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Is Anyone Experiencing Very Long Delays In Receiving Email Through Yahoo Mail

Anyone experiencing delays receiving emails - takes 24 hours to receive a message.?

Anyone experiencing delays receiving emails? It takes more than 24 hours to receive a message from any recipient.

I run all email headers through an analyser, and it shows that there was only a few seconds of delay each time, even though I keep getting messages that were sent at 16:00 at 7am, the next morning.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Yahoo mail getting delay in receiving emails?


Why Yahoo Mail is getting delay in receiving emails!

Same email was sent to Yahoo and Gmail BUT Yahoo received after hours! But Gmail seconds!

Not happened once or twice but ALMOST all of the emails I receive.

Could you please find a solution for the above issue or just or are going to GMAIL.

NOTE: Yahoo user for over 7 years.

Delay in receiving yahoo mail?

The only answer I can give you "sst" is to try the BASIC version which is quite fast. Once you've gotten in it, though, you'd better place it in your «favorites». This way you can select either the full featured version or the Basic if the former won't send you the mails right away. If you do not know the procedure to enter BASIC, do this then :
>go to gear top right→ select settings→select Viewing email→go down to the right and place the dot in the small box next to the word BASIC→go all the way down to the left and click SAVE. That's all.
Now......I suggest you also place the regular version in the «favorites». Why? Because this way you can call for both versions and have them at the very top and switch from one to the other as you wish. This is what I do every time I go into Yahoo mail. Good luck!

Why is there a delay in receiving emails (Yahoo)?

I have yahoo mail and sometimes there is a delay of up to an hour when someone emails me. I will have checked my emails and have none and then I will get one but the time it was sent could be up an hour previously - why is this??

How do you fix Yahoo Mail that is not receiving email?

Hi there!Not getting the emails you expect is frustrating. Use these steps to identify if there's an issue with your account or the sender's account that's preventing the messages from arriving.Check if your account has any errorsSign in to your Yahoo Mail account on a computer and send yourself an email.If you get an error - address that to fix the issue.If you don't get an error - your account is working as expected.Check your account settingsThese settings can prevent email from getting to your Inbox:Spam folder - Check your spam folder to see if the email was incorrectly marked.Blocked address - The sender may have been blocked by mistake.Email filters - Check your filters to see if the email could've arrived in another folder.Reply-to address - Make sure your reply-to address is blank.Have the sender check their accountIf you didn't find anything wrong with your account, then the issue is on the sender's side.Make sure they entered your full email address correctly.Suggest they contact their email provider for further assistance.

Yahoo mail my emails are taking a very long time to arrive...?

Yahoo, why are my emails are arriving almost 12 hours after they are sent? This happened just yesterday when my boss tried to email me with instructions for my shift last night. I got the email while I was online just this morning, 12 hours AFTER it was sent!

This is ludicrous. I've used Yahoo for over 12 years and have never experienced this kind of lag. What is going on and when, if ever, will this issue be resolved?

Does your Yahoo Mail receive mail slower than GMail does?

In my experience, yes it does.When I sign up for apps, they would usually send a verification email before finishing the account. Even just a few days ago, I made an account with my Yahoo mail on a website and they sent me a verification email. I checked my Yahoo mail and it wasn’t there! Checked my spam, trash, everything.I got fed up and decided to use my GMail to make the account. The verification email appeared in my mailbox instantaneously. I checked my Yahoo mail an hour later and finally saw the verification mail.I have been using my Yahoo mail for over 10 years and have so many precious emails and threads from the past such as birthday wishes from my family members. However, I must now use my GMail as my primary email and preserve my Yahoo Mail as a reminiscent of the past.Does anyone else have this same issue?

Delay in receiving comments/notification email in Yahoo?

I've noticed over the past week or so that I often don't get a notification email of a new comment from a 360 friend for upto a day after it has been posted. This can lead to confusion and in extreme cases, a feeling of total and utter dejection. lol.

Seriously. It feels really crap to receive an email saying that so and so has left a comment for you and then find out they haven't really. C'mon Yahoo! What's happening?

Is Yahoo mail delayed today ? Have not received ANY mail since early AM..........?

I am having problems too in the UK (I have a US yahoo account). My group mail stopped coming through almost 3.5hrs ago. Now my normal mail has stopped too. I run a yahoo group, some of my messages are not even arriving on our group homepage......

YAHPOO you are doing a grand job today
as always!!!!

*Evil grin.....

Group Emails are delayed ot not received by the members?

Update 4/6

@Nubia - LOL! I wish there were a way to get the headers of messages never received! But note I said "the longest-delayed" messages. Within the Received: fields of the message header are time stamps that may reveal where the delay occurred. This can help distinguish between an issue within Yahoo's servers or one at the members' email service. Levine's mail parser (cited below) will calculate the delays for you.

@Echo - When reports like this are widespread, and especially when they affect multiple receiving services I'd more suspect a problem within Yahoo's outbound farm than with greylisting or similar problems at the hand-off to members' email services.
Yahoo Groups has over six hundred outbound mail servers, sometimes one or more of them go bad and then you get these situations where outbound messages are delayed. Because of the way messages are routed, messages bound for some members can be delayed while other members receive them promptly. This does crop up from time to time, and it usually is temporary (lasting a day or two before Yahoo finds and fixes the faulty server(s).

The best thing to report here would be the name of the group(s) affected. The best thing to report via the Get Help link would be the full headers from some of the longest-delayed messages.