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Is Anyone Going To See Peter Gabriel In Europe

Is the red rain in Peter Gabriel's song a literal red rain like that found in southern Europe?

Red Rain (song) - Wikipedia

Do you agree with Peter Gabriel that Brexit has turned Britain into a racist area?

My understanding (which my be wrong) is that Peter Gabriel was referring to the granting and refusal of visas for musicians.For non-EU visitors, this is a consequence of Theresa May’s hostile environment and her wish to make things difficult for others to further her political and possibly ideological success. (She just mentions the hostile environment less now after the Windrush scandal and has had Sajid Javid rename it the compliant environment with some but little change.)Brexit does seem to have unleashed some racism, even if currently less so than Trump, evangelicals and Republicans in the US.However this problem exists everywhere. EU and some immigration matters in Switzerland are decided by referendum and racism is always present among a small minority and plays a role, as it does in elections in the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, and others. It plays a role everywhere else too, examples covered much more throughout Europe being Marine Le Pen and the Front National in France, the AfD in Germany, Orban in Hungary and the new coalition in Italy.Brexit has made things worse in that a small minority of people feel more confident about expressing their views and an even smaller minority feel more confident about comitting crimes, eg. Chris Fagg mentioned the graffiti at the Polish Centre. But the actual existence of this minority is not unique to the UK, it exists in every country in the world.

Does anyone know who else sings that song "Dreamweaver"?

Wikipedia has this information on the song:

"Dream Weaver" is a song by Gary Wright that was a hit single in the US reaching #2 in the Billboard charts while it reached #1 in the Cash Box charts, Australia, Canada and Europe in 1976. Taken from the album The Dream Weaver released the previous year - said by Wright to be the first-ever all-synthesiser/keyboard album - it features Wright on vocals and keyboards, and Jim Keltner on drums.

(Note: The first all-synthesizer album was in fact Switched-On Bach by Wendy Carlos, in 1968.)

"Dream Weaver" and "Love is Alive" are sampled on 3rd Bass's song "Wordz of Wisdom".

In 1992 Gary Wright re-recorded a longer version of "Dream Weaver" for the Wayne's World movie soundtrack.

In 1999, it was covered by dance artist Erin Hamilton for her album One World. It was also featured prominently in the boy/boy love story film Trick also released in 1999.

Dream Weaver was also played in the ending credits for the film The People vs. Larry Flynt.

In 2000 Crowbar recorded a version of "Dream Weaver" for their album Equilibrium

Which East European country had it best under the Soviet yoke?

No. The most economically prosperous country of the Eastern Bloc was always Czechoslovakia!After the war, all of Germany (West and East) was destroyed by bombing, so the standard of living between Czechoslovakia and West Germany or Austria was roughly the same until the early 60s. It all changed very quickly afterwards.East Germany and Honecker have always used their Western brothers - there have always been many injections (hundred million western marks went into the GDR economy) or Honecker sold their prisoners and citizens for 100,000DM / piece to the WG etc etc ..In any case, the standard of living were between the GDR and the CSSR was approximately the same between the end of the 60's and the late 80's the same.. I was the first time in the GDR ever in 1979 at the Grünheide pioneer camp, and the prize + selection of goods was almost the same as in Czechoslovakia. Yes, there were many goods that were more expensive or deficient in Czechoslovakia (at that time shoes for children 2-4 years old), but many East Germans, for the same reason, bought many goods in Czechoslovakia.For example, Czechoslovakia had almost no foreign debt in the 80's (on the contrary, countries like the Soviet Union or Cuba owed Czechoslovakia tremendous money - and they are paying them virtually today - Russia in oil), while the GDR has always been indebted to the ears!Countries such as Poland or Hungary were economically much worse in the 1980's (mainly Poland), on the other hand, these two countries were much more liberal than the GDR or the CSSR (Honecker and Husak). For example, in Poland and especially in Hungary at that time it was quite free to buy western goods that were totally deficient in the CSSR or GDR at that time, there were also concerts of Western bands like Queen or Peter Gabriel etc. from west, etc etc..

What is the song 'The Final Countdown' by Europe about?

This was the 80's — it's about nuclear war. But more specifically...It's about humanity leaving the planet in a spaceship because Earth has been rendered uninhabitable.Compare, if you will, the blastoff lyrics of "The Final Countdown":We're leaving together,but still it's farewell.And maybe we'll come backto Earth — who can tell?I guess there is no one to blame.We're leaving ground...Will things ever be the same again?It's the final countdown.We're heading for Venusand still we stand tall.Cause maybe they've seen usand welcome us all.With so many light years to goand things to be found.I'm sure that we'll all miss her so...It's the final countdown.with the other bookend song for such a journey, Peter Gabriel's delightful "Down to Earth" from WALL-E (2008 movie):

What were your favourites 70s/80s songs?

I'm actually watching a history documentary at the moment about Britain in the 1970s/80s and I'm starting to realise how much I enjoy 70s/80s pop music. Some of the music that has been played is the likes of:

David Bowie
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Human League

Please fire away with your suggestions. I know this question has been asked a million times and I could easliy find all sorts of lists (eg "top 100 80s pop songs") online, but I also want some personal opinions too! I'm only 17 so I don't really know much about the era, though I particularly enjoy some of the synth-pop and pop-rock type music. I don't really want anything too 'heavy' like Black Sabbath, I prefer more soothing type music. I don't want to say something naive like "80s pop music was the best", because I don't really know anything about it, but if you could just give me some names or your favourite songs, that would be amazing.

I actually listen to a lot of trance music in real life (6-12 hours a day), but as nobody else I know listens to that, I end up feeling kind of...left out. That's one of the main reasons I want to discover some great 80s music (though particularly pop), to increase my cultural awareness and stuff.

Thanks in advanced for the suggestions in advance!

I need a list of songs that are hopefully exactly four minutes long?

I do intend to edit it, because I am going to delete the singer's voice and replace it with my friend's. :mocking tone: SOME people in this WORLD aren't STUPID you worthless piece of CRAP