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Is Acer V5-473pg A Good Laptop

I have installed wireless drivers in my Acer Aspire E5-473 laptop, yet the wi-fi is not turning on in it. How do I fix this problem?

Have you tried pressing Fn+“The function key with wifi symbol” ? It should turn on the wifi if the wifi drivers are installed properly.If this doesn’t solve the problem, go to network and sharing center (right click the wifi/LAN icon in the taskbar) and click change adapter setting (it’s on the left pane).If it looks like thisRight click the wifi and click enable.If you can’t see the Wi-Fi or it is enabled and you can’t connect, uninstall all wireless drivers and find the correct drivers from here and install them.Good luck!

Can I upgrade the graphics card and RAM in an Acer Aspire E15 (E5-574G-54DV)?

No, you can't upgrade the graphics I'm sorry, there may be some hack way of doing it but unless you're pretty competent with a soldering iron I'd forget it.The maximum memory is 16Gb (2 x 8Gb), I assume you have 8Gb at the moment as that seems to have been the standard fit. I couldn't confirm it just with a quick Google but there's a good chance you have a single 8Gb sodim installed so will just need to buy another, if you have 2 4Gb though you'll have to buy 2 8Gb.I'd question if it's worth it though if you are just doing normal tasks and gaming, not many games benefit from more than 8Gb and those that do would be struggling with the cpu and gpu anyway. 16Gb is definitely a good idea though if you're doing something like video or photo editing, also on the plus side moving from single to dual channel memory might give you a few more fps.

Where is the ethernet port on Acer Aspire?

Many members of the Acer Aspire series, such as the V5, are too thin for an Ethernet port and instead use a proprietary connector. That port on the side near the HDMI port and it provides Ethernet and VGA through a special adapter. The adapter comes with the laptop, but many people end up misplacing it or forgetting to provide it when selling the unit to someone.My Aspire uses the LAN/VGA Combo Port Cable (Part # AK.LAVGCA.001)Newer units may have a MiniCP port instead, which uses the Acer Converter Cable (Mini CP to VGA/LAN/USB) (Part # NP.OTH11.00C)

I own an new acer aspire e5--473, i just updated it's bios with the latest one, did i void my warranty ?

Warranty covers the hardware NO you did not void the warranty...

How ever If the computer would not boot because of the bios update you have no claim ...

In the same way if you were to corrupt/wipe the operating system from the hard drive and you have not created the recovery media it would be your problem ....

How ever the hard drive was to fail from no fault of yours , being that it is hardware Acer would replace it.