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Is Anyone Else Getting Tired Of Seeing People Staring At Their Phones And Considering Getting Rid

Is anyone else tired of smartphones?

I fully understand. It seems everyone and everything is trying to force consumers to own and use these little smartphones and apps. I have actually resisted the movement, even up to today to even the basic cell phone. However I love computers and have become used to using cheap tablets, with most of my important work on home assembled windows desktops. I'm disappointed that many firms have integrated these apps into their way of operating and nearly required them. For example, large national banks allow one to deposit checks with an android or ios app from their phones, but does not offer the same to windows PC users. Likewise, one major grocery and department store has a discount app that requires one to use a smartphone to get the discounts. What is worse, if one gets to the point where one must carry a smartphone, we are enslaved to it and entities may track you anywhere. The other major thing I don't like, in fact the main reason I've resisted is the crazy pricing and confusion. Despite that, I'm trying to obtain an android phone that will be convenient to carry. I plan to use it with mostly WI-FI as data plans, overages and contracts rape your wallet if not selected wisely. I'm also giving it consideration because the large copper line phone companies are now raising rates astronomically. I used to could pay $6, $7 or maybe $12 per month for a basic phone line. Now it costs around $25 to more than $30 on the big copper line providers, WITHOUT CALLER ID or other services. The voice over IP providers spank the big copper line providers, especially magic jack and ooma. Additionally, they've started offering IOS and Android Apps. That is now attracting me to want a smartphone.

Is anyone else getting tired of the same black people playing different movie roles?

It's getting annoying. I don't want to see the same people I see in music videos be in the movies I want to watch. I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about:

The Secret Life of Bees

Ok, I've read most of this book and I loved it. When I heard there was a movie coming out, I was extremely excited. Well, I saw the previews and was disappointed. The characters were:

Queen Latifah- How many movies have I seen with her?? Didn't she use to be a rapper?

Jennifer Hudson-- She's a talented actress, but what happened to her music career? Wasn't that what she was going for?

Alicia Keys-- Erg.. Just stick to the music.

There are so many talented black individuals who can act better than they can, yet these 'multitasking' celebrities keep playing the part. I don't want to see the same 10 actors/actresses/singers/rappers playing in all the movie roles. They are too mainstream! I watch BETJazz once and a while, and when I tune in for the short films, they have some of the best actresses/actors. Why can't they get roles??

Does anyone feel the same way i do?

Does it irritate anyone else to watch people use food stamps and put thier groceries in a BMW?

Of course it does, I have to carry mine home by hand! An I don't even get food stamps! >:( Why can't they just sell that stinking BMW, buy a Olds, and use the difference to get them through the pinch? You want to know what really pizzed me off a couple months ago? I went to the food bank, and I saw a woman talking on one of those Razor phones, and they had just came out at that time, so you know it costed her like two hundred dollars. I couldn't even afford a bar of deodorant and she could buy a brand new cell and go to the food bank? I swear, people just are so greedy these days, it's foul, decrepit, and mean. Those food stamps, and food banks are made for those who can't make ends meet, even if it is only temporary. If it were me I would've sold the freaking BMW, bought a uses Geo, and used the difference to get what I needed. I even sold my old rust bucket just so me and my brother could afford to eat one week. He refused help from my mother, and I couldn't go back to her for help because she was hurting and I would have felt bad because she would have helped. So I sold my 1989 Chevy Cavalier and managed to pinch out fifty dollars for it. It all went toward food for me and him for that week. Of course we didn't eat the next week, but thankfully we got to go to the food bank the week after.

Noone deserves to act corrupt and use the system like that, because that system is ment for the people who really need it. When they do that it drains our economy, and it makes the politicians think they should restrict funds to such agencies.

Is everyone else getting tired of the 9/11 blame game?

those of you that think that Bush and the illuminati are not responsible for 9/11 are deluding yourselves. the proof keeps piling up against the President and his cronies. the attack on the twin towers is what is called a false flag conspiracy. this kind of action goes as far back as the revolutionary war. the Boston Tea Party which lead to the British massacre of the patriots which was the spark that ignited the war was planned by the leaders that wanted war with Britian. it was meant ot outrage the citizens and bring those states loyal to the crown into the union. the men at the Alamo were sacrificed so that we could go to war with the Mexicans and take land away from them. the sinking of the Maine was a farce perpetrated on the public so the government to invade Cuba and put Castro in power. that was a good one. WWI was started by the Germans who set their own embassy on fire. Roosevelt let Pearl Harbor happen. he actually forced the Japanese to strike first. Why were there very few officers killed that day? they were told not to be on the ships. how did we ramp up manufacturing so fast to supply the war machine? everything was already in place. the Vietcong did not attack the US gun boat in the Gulf of Tonkin as we were told. terrorist did not fly planes into the twin towers or the pentagon. there is just too much evidence to the contrary. there are now hundres of experts calling for an independent investigation. there is a movement in the Congress, also. if you watch the towers fall in slow motion you can see the effects of the explosives planted of each flood. if you look at the evidence and still think Bush did not have anything to do with 9/11 this country is in more trouble than we think. who had the most to gain from the 9/11 attacks? why is Bush Sr. still on the Ben Ladin family payroll as a consultant? type in Ambassador Wanta in your search engine and see what your President is doing to help keep the Federal Reserve in economic control on this country. a reporter from a European country ask an American visiting in his country if he thought that the political problems in the US came from apathy and ignorance. the American answered, "I don't know and I don't care". do you care?

Is Anyone Else Tired of Hearing About Brett Farve?

Kudos to Brett for playing like a 20 year vet.... until the last game of the year. Frankly, any QB that is as far along as Favre gets this sort of treatment. You'll see commentators do the same thing for the elite QBs of this decade (Brady, P. Manning, et al).

You saw it when Joe Montana and the Chiefs went on a playoff run back in 93, which is probably the most alagous situation I can think of.

The thing that turns people off (I think) is the pre-season drama. If Favre had said to Childress, "I don't want to be bothered with training camp, just get me in uniform at the preseason, and I'll take it from there," then we'd have been spared 6 months of Favre watching before the season even began.

Has anyone else stopped watching tv because they were sick of seeing Obama's ugly mug on tv every second?

Well, actually it was more like getting SICK of Palin's irritating voice.
Her stupid Clampit like comments and the roundy-round gobblety-goog way of not answering a question.

McCain and Obama I like watching.

But I will not let myself get Hoodwinked or Bamboozled.