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Is Anyone Good At U.s. Government Im Stuck

Is anyone good at U.S. Government im stuck?

A member of the House of Representatives

A)must be a resident of the district elected to represent according to the Constitution

B)must vote on all revenue bills according to how the majority political party decides

C)is not required to be a resident of the district elected to represent but usually is by tradition

D)is not eligible to serve on any committee that contains members of another political party

Which of the following makes a true statement?

A)The Senate has a Rules Committee that sets limits and rules for both the House and Senate on debating bills.

B)The House has a Rules Committee that sets limits and rules for both the House and Senate on debating bills.

C)The House has a Rules Committee to set limits on bill debate while the Senate has no time limits for debate.

D)The Senate has a Rules Committee to set limits on bill debate while the House has no time limits for debate.

How do the House and Senate differ in the powers related to impeachment?

A)The House has no power related to impeachment while the Senate can impeach federal officials.

B)The House can impeach federal officials and then the Senate would conduct the impeachment trial.

C)The Senate has no power related to impeachment while the House can impeach federal officials.

D)The Senate can impeach federal officials and then the House would conduct the impeachment trial.

Why is it that most of the Indians try for government jobs when they can go beyond that?

Well, we Indians have some rules which we try to follow with our utmost effort.Rule 1. : Having health issues - Go for private hospitals.Rule 2. : Children education - Go for private schools.Rule 3. : Need a job - Go for Government jobs.Reason:- Need a steady and stable life. ( Very few Indians want to explore new things in life )Don't want to risk our life taking a risk.Want to have a static and restful life. ( As it's rare we see any dynamic govt. employee )Govt. Job increases our dowry demand.Parents pressure to get into a govt. job.The pension at the end of job life ( retirement )          A colleague working with me in a core company and earning 35k per month is happy that he is using his knowledge into an organisation which is related to his field of interest. But sometimes he gets tensed because of his parents pressure to prepare for the govt. job.       No matter what job you are into, how much you are earning, one time or another you might have been asked or at least being suggested by someone to drop everything and start your preparation for a govt. job. You might be in a multinational company, earning five figures or enjoying the foreign trips but you got be working for the govt. my dear.       Also, if you are a guy your net worth increases for marriage and there are huge chances you may get double as compared to a poor MNC guy. And if you are a girl, it's always best to go for a govt job because at the end of the day you need to be stable in your life and you can't work for late hours.​​​P.S.- I'm not saying that the people who go for govt. jobs are wrong. They who opt for govt. jobs are hard working too but only in books and papers solving multiple choice questions ( Very rare in real life problems). But we have a tendency of avoiding the risk in life and want to get stuck ourselves in a static life. I've heard about a teacher in MADE EASY ( a well known institution for preparation of IES and GATE exams ) who's earning a huge amount of money in crores per annum by teaching after leaving several good govt. PSUs. , is called in his village " a mere teacher who left good govt. jobs ". ( Though he laughs on this and is happy being a teacher ). Whatever we need a govt. job !

U.S. Government Question?

Im stuck in this question...

"Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States: If he approve he shall sign it, but if not he shall return it, with his Objections to that House in which it shall have originated..."—U.S. Constitution. This quote directly reflects the principle of

a federalism

b democracy

c popular sovereignty

d checks and balances

I need homework help! can anyone please help me I'm kinda stuck! ?

use the following terms to write a paragraph about the new U.S government:
•implied powers •caucus •states' rights

So far I just have like the first sentence:

When president Washington came into office the first thing he did was to create a cabinet.

Im stuck!?

The Federal Open Market Committee is made up of all of the following, except
A. the board of governors.
B. the chairman of the board of governors.
C. the president of the United States.
D. the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is independent of
A. both the President and Congress.
B. neither the President nor Congress.
C. the President, but not Congress.
D. the Congress, but not the President.

Which statement is true?
A. Open market operations are seldom conducted any more.
B. The basic way the Fed controls the money supply is by manipulating the discount rate.
C. During periods of severe recession, the Fed tries to push up interest rates.
D. During periods of severe inflation, the Fed tries to push up interest rates.

The Federal Reserve System controls the money supply primarily through
A. open market operations.
B. accounting operations.
C. reserve requirement changes.
D. jawboning.

A contractionary monetary policy tends to ____ the United States dollar relative to foreign currencies, and to _____ our balance of trade.
A. raise; help
B. raise; hurt
C. lower; help
D. lower; hurt

When the Federal Reserve sells U.S.government securities on the open market, this tends to ____ banks reserves and ______ the money supply.
A. raise; raise
B. lower; lower
C. raise; lower
D. lower; raise

Why did Aristotle reject a democratic form of government, what did he offer as an alternative?

If I remember my Aristotle correctly, his views on forms of government were actually fairly nuanced. He characterized governments on the basis of two factors: who/how many people had political power; and what end those who were in power served. In terms of the first, there can be rule by one, rule by a few, and rule by many. Each of these three can then be divided in two on the basis of whether those who are in power serve the public good (the good form), or merely serve their own interests (the bad form). Rule by one can either be a Monarchy (the best form of government, because it is both beneficent, and efficient), or a Tyranny (the worst form of government because it serves the interests of only a single person); rule by the few may be either an aristocracy (good), or an oligarchy (bad); and rule by the many can be either a democracy (the best of the worst because at least everyone's interest is pursued even if not the "public interest"), or polity (the better of the two).

Each level of government, in terms of the number of its rulers, is capable of equal degrees of good or bad; therefore, while monarchy is the best form of government, tyranny (its non-beneficent correlative) is the worst. What is more, he posited that no form of government will perpetually serve the public good, so monarchy is bound to devolve into tyranny eventually and aristocracy, into oligarchy and polity, into democracy. Therefore, he spoke at times as if polity/democracy was the better option because when it devolved into democracy the harm that it is capable of is not as extreme as the harm of tyranny.

To complicate matters further, he also wrote about mixed forms of government, and if I remember correctly, I believe that he concluded in some places in the Politics that a mixed form of government containing elements of both aristocracy and polity would be the ideal form of government.

Is it better to move to Canada as a Permanent Resident instead of staying in US on H1B?

I took this route and I’m very happy with my choice. Toronto is a great city and I love having all the peace of mind and freedoms that come with PR. I’ve spent a years on work visa’s in Singapore and the US. As for lower salaries, etc its hard to compare tax rates are lower in Toronto then in US+California also you get so much more back in terms of healthcare, great schools, parks, safety, a very positive government and a young and fast growing tech scene. In terms of the tech scene Toronto has companies like Google, Slack, Shopify, Wattpad, Ecobee and so many more. And you are always free to launch your own startup.I wrote about my experience the move and how to get Canadian PR here on the MovNorth siteI love having the freedom of PR and living in this city. After so many years it’s amazing to know that I’m free to change jobs easily, build my own startup or take a break from working. No more stamping, restrictions and visa paperwork. Our kids love being surrounded by so many parks filled with their friends. The neighborhood school is amazing and my kid will be starting the french immersion program this year. Me and my wife love our week long trips to Montreal and the food choices around here are pretty great. Also 2 year super-visa’s for my parents to come and stay.And in a couple more years we’ll apply for citizenship of our new home country. I get a lot of mail from people in the valley asking about Salaries etc. I think its more important to take a pause and list your priorities and think about how you want the next 10 years of your life to be.I wrote about my experience the move and how to get Canadian PR here on the MovNorth siteMov North

Whats a good attention getter to start my speech about fema concentration camps?

"A lot of people want you to believe that the US government, using FEMA, has set up concentration camps to indoctrinate ordinary Americans with political propaganda. This is just one more lie spread by right-wing political crackpots and crazed conspiracy theorists."

Then start presenting the facts you have gathered. You can start each section (paragraph) with a "this is what the crazy people want you to believe" followed by one of their crazy claims, then follow it with "but this is the truth" followed by the fact relating to that claim.

It is all BS, by the way, so you've done a good job so far.