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Is Anybody Selling Their Iphone

Am I safe selling my iPhone on eBay?

I found a buyer who was willing to meet my asking price for my iPhone 6s. It s my first time selling on eBay so what can I do to ensure everything goes right for me? We reached an agreement over the phone price and he asked for my PayPal email. Does it seem right that they sent me a transaction through PayPal rather than through eBay? Does receiving an email from "" discussing how I won t receive funds until I ship the phone sound right? I just don t want to be scammed so what can I do to protect myself?

Do they still sell Iphone 1 gen?

Apple hasn't made the original iPhone since 2008. No carrier would sell it. If your phone company can't even tell you which models it carries, find a different company.

Selling iphone 4 to Sprint?!?

Hey guys. So I'm selling my iPhone 4 to sprint. How much money would they give me? The back is rly cracked. I want to get the iPhone 6. I'm eligible for an upgrade so it's going to be $200. I was hoping to use the money I get from selling my phone to get the iPhone 6. So how much do u think spring will pay me? Thankyou

Can i sell an iphone that was found?

I am totally shocked by all the unscrupulous answers. Found it or stole it (good chance you did) doesn't matter much if you keep it or sell it. Its not yours and someone is out a good deal of money. If your a decent person you would bring it to an Apple or At&t store and let them try and find the owners. If you found someones credit card would you start using it (many places don't require signatures for amounts under $20) Find someones diamond wedding ring, start wearing it? See someone drop money ...cover it with your foot? Keep a lost dog?

What goes around comes around. I really hope you do the right thing and try to locate the owner.

I found an Instagram page that is selling the iPhone 6 for $300 and is accepting PayPal. Is this a scam? How can I get scammed in this situation?

Yes, of course it's a scam. It's a common one, in fact.There are several ways this scam works:The seller sends you an empty box. You complain to PayPal. The seller produces evidence that the box was shipped to you and you received it. PayPal asks you to prove the box was empty. While you're faffing around trying to do that, the seller disappears, taking your money and the money of all the other gullible suckers who fell for the scam with you. See ya!The seller delivers an iPhone. It's stolen. You try to use it. You can't, because it's been locked when the previous owner reported it stolen. Congratulations! You bought an expensive paperweight. You can try to complain, if you like. Good luck with that. You're potentially opening yourself up to charges of receiving stolen property. A prosecutor can make a good case that someone who knowingly buys a $600 product for $300 should reasonably know something is hinkey with that.You get a phone. It works. It has an Apple logo on it. But it's not an iPhone. It's running an old and likely insecure version of Android skinned to look like iOS. Surprise! You've been sold a phony Chinese counterfeit. You can file a complaint if you want. By the time you do, whatever front man for the Chinese firm is long gone and the money is out of the country. You've been fleeced.

Is it Illegal to sell fake Iphones?

I am ordering some stuff. The supplier offers 30 day money back.
Before this 30 day, I want to know something first.

These are NOT Iphones or FAKE Iphones.

These are MP4. Designed to look like an Ipod or Iphone. It is SORT of low quality because it is made of Plastic.

Also, these Wifi Cell phones called;
F4 Quad Band WiFi Cell Phone with 3.5 inch Single SIM Capacitive Touch

It is designed exactly like an Iphone. High quality. But it does NOT claim Apple name and logo.
The home or menu button however, is different. A lot of other websites sells these phones too.

But I am not sure therefore, These looks much like Iphones and I don't want to get sued for saying I am selling Fake Iphones or Ipods.

Yes. These are made in China, Almost everything you use is made in China, so don't start talking about China products here.
I just want my question answered. ^_^
- I am not chinese alright-
I am an American Citizen

Will Boost Mobile sell me a fake iPhone 5s?

I'm getting a refurbished iPhone 5s from Boost Mobile, it doesn't come in its original boxing because it's refurbished but I was wondering would they sell me a fake iPhone... I'm paranoid.