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Is Aquarius Playing Games

Aquarius Ex Playing Games ?

I have a very confusing aquarius ex, he broke up with me but does not like me seeing another man,gets mad when he hears im moving on,constantly bugging friends of mine about me,asking and speaking about me. He even went through disappearing phases where one minute he wanted me and the next he pushes me away/ignores me. He even tried speaking with me in private when he had a gf multiple times and got upset when I would not.Its been almost a year since we broke up and I have finally moved on a couple months ago.Why does he constantly worry about what im doing,who im with and who im involved with ? Btw im a cancer.

Is this Aquarius Man playing games with me?

I am a Scorpio girl with a Capricorn rising. I've learned not to be too clingy and to give spaces to ones I'm interested in. Which was why it seemed to be perfect when I met my Aquarius crush back in February. We dated for a month. The first two weeks he was clingy and obsessive and even said he loved me by the third day. Even in front of his friends and mother! Which seemed so abnormal from what I know of an Aquarius. After the third week he became a little distant so I gave him his space. The last week he would say hi one day, and then completely ignore more for a few days, and then nothing. The last day I saw him was at a concert. I was with a girlfriend of mine and two of my guy friends. He seemed very jealous and suspicious and kept to himself. He even left without saying Goodbye. Two days later he called it quits saying he just wasn't ready for a relationship and was too busy. He ended up deleting me off of Facebook and Myspace and later found out my number also.

Exactly a month went by until I got a msg on Facebook saying to call him. He apologized and I since then we have talked on and off. But recently, these past two/two and a half weeks he's always trying to spike up a conversation. I love it! BUT, he still get's jealous of other guys, and makes it seem like he should be the only person I'm interested in (which is the case). And it seems he has some trust issues because he just doesn't believe me when I say I just like him. He wants me to always text him or call him which I thought was weird for an Aquarius. We tried hanging out once and it didn't work out and he just seemed really upset.

I need some help. Is he playing games with me? Can he not decide what he wants? Or does he actually like me? Thank you for any help.

Is this Aquarius guy playing a game? What is he trying to do?

I am totally attracted to this Aquarius guy-- he is so mysterious and captivating.

At first he didn't really catch my eye... I felt like he initaited the attraction. I mean should I trust my intuition on this one?

I have a Mars in Scorpio, I'm also a Sagitarrius, venus in capricorn, and a Taurus Ascendant. I have a lot of plutonion influence... pluto in scorpio and pluto sextile moon, pluto conjunct venus.

He is an Aquarius, Mars in Taurus, venus in aquarius. I am not sure of his ascendant sign. He has a pluto in scorpio.

I am more sexually attracted to him O.o Does mars in taurus and mars in scorpio play a role on this? I feel so much vibes from him. Can a mars sign attract each other?

When I talked to him once he stared at some where he is not supposed to even if I am skinny girl who is kind of er normal sized lol

Conversations are hard to start with him as we both feel very intense with each other. I think we are both shy. We also give each other direct eye contact. He gives very intense stares... like a scorpio stare lol... very bedroom stare. But when I talk to him he responds concisely.

Also I find him strange a little strange as an Aquarius because he seem to be very probing and a person who seem to try get inside of you. Sometimes he plays little games to make me jealous *sniffle* He tries to be where I am at places. Sometimes I play fun games as well lol.

Do we really attract each other?

He is an Aquarius but sometime I feel I'm dealing with a Scorpio lol
What should I do

Why is this Aquarius women playing mind games with me?

I'm a Capricorn (December 24) and I dated this Aquarius women (February 8) for a month and a half (it was more of a rebound relationship) we both realized that we rushed into things and we needed a break...and after being broken up for a week she tried to say she was pregnant and then she came over my house and she took a test it came out negative...she also kept my CDs in her car and would give them to me.....

That was 2 1/2 months ago...last night we hung out (we have not seen each other in 2 1/2 months) and went to get tacos and then she gave me my CDs back and she told me that she lied about being pregnant just to see me.....I told her its whatever and she said she was going away to collage and I said cool and I asked if she wanted to hand out this upcoming weekend as friends she sure...

I don't want to date her again I just want to be friends with her (my venus is in Aquarius so I don't mind my ex lovers as friends)...but why are Aquarius so unpredictable and play lots of mind games ?? This is one of the reasons why I wanted to break up with her is because of mind games....why do Aquarius women play around a lot??

Aquarius men, do you like playing hard to get?

I'm an aquarius Female, and I don't play hard to get. It's sagittarius people who play games, hard to get. I don't f*ck around.

I take relationships seriously. It isn't the Aquarius Sun. It's the Venus/ Mars in a person. I have a Venus In capricorn and I take relationships seriously. I don't play hard to get. I'm just hard to get! Due to my pessimistic approach to love, valuing sex. We're picky in lovers, want stability and structure.

Aquarius Venus people are emotionally distant, wild free. They're hard to commit! Just like a Venus In Sagittarius. The only difference is the Aquarius is fixed. Aquarius people don't play hard to get. Sag's are mutable, are easy to cheat. But then you have to look at the mars. Pisces Mars will cheat, and a Scorpio Mars wouldn't. They're fixed sign as well!

Their relationships are based upon friendships/ lovers. They usually date people who they're friends with first. They're the sign of friendship!!

To answer your question. NO!

This person probably has a Sag Moon. Sags like to play hard to get, mind games. Probably Aries too. They can lead people on!

Why do Aquarians play mindgames?

I don't play games unless you play them with me first. I'm pretty serious in relationships. This is why I prefer friendship, it doesn't get all weird and complicated. Keep it light, no one gets hurt, everyone gets what they were gonna get anyways without all the emotional B.S. I've been told by friends and family I need to play games, because I don't date men who want to commit to me specifically (they go on to have relationships immediately after dating me), they tell me it's because I too open and tell them the truth. I'm starting to think they are right. Men say they don't like women who play games, but that's who they end up falling in love with.

I've been told that I'm too demanding for any man to handle and unlike other women who will use games and manipulation to get what they want, I just ask for it. I don't really think I'm that demanding (frequency), but when I do ask for something, I expect results!!! =P LOL!

Edit: I like you Ashley!!! =D

Why do aquarius women play alot of games?

i dont think we play head games. the thing about aquarius women is that their actions get mis interpreted ALL the time. our detachment and independent nature can get misinterpreted for mind games. we're also so hot and cold that we ourselves get annoyed by it. one minute i love you, the next i dont even care. then i detach myself from the situation and and focus on myself, and all of a sudden im playing games. we're very flirtatious by nature and people always think we're meaning something when we're not, we;re also just friendly. i touch when i talk and that get misconstrued for flirting all the time when it really doesnt mean that.
i agree with the other person that we don't like being figured out so we keep a little bit of mystery..also i do random things just to see how people react, i love figuring people out and seeing how their mind i will say things i dont mean, do weird things, play devils advocate just to create discussion, make things interesting, see how far i can go with you. we're also a little hypocritical may never know what we're really thinking.

aquarius is very interested in the human mind. we play games to see if you can take it or not i guess. a lot of signs can't handle this...but again like an aquarius, we don't care what you think!! :)

How do I make Pisces and Aquarius relationship work? I am a Pisces male in relationship with Aquarius female.

I am an Aquarius female and dated a Pisces male and it wasn't really about me being detached, it was honestly him. Aquarius and Pisces can be a great match because they both communicate on a strong mental level. Aquarius can also take Pisces out of their shell which is a win-win. With my experience, I was very stimulated by a Pisces guy (Aquarius women love this). He always had something to talk about, we could talk for hours, agree on the same subjects it was the best connection I ever had with a guy on a mental level, really it was beautiful which kept me interested in many other ways. Unfortunately, after a while things became very fickle (which I have read that Pisces men are famous for). I didn't hear from him as much anymore, and it was over one minute, then I would hear from him every few months so I just parted ways and things got really awkward and we ended up being complete enemies after a bunch of misunderstandings. Honestly as Aquarius women are, I just wanted a friendship. So, a few personal tips for a Pisces male to keep an Aquarius woman or any sign who is interested really:-Keep her stimulated we like to always have something to talk about. -Sometimes we can be a bit much for the gentle and reserved Pisces male which can make him step back. Let us know this or anything before you give up, we rather know and it won't hurt our feelings. -Try your best to not be "fickle" or flaky. We lose interest very easy if we feel like we are wasting our time, and honestly again, we rather just know what's going on. -Don't play with our mind: We definitely like "mind games" but not in a deceptive way. -Keep your charm: I am not speaking for all Aquarius women but I definitely liked that he was charming and intellect is a plus! -Romance, romance romance! Even though we have a reputation for not being romantic (isn't always true) it's just that we are slower with getting attached. This is only because we are weighing our options out and making sure that the person is the right one. Pisces men have a slick way in bypassing this. We definitely have a soft spot for romance and sweet talk, and Pisces knows how to reach that ;) Good luck!  ...

Do aquarius women "play" hard to get?

The problem is that when someone IS hard to get ... hard to get because they just aren't all that interested ... other people accuse them of playing hard to get.

Aquarius is rather independent, and unless they have a lot of Water signs in their chart, or a strong Saturn influence ... they don't get all gooey if you say you like them, but instead tend to shrug their shoulders and say, "so.....?" This looks like a "play" to others, but the truth is that Aquarius is not as susceptible to flattery or as responsive to the attentions of others ... but they do not "play" hard to get.

It's probably just easier to say "she's playing hard to get" than to say "she finds me totally resistable". Saves one's ego from a bruising, doesn't it?

As for Aries, they prove themselves to themselves by taking on new things ... this is what makes them feel vital and alive. And this can apply to their relationships too, making them quick to give chase to the person who finds them resistable, and quick to lose interest.
I have a good friend with Sun in Pisces, but an angular Venus conjunct Mars in Aries .. she can't stand it when a guy resists here, and that is the easiest way to get her attention. Because guys fall to seduction more easily than girls do, she always gets her man. Unfortunately, when the excitement/fireworks wears off (and infatuation always does die), she thinks the love has died, and moves on. She is now in her 60's and utterly alone because she never was able to stay with any of the guys who fell for her.