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Is An Engineering Degree A Good Degree To Eventually Become A Company Executive

Can you become an executive eventually with only a bachelor's degree?

Being an executive depends on ability and being in the right place. In practice, qualifications are only there to get you to the job interview. I became manager of a chemical plant not because of the letters after my name, but because I was recommended by someone who thought I could do it, and the directors who interviewed me thought I could.You may need some formal qualification for a particular role (e.g. Finance Director or Engineering Director would be expected to have professional standing, just to be convincing to the shareholders.)One way is to start your own company. You don’t need any qualifications for this. An intermediate is to join a small company to which you can contribute some technical skills (accounting, chemistry, vehicle maintenance, whatever they do) and move up as they expand.You can join a large company and have a graduate development scheme, which will often look to place people where their talents (not their degrees) are best used, which could be management.You can join a small company and in 10 years it might be bankrupt or you might be the CEO, or possibly both.

Do you need a CS or engineering degree to be a successful tech executive?

There was someone at Maxim Integrated Products that I mentored early in his career. He was sharp, curious, aggressive, and had what I call an “active” mind.But he didn’t have an engineering degree. And he wanted to be a business unit General Manger.Maxim’s founding CEO, the late Jack Gifford, was dead set against non-technical people running businesses. Gifford had good reason for his skepticism.I’m paraphrasing, but Gifford’s reasoning was, “How would someone who wasn’t technical manage engineers or be credible meeting with customers?”But this particular person was undeterred.Through perseverance, skill, and a little luck, he rose through the ranks. Eventually, he became Executive Vice President at Maxim.Then, a little over a year ago, Marvell Technology Group (Revenue of ~ $2.75B/Year) named Matt Murphy President and CEO. And, from the way things look, Matt is doing a great job turning Marvell around.So Matt’s success is living proof you can run a technology company without a technology degree.

I want to become a CEO. What degree should I get?

OK The best thing about this question is that it sounds big.But the question arises is why you want to be a CEO. Just for the huge salary package or you have the enthusiasm to turn the million dollar company to a billion dollar company.If you are with the first option sorry stop thinking to be CEO and find something elseIf you want to be the CEO for the second option than you definitely will.The CEO of the company is the one who have the clear vision who is optimistic to future and a great innovator.And I don’t think that any degree or any certificate can do it.The thing which can do it is You Yourself. The reason you are asking for a degree is because of the society which u r in. Today’s world have mistaken the term education by degrees and certificates. But the fact is the term education means learning the things. And by learning things i definitely don’t mean learning the subjects which you have in your college or university. By Learning the thingsI meanThe things which can upgrade your financial knowledge.The things which can help you out to experience the experience of the people who have experienced allot. i.e. Reading Books.Books are worth more than you think which can provide you with the greatest knowledge from the best.Be it Robert Kiyosaki,Bill Gates,Gary Vaynerchuck etc.Once you have gained the knowledge from the best Now its your turn to put them into the actions that’s the hardest part only if you are afraid of failureWatch my motivational videos on how to deal with failure Don’t be afraid of Failure coz its just the stepping stones to success.SO 3 qualities you should have isPatienceHard WorkAnd the will to Never Give UPFollow these points there will be a day when you can choose who can be the CEO of your company.To Be motivated By Inspirational quotes follow and like my page The Things I'VE LearnedFOLLOW MAH INSTA ACCOUNTFOR MORE PUNCHES Vicky Kumar (@i.m_unpredictable) • Instagram photos and videos

Should I get my MBA or MAcc if I eventually want to do forensic accounting?

I'm currently getting ready to graduate with my BA in Accounting. I plan on taking the CPA as well as going on to grad school. I really want to do forensic accounting and my long-term goal is to eventually get my Cr. FA. Would it be better for me to get my MBA or my MAcc??

Why are engineers in America so underpaid if the demand for them is so high?

Having been an engineer for about 10 years now I would say it mostly has to do with priorities. People are not willing to spend money on things that they don't think about every day. For example I work mainly with sewer planning and design. Most people don't think much about the importance of sewers but if they didn't have them it would make a big difference in their lives. This lack of caring gets translated into where people and governments are willing to put their money. If people are not interested in investing in infrastructure then the salaries for engineers who do that kind of work will not be very high.

That being said I started in the business about 10 years ago making a little more than 40k and now I make twice that so their is opportunity to increase your salary. The starting salary also has a lot to do with where you live. I live in a fairly inexpensive city so 40k is reasonable. If you are in a big city (NY, LA) it would not be sufficient.

It is the same as with teachers (probably one of the most important professions) they are chronically underpaid.