle. It could be several other things though. The best advice I can give you is do not disconnect your battery. When you remove power from the car it clears codes and freeze frame information. This information is vital for a mechanic to diagnose and fix your car. You really need to take it to a mechanic that you trust so they can diagnose and fix your car. If you rely on suggestions on what could be wrong you will spend more on parts than what it would cost to have someone fix it for you. However, you can check for the vacuum leak yourself. It will be obvious if it has a hole in it. Best of luck!

Do you think the mercury mariner 08 is a guy car or girl car?

You must have a lotta money to be able to afford a brand new car at 16... lol, my car is a 95 SUV with 150,000 miles but I still love it. But to answer your question,I think the Mercury Mariner is a cool car, its like a compact SUV pretty good for either gender -- I'd drive it. The Toyota Rav4, though, is kind of a girly SUV I'll admit, don't get one. I'd prolly get the Accord Coupe for the good mileage, plus I think 2 door cars look cool, kinda sporty. Just don't get a Mazda Miata or a VW New Beetle if you want to look semi-cool and keep your nads intact, but anything else is fair game.

What do these two buttons mean - Mercury Mariner?

The button with the car and wavy lines activates the traction control system. The button with the R (and a little traffic cone) is for the rear parking sensors. They will beep when in reverse and getting close to an object.

Hello all I am in need of some help. I have a 2005 Mercury Mariner Premier V6 3.0. My question is, does anyone?

Hello all I am in need of some help. I have a 2005 Mercury Mariner Premier V6 3.0. My question is, does anyone have instructions on how to replace the timing chain? And how long it takes to replace it? Thank you for your help in advance!

How much would it cost to repaint a '05 mercury mariner from silver to pink???

A good decent paint job will cost you around 5 thousand plus!!!! Dont listen to these other guys, there is about 40 hours of labor in painting an entire car that already has paint on it.....
Maaco will do it for around 1000-2000. And it will be a very crummy job

When to use overdrive on Mercury Mariner?

I am trying to understand when to use overdrive on my Mercury Mariner (2005). Some say it helps the engine in not working to hard while it can save on fuel cost. I am not to sure what to believe on this theory. The button is on the shifter and I usually put in on when I exceed 55 mph. I do notice that it changes to a different gear (4th assuming) while the engine seems to be working a little differently. Some clarification to this would be helpful from the mass. Thank you